The Alien Disclosure Deception

An Exposé of the Netflix Original Series "Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified"


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The Alien Disclosure Deception:

An Exposé of the Netflix Original Series

Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified

by Charles Upton

Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified, which premiered in August of 2021—after which it was reviewed in glowing terms by Newsweek and generated a stream of news stories on the internet—is a thinly-disguised and thoroughly-articulated social engineering gambit presented as a factual documentary. Since it essentially announces the advent of a new religion, one which proposes that we worship the “aliens,” whether extraterrestrial or interdimensional, in the place of God—a religion whose prophets are CIA agents, military brass, and aerospace multimillionaires—at the very least it ought to succeed in calling into question the myth that the U.S. government has been trying to debunk the popular belief in UFOs for the past 70 years rather than covertly promoting it. Evidence for this covert promotion appears in Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified when it asserts that whistleblowers who reveal what the government knows about the UFO phenomenon do so at risk of their lives, while at the same time presenting us with the findings of so-called whistleblowers like Colonel Philip J. Corso, Bob Lazar, Emery Smith and astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who have been operating freely for years, speaking, writing and appearing in videos, apparently with no negative consequences; two of them are interviewed in the documentary itself.

This hidden promotion of the UFO belief, which has now come to light in the present documentary and similar productions, has obviously been accompanied by a much more visible debunking campaign, one that has served to distract attention from the underlying pro-UFO agenda as well as to actively promote the particular spin on the popular belief in UFOs that certain forces wish to legitimize and employ, while cultivating this perspective more gradually and securely than an abrupt Disclosure would allow. Perhaps the idea has been to delay Disclosure until such time as the traditional religious worldview was weakened to the point where most believers would no longer possess the necessary criteria to correctly evaluate it. This slow-but-sure approach to social engineering is more-or-less in line with the gradualist method pioneered by the Fabian Socialists, which has largely been adopted by the Cultural Marxists as well.

Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified is shot through with contradictory claims, often by the same experts and/or commentators—statements that are so diametrically opposed to each other that only someone who is half asleep, mesmerized, or suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (as most of us seem to be nowadays, in one way or another) could fail to notice them. There is little chance that these mutually-exclusive statements could simply be accidental, based on poor writing or shoddy editing, or simply representative of different points-of-view. I suppose it’s remotely possible that those who wrote and produced Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified were simply not paying attention, but it seems much more likely that these glaring contradictions are deliberate and purposeful—which is strange, since those who wish to be believed are usually careful to make their arguments as consistent as possible. The present analysis will highlight these inconsistencies, as well as pointing out various statements that appear to reveal the underlying agenda on which the documentary is based.

Episode One, “Project Bluebook Unknown,”, is the least problematic. It is a well-researched history of the UFO phenomenon in the United States, and the human response to it, since World War II, in which the ideological drive of the series as a whole is not yet apparent; nonetheless it contains the first of the highly suspect accounts on which the growth of the UFO myth in the 20th century was based. According to this “likely story,” researcher Rob Mercer, in response to a classified advertisement, took possession of a cache of documents stored in the garage of a former employee of Wright-Patterson Airbase, which supposedly contained all the UFO accounts that had been collected by, but later excluded from, Project Bluebook; the “documentary” then goes on to accept the validity of this leaked material with absolutely no corroborating evidence, and to use it as the basis for further arguments and speculations. Maybe this is actually a common way for the military to dispose of classified documents that are taking up too much office space….on the other hand, what we might be seeing here is an example of the double game that I believe the military and the intelligence community have been playing for many years, right up to the release of the Pentagon Report to Congress in 2021: the game of officially denying the reality of the UFO phenomenon while covertly spreading the belief in UFOs throughout the populace.

Episode Two, “The White House Cover-up,” introduces us to the supposed existence of a top secret monitoring group within the CIA known as Majestic or MJ-12, who were supposedly tasked with concealing the truth about UFOs. Many things are claimed for this group; it is even asserted that one of the main reasons for the creation of the CIA itself was to conduct “covert operations” to study flying saucers. Only later do we find out that the first report of the existence of Majestic came in the form of a package anonymously placed in the mailbox of TV producer Jaime Shandera, containing a roll of film with microfiche photos of documents supposedly revealing the existence of MJ-12. More anonymously leaked documents relating to Majestic and other supposedly covert projects turned up over the years. The “contentious” nature of these leaked files is admitted by UFO writer Richard Dolan, then quickly ignored; from then on they are simply taken as fact. These documents might be legitimate; they might be false; they might be a little of both—but for a supposedly factual documentary to largely accept, without independent corroboration, evidence that would be thrown out of any court makes it clear that we are viewing a polemic, not a documentary. UFO researcher J.J. Hurtak shows us a memo from the Majestic documents supposedly signed by Harry Truman; he tells us the signature is “consistent with other government papers that show on the highest levels” (Show what? Levels of what?) while pointing his finger to the sky to a quick shot of a hovering UFO. Then premier British UFO spokesperson Nick Pope makes his appearance to tell us of a document he apparently once saw, recounting a meeting between Winston Churchill and Eisenhower during the war where they had decided that UFOs were real but that this shouldn’t be revealed during wartime because it might “destroy the Church.” The source of the document was said to be a story told to a British scientist by his grandfather, who was supposedly one of Churchill’s body guards during the meeting in question. (Hard evidence: case closed.)

