The Nasty Truth: Zelensky and the KM in a Nutshell


written by Cliff High, posted by Gordon Duff

Space Aliens, What a bunch of…

The Khazarian Mafia are those people that we are calling the Ukrainian Nazis. These are the people that the Russians are now fighting. The Russians know this fight to be just a continuation of a war begun in 759 AD when the Khazars attempted to take over the Russ peoples (a smaller tribe at that time). One of the many things the Russ objected to was the Khazar’s liking to drink human blood. Specifically Russian blood.

The Khazarian Mafia was started in the 700s AD as a Kingdom, located where Ukraine is now, ruled by them was forced to choose a religion OTHER than the form of ‘elohim worship’ that they practiced. Their king chose Judaism for the kingdom as his best option. Thus the Khazarian Mafia was born as their religion buried itself.

These ‘Fake jews’, the “Name Stealers”, the Khazarian Mafia, are desperate to KILL OFF THE WHITE RACE.

For many reasons detailed in the combination of the Zohar + Talmud and the Torah, the Khazarian Mafia wants the Whites to leave the planet. The Khazarian Mafia uses a 3 (three) book key to keep their secrets. No single book (or class of books as the Talmud is actually 63 volumes) contains the complete story, and all three are required to get the true communications. Thus the Khazarian Mafia can keep their secrets within secrets within secrets and only reveal them to their initiated members.

This is the same model used by their creations, the Freemasons, and all other secret societies. This is also the model used by the Catholic Church which was infiltrated by the Khazarian Mafia in the time of Justinian 2 of the Byzantine Empire.

The Khazarians want to, and work to, distort sexual (gender) & racial identity in their victims’ society as a tool for the control of their lives.

There are NO racial Jews left on this planet. The Khazars have overtaken the Jewish phenotype (racial characteristics). The Khazars bred the true Jews out of this existence. Well, factually, the thinking is among geneticists that maybe, just maybe, there are a few breeding pairs of True Jews left. Less than 3% of all people claiming to be Jewish have ANY genetic connection to the actual Jewish people.

The Khazar empire was destroyed by Tartarians. The leader, Genghis Khan Tamojin, set out deliberately to destroy the Khazars & scatter them to the winds. It would have been better to simply kill them off. That would have been better for him, & us. Genghis Khan would later send the Mongolian hordes to try to root out the Khazars from other populations when they became resurgent. The Tartarians called the Khazars “Blood drinkers” and “Bloody beards”. Genghis Khan was convinced that the Khazars were “ridden by demons”. The way that the “demons” are described by the Mongolians, we modern humans would instantly say “space aliens”.

The Khazarian Mafia is proud of being the “chosen people”. They think being selected to “carry the host (demons)” was a good thing.

As we progress further towards SciFi World, we will go through a period where the “Pogrom” word is tossed around. The Ukrainian Khazars will start to cry “pogrom against the Jews” and will try to incite world Jewry (actually Khazars thinking they are Jews) into a global war vs the Russians. This will be near the end of this period of activity. It will be brief as very few people will buy into the claims. Especially as the Russians start releasing the evidence of “demon investigations” where the Khazars were using live humans in experiments with what we can best call “possession”. The first of this language is only weeks away at most.

The Khazarian Mafia is a small group within the larger Khazarian population. This small group is nonetheless very powerful as they control the Central Banks of the world as well as MOST of the governments of the Western Republics. The Khazarian Mafia has a core belief of Superiority to all other humans on this, as well as all other “planets and realms”. They believe themselves to be superior by the physical differences in their DNA to ours. They believe this difference (that I call the “dongle”) was given to their progenitors by the Elohim, who are space aliens that came to Earth looking for genetic diversity with which to play, specifically, one whose name was O’Don’ai. The Elohim are seriously into biology.

The Khazarian Mafia operates on the knowledge that their DNA is different. They know it to be even different from the rest of the Khazarian (Ukrainian) population. The Khazarian Mafia has known this about themselves for centuries. They know that genetic alteration is not a dominant trait. It is recessive. Even to an extreme. That is, the ‘dongle’, the addition to the Khazarian DNA by the Elohim, does not breed true against most, native, human DNA. This is THE reason that the 13 families at the top of the Khazarian Mafia insist on interbreeding and will not marry further out than second cousins, and those second cousins will have to have a dominant “dongle” DNA attribute.

