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Le Pen Vows to Pull France Out of NATO’s Integrated Military...

Le Pen will face Emmanuel Macron in the second round of presidential elections, due to take place on 24 April.

Austrian Chancellor to meet Putin. Massive Khan rally. Elensky sugar sandbags....

Support in Pakistan for Imran Khan, and growing support in France for Marine Le Pen. Public relations in Kiev mirror ISIS propaganda. Alex Christoforou reports from Greece

French voters could strike a major blow to globalism

The result of the election in France has the potential to cause a political earthquake in Europe, dealing a major blow to the “rules-based” order of globalists. But will French voters seize the occasion?

Western Politicians and NATO exploiting Ukraine standoff to their fullest

"And the men who spurred us on, Sit in judgement of all wrong, They decide and the shotgun sings the song"

NEO – Joe Biden Unveils his “China Strategy”

Jim W. Dean - All of this investment in military expansion has made us less safe, but it did make the US military contractors lots of money.

Zionist Islamophobes Macron & Pam Geller Turn “Free Speech” Upside-Down

Blasphemy, obscenity, pornography, libel, and incitement are not protected speech.