Next Travis Walton appears, who tells the harrowing story of his famous UFO abduction in Arizona in 1975. One revealing facet of this fascinating accounty is the strange evaluation, reminiscent of the “Stockholm Syndrome,” that Walton gives of the true intent of his tormenters, whose unasked-for intervention was deeply traumatizing to him on a permanent basis. He says: “I screamed at them, yelled all sorts of things….I think just the entire circumstances of whatever was done with me and to me sort of sends a message about their real intentions that took me years to realize, that they weren’t just collecting humans in order to dissect them….or maybe eat them….they were most likely intervening in what happened to me to correct a severe extreme damage that was caused by a burst of energy that was probably accidental.” This, however, seems to be pure conjecture, besides contradicting innumerable other accounts of alien abductions that were in no way in helpful response to perceived injuries and obviously had nothing accidental about them—as, for example, the nightmarish abduction experience of Terry Lovelace, a medic at Whiteman Air Force Base, and his friend Toby during a hiking trip through Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas, which is recounted immediately after Walton’s. Lovelace tells of the night when they saw a huge triangular UFO passing overhead. He fell into a stupor and later awakened to find himself and his friend surrounded by a ring of diminutive ET’s, whom he initially took to be children. But his companion set him straight: “Terry, man” said Toby, “those ain’t no little kids. Don’t you remember? They took us and they hurt us.” “And then,” Lovelace tells us, “I had flashes of memory, and he was right: they did take us and they did hurt us.” Here the damage is certainly not accidental, while the aliens’ actions clearly have nothing to do with healing accidental injuries. To the degree that Walton feels compelled to interpret traumatic abuse as helpful and benevolent, we must suspect that he is not yet fully in possession of his faculties. He goes on to say: “I do not believe aliens are bad. I believe that extremely advanced technologies (and) civilizations evolve out of what we call evil….” No line of reasoning is given to support this conclusion, which certainly does not seem to be bourn out by Walton’s own experience. It is also noteworthy that he uses the phrase “advanced technologies (and) civilizations evolve….out of evil.” Apparently he means to say that they evolve “beyond” evil, yet his actual phraseology is suggestive of much deeper misgivings than he is apparently willing to admit. The technique of presenting something as positive and helpful while at the same time making it an object of terror, without in any way admitting the radical contradiction between these two propositions, serves to create unconscious fear, which is much more useful as a control technique than conscious terror. A soldier going into combat who knows he may die in an hour can martial all his forces to stand or fall; a person who is terrorized and at the same time given a way to view the thing terrorizing him as benevolent and protective has no way to do this. And note the telling phrase “what we call evil”—as if evil were no more than a socially-conditioned prejudice, rather than a sober fact that we trivialize at our supreme peril.

Next President Ronald Reagan is shown delivering an address to the UN in 1984, in which he makes the claim that the differences between nations would vanish if we were facing “an alien threat from outside this world,” echoing a similar statement made by Douglas MacArthur at West Point in 1962; clearly this idea, which was commented on by Jacques Vallee in Messengers of Deception (1979), has been around for quite a while.

Episode Two floats the idea that UFO research, as well as the ultimate political authority in the United States, is now passing, or has already passed, from the public to the private sector, as witness aerospace CEO Robert Bigelow and rock star Tom DeLonge, founder of the To The Stars Academy; and of course Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk also come to mind in this context. According to Richard Dolan, leaving the ultimate authority for UFO research to the President of the United States, a mere democratically-elected official, would be “dangerous”; and Dolan ends the episode by saying that we should first pay attention to the information available about UFOs, not the sources of the information—to the spectacle itself, that is, and not to those who may be designing and controlling that spectacle. Needless to say, I have taken the opposite approach.

Episode Three, “Code Name Aurora,” begins with the question: “Could the U.S. military’s desire to reverse-engineer UFO technology for its own ends be behind its continuing reticence to disclose information about its UFO monitoring program?” This, however, is not the first question that needs to be asked and answered. The first question is: Has the U.S. military recovered or been provided with any UFO technology? Answer: We don’t know. And the second question is: Do we know for sure whether or not the U.S. military has a desire, or a program, to reverse-engineer UFO technology? Answer: No. In any case, no documentary that uses leading questions based on rumor and hearsay to suggest facts that have in no way been established can be trusted as a serious analysis.

Next we are treated to the highly entertaining story recounted by Colonel Philip J. Corso of Fort Bliss Army Base, Arkansas, the author of The Day After Roswell, of an incident that took place in 1947 when he was a major at Ft. Riley Kansas. Apparently a “special cargo” had been secretly delivered that day, and Corso, being a naturally curious sort, figured that he’d poke around in it to see what he could turn up, so he chose one of the crates at random, pried it open, and what should he discover inside but an alien corpse! The corpse was not kept in a hermetically-sealed temperature-controlled coffin, just a regular wooden shipping crate. Imagine his surprise!  Then the sergeant on duty turned up, at which point Corso told him, “really, Sarge, you could get in trouble being with me while I’m messing around with a secret shipment like this, which I get to do because I’m duty officer; let’s just back out of here are pretend that nothing happened.”  (Seriously, these guys must imagine that we’re all brain-dead, not just most of us.) Later Corso, now a colonel, was stationed at the White House. No Men In Black with threats of dire consequences should he reveal what he saw, just professional advancement and a prestigious job. In 1961 he supposedly received a file reporting on an alien autopsy that he himself had supposedly witnessed at Fr. Riley in 1947, as well as on alien technology recovered from the Roswell crash. According to Australian UFO researcher Mary Rodwell, Corso’s job while at the White House included receiving alien technological gizmos and then turning them over to private corporations. And apparently he was also informed that our beloved Teflon was another gift from the aliens!