According to the interpretation of the Khazarian Mafia of their own history, there were fifteen DNA centers set up by the Elohim on planet earth. These 15 task force groups each harvested from their local hunter-gatherer tribes for genetic source material. This was a program that lasted many human generations.

The Elohim also moved whole tribes of humans around the planet for breeding experiments. They also destroyed by way of bioweapons, whole strains of human DNA that annoyed them.

The Elohim created the giants. It was an experiment gone wrong. There were many dead ends within their long centuries of experimenting with human DNA. We find these in our fossil records.

The Elohim finally succeeded in their quest for GMO humans that fit their specifications. This occurred about 36000 (thirty-six thousand) years ago when they were able to insert the ‘dongle’ into human DNA and the first of the progenitors of the Khazarians were created.

Wars in space and on earth came with the passage of time. Much of the Elohim presence here in our solar system was destroyed in the warring. Much of the historical record was destroyed by the damage sustained here on earth. The Elohim eventually left earth due to this damage.

The Khazarian ‘dongle’ survived due to inbreeding that deep religious rituals insisted upon. Thus the GMO was transmitted through time and we are here, now, dealing with the effects of this alteration of humanity by the Elohim.

Some Khazarians today believe that the Elohim will return. Some Khazarians believe that the ‘dongle’ in their DNA is what makes them the “new Elohim”. These people believe the dongle provides them a ‘gateway’ to ‘acceptance’ of the ‘insertion’ of the Elohim into their personality “matrix”.

Other, regular humans, don’t have this ability. The Khazarian Mafia knows that regular humans are repulsed by this channeling of demons & don’t do it in public very much.

This is but a small part of the description of why we are where we are now.

All of the white race of humans is fighting the Khazarian Mafia whether they recognize it or not. They are the intended victims of the Khazarians. The Khazarian Mafia thinks that they can easily take over the rest of humanity if they eliminate the Whites who they consider to be uncontrollable & combative to their rule.

There remains much more to learn, and digest about the Khazarian Mafia that has controlled humanity for generations by way of deception and Name Stealing. The Russians are in the process of seeing that this information is coming out. These are but the very beginning days of an unfolding that will take hundreds of years to complete. We have tens of thousands of years of real human history to recover. This will not be easy, nor quick work, but will be extremely satisfying for all Humans.

We are starting this now. It will not be Novus Ordo Seclorum as the Khazarians think. Rather, the Turn of Ages will take us into SciFi World.

Wait & see. Not long now.


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  1. Truth in America? There are only a few old and wise men, who have nothing to lose, and so they can speak freely.
    For the rest, Khazarians may have existed, but I don’t believe in a world domination group by Khazarians, there are already so many hoaxes about Illuminati, Freemasons, The Vatican etc etc..
    The real evil rests in The Pentagon.
    Quite simple. USA is the Evil Empire.

  2. tells the story of the takeover, the evidence for the nuclear threat in the article “Grave Reasons of State” there. The traditional Catholic Church, the one founded by Christ, now exists in the “catacombs,” so to speak, independent of apostate Rome.

  3. The Elohim are the Tuatha, are the Elves. And i do not think i agree with this interpretation of how they dealt with humanity. Ancient hieroglyphs show this creating of humans. Lilith was said to have created the Adams off earth. Tuatha Dé said to have landed with spaceships in Ireland. Also building Stonehenge. Khazarian history describes jews as redhaired people, very tall, handsome, blue, grey or green eyed. Same feature description for the Tuatha Dé, Same description for Red haired giants in the USA. In New Zealand. Where they lived hidden in the woods, whilst a smaller race of white humans lived in more open spaces. Both already there when tribes started arriving there fleeing from wars, disasters?? elsewhere, both black and white tribes. Later called Maori tribes. Teaching those new tribes many new things. As in Ireland teaching local humans all about growing grains and such. Khazarians seem to have been a brutal people. Through converting to Judaism one automatically becomes a descendant of Abraham. Article dutch MSM . Most jews descend from local peoples. This is the reason why some look like Europeans, others Indians, others Africans. Their DNA nothing semitic but of those local populations. The evil seems more to belong to Khazarians than to those redhaired jews, also called Tuatha. A people that travelled worldwide in spaceships. Ancient technologies said to be present in Gobekli Tepe and in many ancient sites. Arkaim in Russia perhaps.

