The ‘Fellow Travelers,’ the War to Bring Down America from Within, an Intel Drop


Back in late 2015, VT began a working group tracing influence groups to foreign interests and terror organizations.  We had been tracking AIPAC and the ADL (and other groups) to Russian, Turkish, Saudi and of course Israeli intelligence.

This tied them to Fox News/Murdoch and Wikileaks and the GOP.  This then tied them to ISIS and al Qaeda and its spread into Afghanistan and the Arabian Peninsula and then across Africa.  This also began to take in our investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood, its Freemason roots and its relationships to the Jesuits, the Likudists and the Ukrainian gangsters working with Trump’s family and partners.

The question is always, however, Russia.

We now know January 6 was orchestrated from Russia. We have no direct proof Putin ordered it, what we are seeing is that powerful oligarchs in Russia and the US, the MEGA group of Jewish conservative billionaires, pay the bills.  Whether this is entirely knowing or not is not yet proven.  They certainly pick up the tab for sedition and even terrorism but may be doing it blindly “to help Israel.”

It is always “to help Israel,” even when “Israel” seems to be in Moscow or Kiev.

Now we are tracking other groups, beginning with the NRA, a major target for these hostile groups.  Always corrupt and cynical, manipulating gun seizure scares to run up profits and membership, paying off their own enemies to introduce fake “gun bills”…

Then in 2016, our efforts find the NRA took $30 million in Russian cash and laundered it into Trump “black projects,” which included very real voting machine rigging, even warehouses of duplicate machines, fake software, so much more as discovered in the Ohio audit of 2004 when Mike Connell was murdered.  Vanity Fair tells the story of the Russian takeover of the NRA and the financing of a stolen presidential election:

Saint Basil the Great clearly earned his nickname. The Turkish holy man was a scholar who aided victims of drought and who fought prostitution. Sadly, Basil’s views on gun ownership are unknown—he died in 379. Yet a charity named after the saint may turn out to be one key connection between the National Rifle Association and Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

The F.B.I. and special counsel Robert Mueller are investigating meetings between N.R.A. officials and powerful Russian operatives, trying to determine if those contacts had anything to do with the gun group spending $30 million to help elect Donald Trumptriple what it invested on behalf of Mitt Romney in 2012. The use of foreign money in American political campaigns is illegal. One encounter of particular interest to investigators is between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian banker at an N.R.A. dinner.

The Russian wooing of N.R.A. executives goes back to at least 2011, when that same banker and politician, Alexander Torshin, befriended David Keene, who was then president of the gun-rights organization. Torshin soon became a “life member,” attending the N.R.A.’s annual conventions and introducing comrades to other gun-group officials. In 2015, Torshin welcomed an N.R.A. delegation to Moscow that included Keene and Joe Gregory, then head of the “Ring of Freedom” program, which is reserved for top donors to the N.R.A. Among the other hosts were Dmitry Rogozin, who until last month was the deputy prime minister overseeing Russia’s defense industry, and Sergei Rudov, head of the Saint Basil the Great Charitable Foundation, one of Russia’s wealthiest philanthropies.

Our second group is the National Association of Chiefs of Police.  IACP conventions have, for many years, been used by the CIA and other intelligence organizations to recruit spies from among the worldwide members.

The same type rooms used to burn Donald Trump in Moscow is always a key feature at IACP meetings where “police chiefs” from around the world, long profiled, are turned into assets for what used to be the US.

We now suspect it may well be for Saudi Arabia, Israel and Russia.

Stacked behind the IACP and NRA are literally dozens of supposed patriotic groups.  The ones we are looking at in particular are Oath Keepers and Proud Boys.  We have reason to believe that Oath Keepers in the FBI were used to scuttle the Mueller investigation and are doing the same thing on January 6 efforts, destroying materials that would lead to ringleaders and back to the Trump family.

The “glue” behind the various militia’s, Michigan for certain, but across the country, are local GOP political machines and their “sheriffs” whose armed police are often as not members of organizations that were originally prison gangs, supporting their version of “patriotism” while enriching themselves on human trafficking and sales of fentanyl and meth.

Providing cover for this effort is Opus Dei, a supposed “Catholic” front organization that has “danced with the Devil” since it was set up by the same Freemasons that run ISIS and al Qaeda…more…



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  1. Perhaps Hoops is doing what I try to do by avoiding phrases or certain words which I suspectbrings unwanted scrutiny and puts one in a catagory of those who are not totally on board with the direction that this or that administration or sub-adm. is taking to accomplish certain results which maybe outside of the “norms” that we have been hearing about.

  2. Russia doesn’t have to do a thing nor pay a dime to anyone at the jan 6 attempt to overthrow by force the government,.
    America culture (?) has been created by and from racist spoiled ass babies (like Trump) who will spit and piss on the lower class poor people of world, (like Trump does) and f the spoied ass babies don’t get their way will kill, enslave, jail, or throw out on streets like garbage anyone the mob and their perverted master (Trump) deems fit to lynch, to poison or drop napalm or radioactive artillery shells onto.
    It’s all Trump, what happened on Jan 6 and the stupid fucking assholes who think he is the king of the shit sucking holier than thous….Not Russia!
    Russians enjoy a good joke, sometimes a really bad one too, like Trump.that symbolizes the sharp downhill plunge of the USA.

  3. “…manipulating gun seizure scares to run up profits and membership, paying off their own enemies to introduce fake “gun bills”…”


    There was no BOO😱!!! When Trump said what they always fantasized Obama did or would say: I’m #ComingForYourGuns!

    (After Parkland massacre). He even specified:

    “No due process”… “Take them whether we have the right to or not”!!

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