Next, former USAF scientist and medical researcher Emory Smith tells us that he isn’t sure exactly when the reverse-engineering of alien technology began, only that—according to his researches in the Vatican archives, which contain examples of such technology—it has been going on since ancient times. Will the Vatican eventually advance its anti-Catholic ideology by publicly making this claim? Suffice it to say that the revelation of the reality of UFOs could not destroy the flimsy remaining shell of the Catholic Church, as Eisenhower and Churchill reportedly worried, if the Church itself backs this assertion, and even claims to have known all about it for centuries.

Then David Adair appears with his claim that he had developed an electromagnetic fusion containment engine by 1971, when he was taken to Area 51 to meet with General Curtis LeMay and shown an engine recovered from a UFO, similar in principle but immensely larger. Since the rest of the world, as of 2021, is spending billions of dollars to produce a workable fusion power source, Adair should really make his invention widely available for the good of humanity. He must have patented it, which means that it could make him a billionaire over night. The strange thing is that all the other fusion researchers in the world apparently neglected to seek and discover that patent. Oh, well; better late than never. I urge every reader of this review to appeal to Adair to make his technology known to everyone; we should all really get after him to do this—or else to demonstrate why he won’t or can’t; the future of humanity could depend on it. (I will give the subject of this paragraph a full “GB” rating, which stands for “GIMME A BREAK”! Be on the lookout for more paragraphs labled “GB” below.)

Now we discover that Ben Rich, past director of the famous Skunk Works that developed the U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird spy planes, lectured to the UCLA School of Engineering in 1993; the last slide of the accompanying presentation reportedly showed a black disc leaving the earth’s atmosphere, about which Rich commented, “we now have the technology to take ET home.” When questioned by a student after the lecture about the propulsion of the craft, he was apparently told that it was based on ESP! (Why not?)

The episode ends with the story of CIA anti-terrorist specialist Luis Elizondo, who was tapped for UFO duty by a military monitoring group, then quit military service to join the To The Stars Academy in the private sector. He claims that the government possesses many samples of material from crashed UFOs, and that To The Stars has partnered with them to study it. Elizondo says that UFO propulsion is based on two factors, “nuclear” and “water”, which are not directly related but which are nonetheless somehow related (whatever that means; earlier it was claimed to be based on “element 115”), and that—as should be obvious to all—we are already in the midst of Disclosure as we speak.

The true identity and intentions of Luis Elizondo remain unclear, and call for further research. Elizondo’s Wikipedia article says:

Luis Elizondo  is a former  U.S. Army Counterintelligence  Special Agent and former employee of the  Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.  After his resignation in 2017, he joined the company  To The Stars  as its Director of Global Security and Special Programs. Elizondo left the company in late 2020….Elizondo is the former director of the now defunct  Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program….According to the  Department of Defense, the AATIP program was ended in 2012 after five years. Elizondo has said he worked with officials from the  U.S. Navy  and the  CIA  out of his Pentagon office for this program until October 2017, when he resigned to protest what he characterized as “excessive secrecy and internal opposition.”

So we know that Luis Elizondo has an extensive background in the U.S. Intelligence community. Now, however, he is apparently at odds with his former employers and willing to make his intelligence expertise available to “the People” through his connection with the Disclosure Movement. However, since the military itself has now openly embraced elements of Disclosure in the June 2021 Pentagon Report to Congress, which has admitted (at the very least) that UFOs and real and inexplicable, it is entirely possible that Elizondo, far from being a renegade in flight from the intelligence community, is actually a loyal agent of their ongoing agenda.

On two occasions during my checkered career I was approached by individuals claiming to be ex-CIA agents or operatives who had quit the Agency and gone over to the “good guys” (me). I see this as a common ploy by the Firm to recruit “useful idiots”, using as bait the possibility that the fished-for individual might become privy to “real CIA secrets” while still heroically tilting at the windmills of the Powers That Be. And it is well-known that the Disclosure Movement is full of “whistleblowers” with a military or intelligence background, who are routinely accepted as sincerely repentant villains who have seen the error of their ways and only there to help. In my opinion, however, it is much more likely that these individuals are still on the government dole, drawing their pay as infiltrators, spies and disseminators of the well-designed information, or quasi-information, that their employers want the Movement, and ultimately the general public, to accept.

In Episode Four: “Hacked and Leaked”, the following contradictory account is offered regarding the release of information about the “tic-tac” and “gimbal” UFOs that figured in the now-famous Nimitz (aircraft carrier) encounters off San Diego in 2004:

NARRATOR: By releasing unclassified U.S. government reports in 2018….journalist George Knapp changed the game….

KNAPP: I produced a document that was leaked from the government (?)….this information was never meant to be released to the public. The military did this behind the scenes in a classified program….

The narrator says that the documents were unclassified and Knapp claims that they were classified. Who should we believe?

Next, much more interestingly, Richard Dolan offers a very accurate and incisive piece of analysis:

“The U.S. is great at making up false news stories and spreading them throughout the world—I mean, the CIA is a master of this, they have done this for decades. They are very good also at using the media to scare the public to engage in certain actions, they do this all the time. So they certainly would be able to do this about UFOs or UAPs. Like they have the capability to, if they were to release information, they could do it in such a way as to maximize fear to whatever level they want that would be useful to them.”