  4. So good to hear from Russians and Ukrainians here. I don’t speak the language but I can translate text with a decent understanding. Your comments are very much appreciated! No luck translating the videos though. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

    Via Google Translate:
    Так приятно слышать здесь русских и украинцев. Я не говорю на этом языке, но могу перевести текст с приличным пониманием. Ваши комментарии очень ценятся! Однако не повезло с переводом видео. Ну не может быть у тебя всего.

    Tak priyatno slyshat’ zdes’ russkikh i ukraintsev. YA ne govoryu na etom yazyke, no mogu perevesti tekst s prilichnym ponimaniyem. Vashi kommentarii ochen’ tsenyatsya! Odnako ne povezlo s perevodom video. Nu ne mozhet byt’ u tebya vsego.

  5. hmmm?…
    Your comment…”NO racial Jews”….
    Racial catholics?
    Racial muslims/hindu/Buddhist
    So are the jews a race?
    or a religion?
    Curious eh…”anti-semite’
    so where are the parallels…”anti-catholic”…anti-muslim…anti-bogtrotter?

    strange we have laws about “anti-semitism”…lol
    but not being anti-catholic!

    • Semites are. Possibly the Palestinians being the real jews who never left the region and converted to Islam under Roman oppression. Docu The Ringworm children, showing how sephardic jewish children with dark complexions were killed or given cancer by exposing them to US bought radiation machines. Netanyahu and others wanted to exterminate Palestinians and scatter them to other arab countries. It looks as if the same is done to West Ukraine, Make indigeneous Ukrainians leave and stay in host countries permanently to create the Greater Israel as autonomous province.

  6. Please explain “khazarians”…were they Turkish Mongols as described in the 13th tribe etc…what is a turkish mongol?
    “There are NO racial Jews left on this planet”….extraordinary statement..obviously you know something we don’t!
    “The Khazarian Mafia was started in the 700s AD as a Kingdom”…really…where DID they come from…?
    “ the Khazarian Mafia, are desperate to KILL OFF THE WHITE RACE” what colour are Khazarians?
    The Khazarian Mafia uses a 3 (three) book key to keep their secrets. No single book (or class of books as the Talmud is actually 63 volumes) contain the complete story, and all three are required to get the true communications.”
    From my pitiful research…the three books were written in different periods….

    “The Khazars bred the true Jews out of this existence”…really!…how would you know…even today we struggle to
    Identify these people…and please explain….What is a “true jew”.

    I wont even enquire about the “Elohim”….another day!

    • That is a well known fact. No secret. There are no descendants of Juda. Dead bloodline. The Palestinians though may be the stay behind real jews who never left the area, and converted to Islam under roman oppression or the ottoman empire.

    • ““The Khazarian Mafia was started in the 700s AD as a Kingdom”…really…where DID they come from…?”
      The start of Jews’ moving into that area could very well been during the Jewish Wars that started in Judea around A.D.66. The Jews revolted against Rome and Rome retaliated by destroying Jerusalem and her temple. The War against the Jews lasted for approximately 70 years. The Jews fled out of Judea and some went to the land which is now known as Ukraine. The Jews took with them their un-Biblical religion, which was based on their traditions and not on God’s Law, the Torah. At the time it was not recorded. But years later it became known as the Talmud.

  7. We must expose the KM, Criminal Enterprise, Enemies of Mankind! They Control MSM, the Entertainment Industry, and with the Zio-Rothschild International Financial Crime Syndicate, also ‘The City of London’ and “Central Banking” is in their Bloody Hands, Money talks-money Makes the World Go Around! THEY Control MONEY! With that they also Prostituted the US and most Western Nations Political Structures! Like the late Congressman from Ohio, James TRAFICANT said, “Our/US Congress is a BROTHEL!” He was right on the MONEY! For being a Patriot a Brave, Truth seeking Congressman, ‘The Powers That Be’, have Framed, Jailed Mr. Traficant and after release from jail (7years), Mr. Traficant DIED under suspicious circumstances! Like ‘JFK’, Bobby Kennedy, who the Zio-Rothschild Crime Syndicate couldn’t trust!

    • Very true which is why Epstein and Maxwell backed Mossad was able to sway Congress using young girls and boys If you want to see what depths they have sunk to catch fragments of the Hunter Biden laptop or do a search on “Frazzle Drip”.

