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Before Our Minds Were Hijacked (Part 1)

So you think the world's gone crazy eh? Well, it's always been this crazy. What's changed is that you've become more aware

Secret Disclosure from Dr. Preston James

Defense secrets tend to be three tiered. The 3rd and lowest level is technology that is written about/disclosed in the defense industry journals and websites.

Zombified Nation: How Young Ukrainians Were TAUGHT Children to Hate Russians...

Distortion of history in Ukraine became a key strategy after the 2014 Maidan coup, and was particularly directed at teaching children the party line.

Gilad Atzmon: Misconceptions

Jerusalem is winning, at least at the moment, because it is easier to train people to act like sheep and be politically correct than to encourage people to think for themselves and allow for unpredictable results. Accordingly, the survival of the skeptic is a lone war.

America’s Plan for War Based on Mind Control Technology

As written in the Warfighting 2040 Paper, the nature of warfare has changed. The majority of current conflicts remain below the threshold of the traditionally accepted definition of warfare, but new forms of warfare have emerged such as Cognitive Warfare (CW), while the human mind is now being considered as a new domain of war.