Truer words were never spoken. My question is, if the CIA is a master of the false story, then why does Dolan trust Luis Elizondo, with his past military intelligence and CIA connections? Is it entirely beyond the realm of possibility that Dolan’s analysis might perfectly describe Elizondo’s methodology and intentions? Beyond that, it is it not also possible that the above statement by Dolan also perfectly describes the methodology and intentions of Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified itself? Here we enter the field of the gambit that revisionist historian Michael Hoffman calls the Revelation of the Method, according to which the clandestine social engineers will sometimes suddenly and openly reveal exactly what they’ve been up to. Why would they do this? After a long history of marginalizing and persecuting whistleblowers, why would they blow the whistle on themselves? For two reasons. First, the act of self-whistleblowing works to co-opt and neutralize the true whistleblowers, take the wind out of their sails. If Cassandra’s accusers suddenly turn around and tell her, “Chill out, Cassie, we’ve known this all along,” she immediately loses all her relevance. Secondly, for the perpetrators to blow the whistle on themselves transforms them from liars who must be exposed into honest men and women who have admitted the truth about themselves and so should be believed, thereby employing (on an entirely unconscious level) the martial arts principle of turning the attacker’s strength against him. “If they openly describe this method of news-control they couldn’t be using it themselves” we naively conclude. Those who fall for this ploy have forgotten to ask one simple question: If a liar admits he’s lying while still continuing to lie, does that make him an honest man?

Episode Five, “Soviet Secrets,” tells us that “Some interested parties in the United States….were afraid that the Soviet Union may use the UFO frenzy in the United States to cause some kind of a mass hysteria, and they were also actively thinking about using the UFO phenomenon as a means to do psychological warfare in the Soviet Union.” We must consider the possibility, however, that these “interested parties” may presently be using the UFO phenomenon to do psychological warfare against the American people, a much easier target and likely a much more rewarding one for the social engineers who are doing their best to manage and manipulate virtually every aspect of our lives. And the best way to hide such manipulation would be to convince the people, against all evidence to the contrary, that their response to the covert social engineering directives they are being subjected to is actually a product of their own collective self-determination. The ideal way to manage such a regime would be to utilize the “soft power” of information rather than overt police state tactics. This has been the preferred mode of governance in the WWII United States since World War Two, with the police and the military always waiting in the wings to be called upon if and when the softer approach fails—which it often has, and likely will in the future. J.J. Hurtak tells us:

“Let us look beyond the politics of the old regime,,,,when younger people begin to expand their consciousness and see the bigger picture, then government authority will be, shall we say, secondary; teaching authority, or the social sciences, will be primary. We will have a worldwide internet of information that will download information quickly so everyone in the world will be a citizen diplomat, we’ll have the opportunity to have contact without going to a military source….”

If “contact” means “alien contact,” which is certainly implied, the plan seems to be to set up data-bases and audio-visual feeds available to everyone, where not only masses of data on the UFO phenomenon are easily accessible but also direct channels of communication with the aliens themselves in real time. And to say that we will then be governed by “teaching authority” (a term taken from Roman Catholicism, the English translation of the Latin word magisterium) and “social science” instead of the military—democratic civil society apparently having disappeared long ago—this could only indicate a regime where social engineering has superseded all other forms of political power. (The social form envisioned would apparently resemble a 24/7 lineup of TED Talks with space aliens as the presenters.) Note also the retrospective reference to the social unrest and Spiritual Revolution of the 1960’s, when “younger people expand(ed) their consciousness” as part of the CIA’s most successful and far-reaching social engineering experiment to date: the mass dissemination of LSD throughout American society. This reference may be significant in view of the reappearance of controlled experimentation with psychedelics (now known as “entheogens”) in American universities, along with the push to legalize them.

Robert Fleischer ends the episode by informing us: “If some government authority is telling us something about extraterrestrial beings visiting us on earth, you can be sure that it’s not just because they want [the] whole [of] mankind to know about it. There must be another motivation behind this, and we don’t know what this is.” That Alien Disclosure is not simply disinterested but has an agenda behind it is entirely correct. It is not completely true, however, to say “we don’t know what this is”, since the general outline the likely agenda appears in this review.

Episode Six, “After Dislosure,” begins with an ominous and cryptic statement:

“In the light of new facts published about the UFO phenomenon, the world is only a small step away from accepting a hitherto concealed truth: that we are not alone in the universe. It may be just a matter of months before the highest authorities have to look at the available options to communicate this momentous message. It won’t be easy. For six thousand years the pre-eminent lifeform in the universe has been humanity. But what will the world face after Disclosure of the truth about UFOs?”

Is the human race about to be ousted from its position of cosmic pre-eminence? If UFOs and their occupants have been with us for centuries if not millennia, as Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified speculates, how could the mere announcement of their reality, which has certainly been accepted in one form or another by human beings at many points throughout our long history—certainly within the last 6000 years—so radically change our status? And where did the number “6000 years” come from? Modern anthropology has pushed the origin of the human race back millions of years, and recent archaeological discoveries have placed even the beginning of civilization at an substantially earlier date than 4000 B.C. 6000 years is, precisely, the traditional age of the Earth, the period from the creation of Adam to the second coming of Christ, according to Judeo-Christianity; the famous Bishop Usher, calculating from scripture, placed the date of creation at 4004 B.C. In other words, it is the Judeo-Christian-Islamic dispensation, and therefore the comic pre-eminence of Humanity as recognized by that dispensation [cf. Genesis 1:26-28;    Q.33:72] that is destined to be overturned by the “Disclosure of the truth about UFOs.” Once the “gods” have come back into human consciousness, belief in the God of the Abrahamic tradition will be no more. If this is not the announcement of a new religion, how else is such a declaration to be explained?