  8. If those Luciferian scrolls you blogged were dated ~2000 years old and from a Syrian synagogue of similar age, have we not debunked the “Khazarian Conversion” myth, AGAIN, but once and for all?

    These keep popping up with all these wars!

    Even the DNA did not match like it does to those in Italy, and black African with their DNST3 gene issues.
    (That gene is precisely why those groups have issues with anger, Bernies,’weird sexual habits’, and violent outbursts, to put it mildly; they self-medicate via sex!)

  9. Я русскоязычный гражданин Украины, представляю вам интересный ролик, рассказывающий о рассах на планете земля, этот ролик будет хорошим дополнением к статье, если у сайта есть переводчики и смогли бы перевести статью для англоязычного населения, это было бы очень хорошо

    • Добрый день, Дмитрий. К сожалению наш журнал англоязычный и видео без перевода или субтитров на английском языке не будут представлять информационной ценности для читателей. Если Вы что-то хотите прокомментировать здесь, можно это делать и на русском языке, но это затрудняет обмен информацией. Увы, незнание иностранных языков у славян является проблемой. Да, есть много хорошего материала в русскоязычном сегменте, но он непонятен нашим друзьям на Западе. Тексты можно мгновенно перевести на любой язык, а вот с видео/аудио все сложно. Вам лучше в таком случае переводить свою речь в онлайн переводчике на англ.яз и публиковать здесь. Это не трудно.

    • I’m trying to respond to Andrew Armavir…

      Hi Andrew,

      After Americans and Russians have been divided so long and the language barrier does influence it, I was wondering how many Russians are awake to some of the things this article discusses? I.e., does Russia have as many “truthers” as America, more, or less, or are these things common knowledge there?

      Of course, any Russians are welcome to respond. 🙂


      Я пытаюсь ответить Андрею Армавиру… Привет Андрей, После того, как американцы и русские были разделены так долго, и языковой барьер действительно влияет на это, мне было интересно, сколько россиян проснулись от некоторых вещей, обсуждаемых в этой статье? Т.е. есть ли у России столько же «правдорубов», сколько у Америки, больше или меньше, или эти вещи там общеизвестны? Конечно, любые россияне могут ответить. 🙂 Спасибо!

    • @The Freedom Fighter
      In Russia, many people know and are interested in such things. Even, probably, there are communities, clubs of interest on all sorts of topics. But this is not discussed in the general public. Russian people divide the world into 2 parts: the real physical, spiritual world and everything that relates to near-scientific fiction.
      I had a period in my youth when I eagerly read about UFOs, crop circles, contacts, ghosts and so on. Now I have other interests, and my views on these things have changed slightly.

  10. You say, if I read it properly, that the KM king chose [Talmudic] Judaism as their religion around the year 700.
    The Talmudic Jews’ Diaspora began, I believe, around AD 66- the year of the Jewish Revolt against the Roman Empire. Judea, an area within Palestine with its capital Jerusalem, was the home of the Talmudic Jews.
    Jesus Christ, a non-Talmudic Jew Who rejected Talmudic Judaism, in approximately the year AD 30,:warned the people of Judea to flee to the mountains when Jerusalem would be surrounded by armies.
    Jerusalem and its temple were destroyed in AD 70 by the Roman army under the command of General Titus in retaliation of the Jewish Revolt of AD 66.
    History is a subject that has been tampered with over the centuries. This history of Khazaria and the Khazarian Mafia doesn’t take into account the Diaspora of the Jews before, during and after the Jewish Wars.

    • I believe, although it can’t be proven because of history being tampered with and revised, that there’s a good possibility that some Talmudic Jews fled to the area of Khazaria beginning in the first century and took their religion, Talmudic Judaism, with them. That the Talmudic Jews within Rus continued practicing Talmudic Judaism before, during and after the area became known as Khazaria.
      This king that declared Khazaria have as a new religion Talmudic Judaism, could be a fictional character who was made up by the Talmudic Jews as a subterfuge to confuse the Goyim. In fact, the whole story of the land known as Khazaria could be a fictional story made up by Talmudic Jews of relatively recent times.

  11. ‘The Khazarian Mafia thinks that they can easily take over the rest of humanity if they eliminate the Whites who they consider to be uncontrollable & combative to their rule.”

    The above may suffice as the dominant, or insider “Lie” of Satan’s minions.
    Replace “Khazarian Mafia” with Yahudas, and “Whites” with Christians, and you will be right.

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