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Speaking Truth to Empire: Ukraine War, Xi Jinping’s visit to...

VT's Dan Yaseen interviews Geopolitical Analyst Jeff J. Brown

VT RADIO: Dr. Kevin Barrett Goes Off on Istanbul Bombing,...

Host Johnny Punish talks with VT's Senior Editor Dr. Kevin Barrett

Pakistan: Quest for independence

Ways and means will have to be found to stop the poison being injected into our minds by the West and India, which has colored our perceptions and affected our rational thinking.

Massive crowd attends rally in Karachi to protest Imran Khan’s ouster

It took Iran 26 years to reverse the 1953 coup that installed the Shah. Pakistan is moving faster.

Pakistan: Political Crisis, Fixation of Responsibility

Extraordinary developments at midnight on April 10, 2022 surprised Pakistan. New World Order and US destabilize Pakistani democracy.

Here comes China: The world rotated one more time

China is rock-solid behind Russia in all of Russia’s objectives, and in some instances, up ahead.

US Declared War on Russia and Ukraine in 2014 (and on...

As of today, April 9, 2022, every patriotic Pakistani is at war with the US and should act accordingly.

US-Led Plot Ousted Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan, Now in Military Custody

A Judicial coup in Pakistan ousts popularly elected PM Imran Khan.

Austrian Chancellor to meet Putin. Massive Khan rally. Elensky sugar sandbags....

Support in Pakistan for Imran Khan, and growing support in France for Marine Le Pen. Public relations in Kiev mirror ISIS propaganda. Alex Christoforou reports from Greece

Gordon Duff (2010): Pakistan’s Imran Khan, Looking for ‘America’ in the...

Being in Pakistan was much like looking in a mirror, perhaps a mirror into America’s future.

Stop the Steal: 50 Million Hit the Streets to Stop the...

A signature day for democracies everywhere, as Pakistan shows us how to flow.

Ousted Pakistani PM reveals struggle against ‘foreign conspiracy’

According to Imran Khan, Washington wanted him gone for his willingness to carry out an independent foreign policy and due to his visit to Moscow in late February.

America Takes Its War on Russia to Pakistan

Fondsk.Ru: A political crisis erupted in Pakistan after an attempt by the military elite to stage a coup d'état. The immediate reason for the conspiracy, led by the Chief of Staff of the Pakistani Army, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, was the visit of the country's PM Imran Khan to Moscow on February 24.

Pakistan: VT’s Imran Khan Refuses US Coup and Military Dictatorship

The prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan alleged that a “foreign country” is seeking to oust him from power ahead of a postponed no-confidence vote.

Who organized the hunt for Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of...

In order to survive in this fight, Khan needs to make the most of his political resources and not stray from his chosen foreign policy course: to maintain cooperation with China and Russia.

Is US Planning to Assassinate Pakistan’s Imran Khan?

A leader of Pakistan’s ruling Justice Movement, Faisal Wawda, reported on an ARY News’ “Off the Record” program that a plot was being hatched to kill Imran Khan over his refusal to “sell the country.”

Imran Khan Blocks US Coup Against Pakistan, MP’s Chant ‘Death to...

Pakistan’s prime minister and longtime VT contributor has just survived a coup attempt by the US State Department that has funneled millions into corrupt military officers and Pakistan opposition party members.

Alex Christoforou: April 3, Briefing 2 – China, Imran Khan, the...

China tweets about US diplomacy and Imran Khan dissolves Pakistan's parliament and calls for an early election. Alex Christoforou speaks from Greece

Pakistan: Action Replay Latin America

What can Pakistan learn from the example of money politics in other states?

Pakistan: Why Imran Khan Will Survive and Soar

Though Imran Khan is grappling the present, he is looking to the future horizon. He has the tenacity and will to fight and tackle multiple fronts simultaneously.