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The MAGA Squeeze – $200 Trillion for MAGA via Civil &...

This is a new cartoons funded by Robert Steele in the campaign to confiscate $200 trillion in assets purchased by Wall Street with money stolen from Main Street or laundered for those trafficking in children and drugs.

Ben Garrison: Feast of the Naked Shorts (Wolves of Wall Street...

Robert David Steele is taking on Wall Street toward recovering at least half of the $100 trillion they have stolen, with US Government complicity. This is one of a series of fifteen cartoons helping raise public awareness on Washington enables massive financial crime by Wall Street against Main Street.

Release: President Trump Urged to Create DoD-DoJ Task Force on Financial...

Robert Steele, long the champion of 9/11 and Epstein-pedophilia truth, has taken on the long-standing problem of naked short selling and money laundering by Wall Street, with the protection of the US Government.

#UNRIG Video (36:28) Naked Short Selling Witness #7 — Official Bill...

Undercover RCMP officer and now global consultant on financial crime Bill Majcher lays it all out -- Wall Street is a crime gang and that crime gang igets government protection.

#UNRIG Video (21:28) Naked Short Selling Anonymous Source #1 – Alfred...

Robert Steele hears from the first of twenty anonymous sources still working on Wall Street about the crime of the century -- $100 trillion stolen by Goldman Sachs and others through the sale of counterfeit shares never delivered.

#UNRIG Video (33:44) Naked Short Selling Interview #4 – Alan M....

Robert Steele interviews one of the top lawyers protecting companies and individuals from Wall Street predators practicing naked short selling -- a crime that has stolen over $100 trillion from the public in the past ten years.

#UNRIG Video (34:46) Naked Short Selling Interview #3 – Susanne Trimbath...

Susanne Trimbath, Ph.D. is the author of the single most important book in modern times documenting how Wall Street loots pension funds and engages in massive pervasive criminal activity that in enabled and also covered-up by government officials including those working for the Security Exchange Commission and the Senators and staff of the Senate Banking Committee.

#UNRIG Video (38:19) Naked Short Selling Interview #2 – Robert Shapiro...

Dr. Robert Shapiro may be the single best informed decision-maker on the breadth and depth of the naked short selling criminal network, and its true cost in lost jobs, destroyed businesses, gutted pension plans, lost life-saving technologies, and more. In this interview he provides a big picture overview of what we now consider a national security threat great than the combined threat of Chinese and Russian economic competition. We have the enemy, he is called Wall Street, and he is us.

#UNRIG Video (39:06) Naked Short Selling Interview #1 – Wes Christian,...

Wes Christian and John O'Quinn (RIP) pioneered judicial discovery of naked short selling -- which is the counterfeiting of stocks that destroy pension funds, lives, companies, and innovation. In this, the first of about 30 interviews we will be offering, he outlines the big picture.