John Lear In Memoriam, 1942-2022, Promoter of Bob Lazar and his tales of Area 51


Excerpt from Flying into the Sun, a Video Interview with John Lear

Las Vegas, August 2006

The 4th Apollo Astronaut / The Secret Astronaut Corps

John Lear: It’s the best kept secret, I mean the best… So what’s so interesting about… the reason they couldn’t talk about the 4th astronaut… and of course, when the fire happened NSA cordoned off everything for 45 minutes while they took that body out. And then they opened it up and then that’s when the official investigation started. Read through all the scenarios. You can see where that 45 minutes fit into there, where they took that body out. Now the reason they didn’t want anyone to know about the body is because he was part of the secret astronaut corps. So… now, if anybody had found out about that body, they would have wondered… who was he, what was his name, what did he do? How come he wasn’t listed here? It would have exposed the entire cover-up. So that’s why they couldn’t.

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“John Lear’s tale left a lasting influence on the UFO movement. One author observed ‘in the early years [UFO writers] did not, by and large, embrace strong political positions. [Lear and his partner] were the tip of a spear asserting that the number one thing we had to fear was not little green men, but the government that colluded with them, appropriating their technology against us.'” [Ref. Wikipedia]

UFO researcher John Lear goes ‘On the Record’ on aliens — Part 1

Lear: I had an interest but there was really nothing I could put my finger on. And like I say, two years ago, a friend of mine came through town, we had flown in Southeast Asia together and he was retiring from the Air Force. He came over and we started talking about where he had been for the last 15 years and he mentioned that he had been stationed at Bentwaters (Royal Air Force Base) and I said, oh, Bentwaters, that’s where the flying saucer supposedly was in 1980. He said, “No, John, not supposedly. It was,” he said. “I don’t care if you believe me or not, it landed. I didn’t see it because we were confined to quarters. But I know people who did and I’ll give you the names and if you ever see them, tell them you know me, and they’ll tell you the whole story.” Since then, I ran into one of the security police, who was within 10 feet of the saucer and actually saw the three aliens get out and go up to General Gordon Williams, who was the Wing Commander at that time.

Knapp: There was quite a bit of documentation regarding this Bentwater incident. Why don’t you go into that a little bit?

Lear: There’s the Colonel (Charles) Halt memo that came out under the Freedom of Information Act, and it told about the mysterious lights and beaming down and everything that happened in the forest, except the actual alien landings, that wasn’t in the memo. There was also the tape Colonel Halt tape, forest tape, that he made over a period of eight hours. And there’s a 20-minute segment that we’ve been able to get a hold of that you can hear him running through the forest and, and being worried saying the thing’s after us.

Knapp: Now why do you suppose that hasn’t come out? I mean, this particular incident. Why hasn’t it come out if so many people, and you’ve told me about this before, have seen it, or seen these aliens? Why haven’t some of them come forward?

Lear: A lot of them have come forward, but they’re just not getting any press. It’s something that people just don’t want to deal with. The press doesn’t want to deal with and people aren’t going to listen to something unless Dan Rather or any of your big press people are going to tell them about it and they’re just too spooked. The Air Force has made an art form of ridiculing people who have talked about this thing. They’ve done an excellent job of covering it up for the last 40 years. George basically what we’re dealing with here is, I’ll give you the bottom line.

Knapp: Okay, I want to hear your thesis.

Lear: I’m not trying to sell a book and then trying to promote a lecture. This is based on what I’ve come across after intense research in the last year. And I have found out that the government has retrieved between 10 and 15 actual flying saucers, three of which have been in perfect condition, one of which they tried to fly. They have between 30 and 50 alien bodies in cryogenic storage. We even have the name of the person whose job it is to show these bodies to the heads of state and the people who are authorized to see them. They represent at least five different civilizations.

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Famed Nevada aviator John Lear, known for his world records and his UFO activism, has died.

Lear passed away in his sleep Tuesday night [March 29] at his Las Vegas home, according to his daughter Allison.

Lear is the son of Bill Lear, who developed the Lear Jet.

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  1. I could show evidence that there are no ETs and that UFOs are either from top secret military or from demons. The more people think that “we’re not alone in the physical universe,” the less they are apt to believe in the divinely established moral law and judgment, heaven, and hell after death.
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    “Outer space visitors” are in reality demons from hell, who can take on human, animal, and other forms. Satan and the other fallen angels want us to believe in aliens, since such belief distracts us from the real spiritual warfare in which we are engaged. Just like not recognizing our chief enemies on earth, the Judeo-Masonic elite (with emphasis on the first half of the partnership) makes us unable to overcome them, likewise not recognizing or admitting the reality of malign spiritual beings seeking our destruction and especially our damnation, makes us easy prey to them. The old saying is true: the devil’s greatest ruse and deceit is to get people to believe he doesn’t exist, since that makes them like putty in his hands, and securely on the road to damnation.

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  2. I’m friends with his nephew Jesse. He once told me authorities told him to chill about the subject-

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