Now UFO researcher Alejandro Rojas tells us: “We haven’t, to my belief, had any overt hostile activity from any of these craft, so they could be observing; it could be that they are here to help us evolve. I think that there’s numerous possibilities” [GB].

This is Big Lie Number One. After earlier episodes recounting horrific abductions, physical and psychological diseases caused by UFO encounters, the destruction of many aircraft etc. etc., we are expected to accept this? If you or I or Señor Rohas had perpetrated any of these atrocities, we would be arrested and charged as terrorists—but the UFO aliens, like CIA assassins, apparently have immunity from prosecution. Some UFO Atrocity Deniers (UADs we could call them) may respond by claiming that the downed aircraft were only fired upon by UFOs after the aircraft fired first; their actions were entirely defensive. All reports agree, however, that UFOs are invulnerable to every human weapon that has been used against them; consequently the deaths of those pilots can only have been meant as acts of terror and a dire warning to the rest of us.

Next we must listen to Richard Dolan treating us to Big Lie Number Two: “What we can do is judge their actions,” he says. “They are secretive, they are covert, they don’t want to be known. So that’s something that would make me wonder: why are they secretive?”

What?! After a huge fleet of UFOs buzzed the Capitol Building in Washington in 1952, as revealed in Episode One? After the numerous other incidents just recounted in the documentary, where they openly manifested their reality in no uncertain terms, even taking pains to deliberately attract our attention, sometimes in order to deliver urgent messages? GB! What possible reason could there be for issuing a contradiction so glaringly obvious that it alone is enough to totally destroy the credibility of the producers, writers and spokespeople of Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified? The UFOs have always been conspicuous, often making no effort at all to conceal themselves—which they would be imminently capable of accomplishing due to their apparent ability to disappear entirely from view whenever they wish and speed invisibly from point to point. Their very erratic flight patterns can only be satisfactorily explained as attempts to attract human attention—not to mention their habit of parking in the middle of rural roads where they are virtually certain to encounter astounded motorists. In order to believe the people who made Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified we must willingly destroy our own ability to think; apparently that’s what they want.

Next the common “Ancient Aliens” meme makes its appearance, according to which the gods of all the archaic peoples were really ETs who have been “overseeing” the human race for millennia. The Native Americans are brought forward as experts and potential mentors to the rest of us in the art of ET-worship. The kachinas of the Pueblo tribes of the American Southwest, the “star people” of the Lakota and the “sky gods” of the Inuit are mentioned. The story of Lakota medicine man Wallace Black Elk from the Rosebud Reservation regarding his encounter with a UFO during a vision quest is recounted: “It was concave in shape; it was silent, but it was lit and luminesced like a neon light. These little people emerged from it….they could read minds and I could read their minds….so I welcomed them; I said: ‘Welcome, welcome.’” Clifford Mahootć of the Zuñi tribe tells us more about them. He says:

“We believe that we were connected to the extraterrestrials from the beginning of what we call the Fourth World. They are the ones that are related to us….they gave us a connection to the other systems, like the star-systems….they are our teachers….they are actually our ancestors, because we took their DNA when they upgraded us….we took their teachings and they upgraded us through their efforts, using their particular, probably the DNA upgrades, and so in the long run we are part alien.”

Apparently the Zuñis of today would be better described as “Zuñis 2.0.” This is quite a unique and interesting doctrine for a First Nations people, revealing that the Zuñi tribe, and possibly other indigenous peoples in many parts of the world, must’ve already been practicing genetic engineering thousands of years ago. Perhaps these alien/human hybrids are actually the ancestors of the famous Skinwalkers of the Southwest; after all, anything is possible—isn’t it? The documentary goes on to claim that the acceptance of the realty of UFO’s and the “aliens” who pilot them is leading to “the reinterpretation of the myths, beliefs and faiths of indigenous peoples the world over.” So instead of UFOs being explained according to the worldviews of the indigenas, those worldviews are being recast to bring them into line with the contemporary western belief in UFOs; this represents a mass hijacking and co-optation of the religions of the First Nations.

Next “the unwritten rule of non-interference in human affairs” is mentioned—perhaps unwritten but certainly not untelevised, since it is in fact the famous Prime Directive from the Star Trek TV series. The Prime Directive was always violated, of course—and anyone who believes that UFOs have not interfered in human affairs has never watched Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified.

According to the research of UFO investigator Rey Hernandez, which sounds plausible but still needs confirmation, 84% of respondents to his survey—who were apparently all contactees—said that they wanted their ET appearances and contacts to continue. Initially a 30% viewed these experiences as negative, but this percentage decreased over time as the contacts continued. Apparently the initial horror is progressively overcome, and (as we can perhaps see with Travis Walton) an acceptance of the alien presence and message gradually takes its place. According to Hernandez, “for many of these beings, once you notice that you’re scared, they phase out.” For many others however, according to accounts included in the documentary, the reverse seems to be true: once they see that you’re scared they go on scaring you, while ordering you not to be scared; this pretty much describes Travis Walton’s experience.

Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified generally interprets UFOs and their occupants as EBEs, extraterrestrial biological entities, though it also holds open the possibility, as Rey Hernandez tells us in this episode, that they may be psychic or “interdimensional” beings, rather than what we would consider to be normal material-plane astronauts. Nonetheless the documentary generally attributes their interdimensional abilities to their advanced state of technology—and it may finally prove true that highly advanced human technology will someday develop the power to open the door to other dimensions. Yet if a human being were to enter such an multi-dimensional world, body and soul, could he or she still be described as human? The subtle material region of the Intermediary or Psychic Plane, according to virtually all traditional accounts, is already thoroughly populated by beings with all the interdimensional talents you could wish for. Would a human immigrant to that world be welcomed as a naturalized “citizen,” or would he, she or it, like some transhuman skinwalker, remain forever an interloper or a refugee there, straddling two worlds but at home in neither? Our proper home is earth, our proper form is human; the Surah an-Naas, the last surah of the Qur’an, warns us against the temptation to jettison the human form by following the suggestions of the sneaking whisperer, who whispers in the hearts of Mankind, of the Jinn and of Mankind. In the face of the growing intrusion of the UFO aliens into our world, “stay human” must become our mantra and our prayer—as should become clear as soon as we understand the doctrine that Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified does its best to impress upon us.

Finally the endgame of the documentary begins to take shape. The Narrator says: “Disclosure of the secrets concerning the activities of aliens on Earth, and declassification by the military and intelligence agencies about UFO encounters, will undoubtedly be a revolutionary turning-point in human history.” He goes on to speculate that the aliens will likely introduce new ideas relating to conservation, social inequality and advanced technology, and asks whether or not the human race is ready for these developments—to which Mary Rodwell replies: “I think that it’s going to be a very big shock to a lot of people, particularly if they’re very entrenched in the paradigm of today, particularly with religion” [we see a brief shot of a swinging church bell as if to signal:
In the place of the old religious paradigm, the Aliens will bring a “religion” and a theology of their own, one that promises great rewards to those who have faith in it. We are told that the ETs will likely apply their ‘human technologies’, notably genetic engineering, to eliminating most of the diseases that plague humanity. They will also solve our environmental crisis and overcome social inequality; therefore any failure to believe in them and welcome them will be virtually suicidal. According to Mary Rodwell, people will be very angry when they realize that the suppression of Disclosure has delayed the appearance of these saving technologies; in other words, the failure of governments and militaries to disclosed what they know about extraterrestrials is (it is implied) nothing less than a crime against humanity, a crime against which the People will rise up to exact their just revenge. Under whose leadership, we may ask, will this world revolution take place? And even before this happens, will the day come when Congress passes a bill defining all criticism of Extraterrestrials as illegal “hate speech”? We shall see.

The Aliens are here to advance human evolution and human awarenesss; they will raise the consciousness of the human race to a higher level where greed, war and selfishness will no longer be motivations. Some of the central dogmas of the emerging Extraterrestrial Theology, according to the narrator and six UFO “experts,” are as follows:

MICHAEL P. MASTERS: If consciousness isn’t bound by spacetime, there could be some aspect of that that relates to this phenomenon, there could be communication across different points in time, information-exchange between those who are more or open to it or aware of it or have those abilities. [Clearly a higher spiritual caste is being posited here.]

RICHARD DOLAN: A lot of UFO sightings seem to be connected with our own consciousness, our own mind, and I will never be able to get rid of that idea….

ROBERT FLEISCHER: This huge consciousness that we are talking about, is this possibly the universe itself, is this God, and we are part of It? Those are very profound questions, and I think that once the UFO subject has been freed from the ridicule factor, scientists and philosophers will be able to start to tackle those questions. 

KEVIN DAY (naval air intercept controller during the Nimitz Encounters): I got the impression they could read our minds….

NARRATOR: Acknowledgement of the potential for extrasensory perception, telepathy and other abilities would constitute a radical turn-around by the scientific world. For the moment, however, this world is unwilling to listen, to accept that these abilities may have emerged as a result of extraterrestrial encounters.

MARY RODWELL: We have their DNA. We are, if you like, an intelligently designed species with perhaps as much as twelve different species’ of non-human intelligence with their DNA….

This last dogma seems designed to co-opt the emerging information-theory-based theology of Intelligent Design, pioneered by Philip Johnson, William Dembski, Michael Behe and others, by rejecting an intelligent Divine Creator in favor of a committee of Extraterrestrials, who are actually our real creators via genetic engineering. (As for the question of who designed our designers, and who designed the designers of our designers, in an infinite regression back to God knows what, this immediately invalidating objection is never dealt with.) And not only are we creatures of the aliens, we are not really even human beings at all, just an amalgam of heterogeneous genome-fragments from many other species. By this ingeniously-conceived attack on the human form the producers of Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified have disallowed the Christian doctrine of the Incarnation, the Islamic doctrine of the prophethood of Adam, the Hindu doctrine of the avatars of Vishnu, the Buddhist doctrine of “the human state hard-to-attain,” and the Hebrew/Kabbalistic doctrine of the Adam Kadmon, all at one stroke. Christ could not be True God and True Man if there is no such thing as True Man! By this we know that the ET religion has been designed (though not entirely by ETs!) to supersede and invalidate all the traditional religions of the Earth. And as for how these various commentators are so certain of what they know, only those of little faith will dare to ask such a shameful and invalidating question, because—they know, man, they know!

