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Is Trump using China sanctions as an election woes diversion tool?

Jim W. Dean - I am looking forward to meeting the first American who gives a hoot about what someone in Russia or China would think about our election other than "Don't elect another crazy person."

Hong Kong Is No Longer Poster Child for Pandemic

“It is hard to look at this as anything but another punch in the gut,”

China unveils details of national security law for Hong Kong

Hong Kong CEO Carrie Lam said: “It is a historical step to perfect Hong Kong safeguarding national security, territorial integrity, and a secure system,” she said, adding that the law was “constitutional, lawful, sensible, and reasonable.”

Beijing blames West for Hong Kong unrest

Jim W. Dean - One of the proposals to "hurt" China is to block US sales exports, and businesses operating in Hong Kong, despite the US having a nice fat trade surplus with Hong Kong. You really can't make this stuff up.

US, UK regime change knocking at Hong Kong’s door

Jim W. Dean - The US and UK have attacked Honk Kong's autonomy, for conquest and profit, as they sure as hell don't care about the people.