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NATO Fails to Ship Evacuation of their ‘Military Advisors”‘ …Russians ‘Send...

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation spoke about another unsuccessful attempt for the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to save the commanders of the Ukrainian Nazis and foreign mercenaries.

General Cloutier and the dungeons of Azovstal

Persistent rumors that Lieutenant General of the United States Army Roger L. Cloutier, Jr., taken prisoner in Mariupol, are gaining ground. The Pentagon still responds to all inquiries from journalists about the capture of an American general in Ukraine with silence, which does not fit into its typical pattern of behavior.

Iskander Missile Wipes Out Kharkiv Merc Compound, 100+ Foreign Fighters Dead

The Russian military attacked Kharkiv’s defense headquarters on March 31, killing more than 100 nationalists and Western mercenaries, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov announced on April 2.

Ukie War: Blackwater Mercenary Teams Eradicated in Precision Russian Strike on...

The Russian military carried out a precision missile attack on the Ukraina Hotel in Chernihiv.The hotel was home to Blackwater/Academi forces working to train and equip Nazi extremists in their now failed war to cleanse Ukraine of its nearly half Russian population.

Turkey’s War on Russia: Is Joint Turkish/Ukie Military Group Recruiting...

A security and intelligence group from UKRAINE and Turkey visited the rebel-held areas in northern SYRIA, to discuss "the possibility of their recruitment into the regional defense forces in Ukraine."

Turkey, Ukraine Importing 2000 ISIS Terrorists to Fight Russia, Gain German...

According to a source, SBU agents discussed with Turkish-backed commanders the possibility of recruiting militants into Ukraine’s territorial Defence forces.