That we are expected to worship—or if not worship, then at least place our hopes in—beings the documentary visually presents as horrible walking corpses, blanched, naked and skeletal, lacking genitals, with bloated heads and enormous jet black eyes, is outrageous and insulting, though certainly not uncommon. If we imagine, despite all evidence to the contrary, that they might be here to help is, then why doesn’t the documentary present them as august beings in long white robes, or wise interstellar ambassadors in silver jumpsuits, like Michael Rennie in The Day the Earth Stood Still, which would be just as true to the many forms in which the aliens appear as the famous “grays” popularized by Whitley Strieber? Possibly because, in today’s world, such an image would be neither plausible nor attractive to the majority of the people likely to respond to it. If you can get people to react with positive feelings to images of ugliness, you have damaged their ability to discern and respond to beauty; likewise, if you can induce them to accept obviously contradictory statements without noticing the contradiction, you have wounded their ability to recognize the truth.

Whether we will be ultimately treated to “the world must unite against the alien menace” or “the world must unite under its benevolent alien overlords” remains to be seen; maybe we’ll get a little of both. A common meme in contemporary culture—and not just in video games—is that of “the good demons vs. the bad demons,” which effectively acts to co-opt and negate the idea of an ultimate conflict between Good and Evil. Good does not really exist, of course, since everybody’s idea of the Good is different; the more realistic view is to accept that all choices and conflicts are between the greater and the lesser of two evils—which means, of course, that Evil is the basic principle of Reality, while “the Good” is nothing but a wish-fulfillment fantasy, a pipe-dream, an archaic superstition believed in only by bigots and religious fanatics. It is widely-pervasive beliefs such as this that are re-casting “post-Christian” society in overtly Luciferian terms.

As for the question of “Why Disclosure Now?” that many have asked, I can think of three answers: 1) The Clandestine Disclosurite Elite have decided, according to whatever criteria they accept as valid, that the populace is now finally sufficiently conditioned to be ripe for Full Disclosure; 2) Global tensions between the western world and China and/or Russia, not to mention the climate disaster and the U.S. capitulation to the Jihadists in Central Asia, have reached a point of unparalleled crisis where the Disclosurites feel they must play their long-anticipated Global Unity Card as fast as possible before it’s too late; 3) They, like the rest of us who have been following the UFO enigma, just couldn’t take the suspense any longer, which means that they were finally unable to resist moving their 50-year or 70-year social engineering project into its endgame: Time to go for broke! Time to announce the advent of the New Global Religion! Time to flush the Aliens out of the closet as the literal gods of the New World Order! Fortunately for this study, their over-eagerness to bring their whole paradigm-shift agenda into its terminal phase has apparently resulted in a fatal lack of caution on their part, a violation of the limits of necessary discretion—which is to say that they have tipped their hand, let the cat out of the bag. Our vigilant little watchdog has pulled the curtain aside to reveal the Wizard operating the levers of the global matrix, which (God willing) could mean that he and his assistants will soon be forced to board their escape balloon, or saucer, and beat a hasty retreat—unless Divine Justice requires that they be given time to perfect the Ultimate Lie so it can be exposed and obliterated by the Ultimate Truth and Reality, at the coming of the Hour. (And God knows best.)

In conclusion, I do not claim to have absolutely proved that any single claim or incident in Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified is false. What I have proved, beyond all shadow of a doubt, is that the documentary is filled with deliberately contradictory statements that are so outrageous, and so obvious, that they make it impossible for any rational human being to take it seriously—except as a transparent attempt to manipulate and deceive.

Mythic Afterword

The following legendary narrative will only mean something to those who are well versed in world scripture, myth and folklore, and who also accept that accounts of the Fairies, the Jinn, the gods, the angels and the Deity represent realities of a non-material order, not simply human beliefs. It is largely my own speculation, though it is nonetheless in line with certain passages in the Qur’an—and since the military and the CIA are not above manufacturing a myth for the masses to believe in, I thought I would try my hand at the same game. I hasten to add that the following speculation is in no way orthodox Muslim doctrine, nor does it appear anywhere in the Qur’an. It was suggested to me by the theme from world mythology which, in its Greek rendition, appears as the fall of the Titans, who are analogous to the Hindu Asuras; interestingly enough, one of the names in pre-Islamic Arabic legend for a certain tribe of the Jinn is al-Asr.

That said, it is mythopoetically possible to imagine that the Jinn—which can be taken as a general term for the daimones or denizens of the Psychic or Intermediary Plane, who assume innumerable forms, whether demonic, benevolent or neutral—were once the “central” or “axial” beings for this terrestrial world. In Qur’anic terms, they possessed the ammana, the Trust, a God-given duty to act as His viceregents on Earth [cf. Q. 41:53], but they forfeited this Trust at one point, after which it passed to Humanity. This would explain the refusal, recounted in the Qur’an, of Iblis (who was to become the Muslim Satan) to obey Allah’s command to bow down to Adam, in the timeless time before the First Man was sent down from heaven to govern the terrestrial plane [Q. 2:29]. Iblis was a Jinn placed among the angels, just as the Norse god Thor was a giant, a member of the jötun, placed among the aesir, the gods; most likely he refused to prostrate to Adam out of envy, because he resented the fact that he had been demoted in Adam’s favor. (“The Envier” mentioned in the Surah al-Falaq is, precisely, Iblis.) The ammana was progressively lost by the Jinn over a long period of time due to various transgressions, earlier in some geographical areas than others. For example, after the advent of the Abrahamic religions in the Near East, under whose dispensation God spoke directly to man through the prophets, the Jinn lost their role as intermediaries between the Celestials (the angels or “gods”) and Humankind (cf. Q. 72: 8-10), whereas in the New World, the faithful and obedient among the western hemisphere Jinn—whom the Hopis call the kachinas—by-and-large continued to fulfill that function.

