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The Nasty Truth: Zelensky and the KM in a Nutshell

Space Aliens... What a bunch of…! The Khazarian Mafia are those people that we are calling the Ukrainian Nazis, whom the Russians are fighting. The Russians know this fight to be a continuation of a war begun in 759 AD when the Khazars attempted to take over the Russ peoples. One of the many things the Russ objected to was the Khazar’s liking to drink human blood.

Oligarchs love “their” Ukraine

One of President Putin’s first acts in office was to have the oligarchs in Russia sign a pledge to refrain from political activities and to abide by the law. All of them complied with this, except Khodorkovsky. Many of the oligarchs then took up residence abroad. But, from then on, Russia went uphill.

More Evidence, More Doubts About Bucha Massacre

A few days ago, the media were actively discussing the question of who arranged the mass murders in Bucha.