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John Lear In Memoriam, 1942-2022, Promoter of Bob Lazar and his...

Promoted Bob Lazar and his tales of Area 51. Lear died on 29 March, 2022, leaving a legacy of commentary on unidentified aerial phenomena.

Is This the Newest “Scheduled Dissemination?”

Breaking News: The Milky Way could harbor earth like bodies that have continents, oceans and maybe even sentient life. Do tell.

Yuri Geller and the Ark of the Covenant: Is This The...

As I have written in the last few weeks, the Deep State/Deep Church effort to promote a new human origins story seems to be right on track.

Jack Hearts Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan

I found out from Preston Nichols that there had been a UFO crash that same night at the nearby park to the east, of course covered up by a national Lab. I went there and saw the downed trees for myself.

FFWN: Psychopaths in Power: “Soulless Killers” or Black-Eyed Space Lizards?

Is a bloodsucking space lizard  accusing others of being bloodsucking space lizards?