In our age, however, those religions in which God speaks directly to man through the prophets have become weakened, due to the lateness of the hour and the fast-approaching end of the present cycle-of-manifestation. Sensing this weakness, the disinherited Jinn, who are generally analogous to the pagan gods, have vowed that they will supplant the “usurper” Man, re-take the throne of terrestrial existence, and re-assume the Trust—forgetting that this Trust cannot be “conquered,” only entrusted by God to whomever He will. These rebellious Jinn are the beings who are presently appearing to us as the “aliens” or “extraterrestrials”; and, as Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified makes all too clear, their agenda includes the overthrow of the revealed religions and the installation of themselves as the new “gods” to be worshipped by humanity. These beings falsely claim to be worthy of such worship because of the evolving myth that it was they, not Almighty God, who created us; this is the central deception they are laboring to enforce. However, the remnant of the legitimate Earth Guardians of an earlier world age are in no way to be identified with the despised and rejected rebels who, through pride and disobedience, lost their title to that role in this one; only malignant reprobates and supreme fools like these would ever dare to attempt to usurp the prerogatives of the Creator! Consequently, since the Zuñis know the Mother/Father God Awonawilona as the Creator of all things, when Clifford Mahootć claims we were created by the space aliens instead he is falsifying and perverting Zuñi belief.  And as for Wallace Black Elk, Janet McCloud, an elder of the Nisqually nation, says this in the article “Spiritual Hucksterism: The Rise of the Plastic Medicine Men” by Ward Churchill: “We’ve got our….Wallace Black Elks and others who’d sell their own mother if they thought it would turn a quick buck. What they’re selling isn’t theirs to sell, and they know it. They’re thieves and sellouts, and they know that too. That’s why you never see them around Indian people anymore. When we have our traditional meetings and gatherings, you never see….those sorts showing up.” []

Episode Six of Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified reports, quite accurately, that the many of the “aliens” who abduct human beings in our time say that they are now appearing to us to warn us against actions that could destroy all life on Earth, which they and other sentient beings in the universe recognize as a terrestrial paradise, now sadly on its last legs. (Emery Smith goes so far as to call our planet “the Disneyland of the Universe.”) This is why, for example, they appear above nuclear missile installations and demonstrate their power to disrupt them and shut them down. I generally accept this account as accurate. However, their actual reason for being alarmed at human destructiveness is much less idealistic: it’s simply that they live here too, and they recognize that Humanity now has the power to destroy the Earth as a home for both men and Jinn. They are not extraterrestrials but “intraterrestrials,” inhabiting the region where the Psychic Plane intersects the subtle-material dimension of the Physical Plane (which is not to say that they couldn’t be in contact with other worlds beyond Earth, whether physical or subtle, through their own channels). This explains their ability, accepted by both Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee, to affect both our minds and the material environment. Unfortunately, however, their entirely legitimate desire to moderate human destructiveness is corrupted by their ambition to regain the position of earthly pre-eminence that the Creator took away from them long ago—six thousand years ago, according to Episode Six. “The only way to control these unruly and destructive human beings,” they reason, “is to make them our slaves.” This, however, is something that the Creator will not allow.

[This essay will appear as a chapter in my forthcoming book The Alien Disclosure Deception: The Metaphysics of Social Engineering.]


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  1. Everything in the article, which was a very excellent and stimulating read, could be described as tentative speculations in possible “realities.” In other words, “beliefs.”
    But the definitive aspect of that description would be the “tentative speculation.”
    Because even though any of it may be “believed,” the final answer remains an open-ended question; is it really true? Is any of it true?
    Thank God, our Father in heaven, and our Lord Jesus Christ his only born son, we know the Truth.

    • Not that anyone really cares, but I gave too much credit to false religions in the first comment.
      I should have said;
      “tentative speculations in hypothetical imaginations, in other words, superstitions.”
      Now my conscious is clear.

  2. I do not think an “alien” presence is a stand alone threat to the “religions” , but the threat assessment comes from understanding religions feed their followers bread and milk, while any honest scrutiny of them, could be caused by a myriad of things, chiefly among them, things they tell their followers is not possible or is ‘evil”. Under such honest scrutiny, were it safe or even desirable for actual historians, shaman or mystics to come out publicly, to discuss the meanings of things, then yes, the churches would crumble, but that is not what the monarchs fear, for it is they who would come next. Bread and milk do not turn to wisdom in the stomach. Far too often, ancient science is taken for “gods” or religions. This goes on today as well. The amount of effort it takes to do this is staggering. Very basic concepts and scientifically provable elements of our existence , are regarded as “taboo”. Probably the information one can have simply by date of birth, and what day it is, among the the most basic. Astrology is not calendars. It was just a weak tangent of the original study. So they use that to pound on.

    • When mysteries are approached with fear, that is precisely what comes back. This fear, is a major part of religious instruction in the organized ones. It is actually one of the first basic lessons in our reality to not do that. Facilitative fear or caution, is a part of sovereignty, but baseless fear or debilitative fear arising from false instruction, pretty much automatically closes the door, and becomes a blockage. Humanity, like any other species, have specialties and skills that are diverse. Among clergy of the major religions, I have never seen evidence that they are qualified in any way in the department they claim to own. In fact, they are most unqualified. The product is undeserved obedience, confusion and conflict. They are the trumpers of the spiritual arts.

  3. If all true if all false if some true if some false no matter – those fuckers running the world of shit shown to public will always cleverly manipulate testimonies, facts and evidence to promote whatever agenda it is those fuckers decide to be promoted.

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