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John Lear In Memoriam, 1942-2022, Promoter of Bob Lazar and his...

Promoted Bob Lazar and his tales of Area 51. Lear died on 29 March, 2022, leaving a legacy of commentary on unidentified aerial phenomena.

The Nasty Truth: Zelensky and the KM in a Nutshell

Space Aliens... What a bunch of…! The Khazarian Mafia are those people that we are calling the Ukrainian Nazis, whom the Russians are fighting. The Russians know this fight to be a continuation of a war begun in 759 AD when the Khazars attempted to take over the Russ peoples. One of the many things the Russ objected to was the Khazar’s liking to drink human blood.

Roswell Incident – Stalin’s Secret Operation?

Pravda.Ru: The military issued statements that it was just a crashed weather balloon. But local residents spread rumors that an alien ship had landed in Roswell, and the dead bodies of aliens had fallen into the hands of the authorities …

Yuri Geller and the Ark of the Covenant: Is This The...

As I have written in the last few weeks, the Deep State/Deep Church effort to promote a new human origins story seems to be right on track.

The Alien Disclosure Deception

"Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified"...is a thinly-disguised and thoroughly-articulated social engineering gambit presented as a factual documentary.

MIKE HARRIS SHOW: Special Guest Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer. A trauma Emergency room Physician who after having experiences with UFOs sacrificed his medical career to bring the truth about the...