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Lavrov: US says brought apologies to Syrians for airstrike in Deir...

Jim W. Dean - Lavrov roasts the US on its double-dealing on the recent Syrian ceasefire disaster, but with his usual soft-glove style, "I do not blame anybody."

Kerry and Lavrov announce new Syria ceasefire plan

Jim W. Dean - The US finally agreed to map out with Russia where the moderate opposition and the jihadis are, so bombing operations can focus on the latter. The Syrian Air Force seems to be out of the picture for now.

Kerry says will meet Lavrov on Syria

Jim W. Dean - We will hopefully get a peek behind the curtain soon as to what kind of deal the US and Russia have agreed to, since they have keep the details quiet. Some real intelligence sharing would be a big shift on the US' part.

Bizarre: Russia and Turkey have no differences on who are considered...

The Turkish side agrees with Russia that the Syrian opposition should withdraw from the terrorists’ positions, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday.

Answer to Barakat: Russia Moves in Aleppo

Russia's military grouping in Syria will provide active air support for the Syrian army to prevent terrorists from seizing Aleppo, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Monday.

Russia to give strongest air support to Syrian army in Aleppo...

Jim W. Dean - We seem to be seeing a stand down in the use of Russian and US air power along the Syrian border, virtually waving a green flag to Erdogan to go ahead and set up his buffer zone, a de facto one.

NEO – Cracks Appear in EU Unity on Russian Sanctions

Jim W. Dean - Socrates nailed it when he said, "No man undertakes a trade he has not learned, even the meanest; yet everyone thinks himself sufficiently qualified for the hardest of all trades, that of government."

Lavrov: Riyadh formed representational delegation of Syrian opposition

Lavrov - "If some deadlines are to be set which nobody has approved in the UN Security Council, those within the sphere of influence should be at least urged to come to the negotiating table. Otherwise this is sheer nonsense."

Syria meeting sees progress, agrees to turn truce into real ceasefire

Jim W. Dean - Kerry publicly admits that "bad actors" have blocked progress on the political settlement, and then goes further, saying that the opposition has to distance itself more from ISIL and al-Nusra. He did not say what the US would do to make them comply.

Turkish ground op in Syria unlikely due to presence of Russian...

Jim W. Dean - Lavrov also spills the beans on the US trying to get its al-Nusra terrorist buddies included within the new Aleppo ceasefire lines, which comes as no surprise to us here at VT.

Lavrov: US Tried to Include Al-Nusra Front Positions in ‘Silent’ Period

The United States tried to include areas captured by al-Nusra Front terrorist group in northern Syria’s Aleppo in a recently established "silent" period during Washington’s talks with Moscow on the issue, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Sputnik in an exlusive interview.

Cessation of hostilities in Aleppo to be announced in coming hours...

A cessation of hostilities in the Syrian city of Aleppo will be announced in the coming hours, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday after talks with UN Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura.

US failed to persuade moderate opposition to withdraw from Al-Nusra-controlled areas...

Jim W. Dean - The US coalition kept the opposition groups intermingled with al-Nusra, so that when some opposition people got bombed "they" could claim the ceasefire had been broken and start shipping advanced weaponry to the opposition as they threatened, a breach of the ceasefire themselves.

Illegal oil traffic across Syrian-Turkish border continues — Lavrov

Illegal oil traffic across the Syrian-Turkish border is still observed, Moscow insists on full compliance with UN Security Council resolutions demanding cessation of trade with terrorists, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday following talks with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

This is Why Putin is the Most Unpredictable Politician in the...

Jim W. Dean - Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyov explains Putin's pull back in one sentence: "It's not by accident that Putin is called the most unpredictable politician in the world, because he constantly does what he says he is going to do."

Reports of abuse against Kurds in Turkey must be investigated –...

  Moscow says it is necessary to investigate reports of massive human rights abuse in south-eastern Turkey against Kurdish nationals, the Russian foreign minister said...

Lavrov: No progress in Syria talks over opposition figures, their sponsors

MOSCOW, February 26. /TASS/. The lack of progress at political talks on Syria comes as some Syrian opposition members wish to bargain for privileged position,...

Russia made proposals for Syria ceasefire, waiting for reaction from US...

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Russia has made “specific proposals” on a ceasefire in Syria and is waiting for a reaction from the US, Russian...

ISIS, Turkish Leadership Holding Secret Contacts – Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says his country has information on secret contacts between Turkey and the leadership of the so-called “Islamic State” terrorist...

Lavrov: Turkey a Superhighway for Terrorism

Lavrov urged other states to define whether they are fighting against terrorism or just hiding their ties with terrorists.

Shutting off smuggling through Turkey-Syria border key condition for ceasefire in...

Lavrov -The key component for the ceasefire to be operational is the burning issue of arms smuggling across the Turkish-Syrian border, supplying the militants [in Syria].

Russia’s Lavrov, UAE leadership to discuss situation in Syria, oil market

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is to meet the leadership of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Tuesday to discuss the situation in the region, the situation in Syria and on the oil market.