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Regime Change in Pakistan

Pakistan has remained in the camp of the US since 1954 and had become its most allied ally. Pakistan first leaned towards China after seeing the discriminatory behavior of the US in the aftermath of Sino-India border clash in 1962.

Ben Norton on the U.S.-Backed Coup in Pakistan, Neverending War in...

Lowkey is joined by journalist Ben Norton to discuss the recent U.S.-backed coup in Pakistan, the West’s plan to turn Ukraine into a neverending war, and the new multipolar global order taking shape before our eyes.

The Ouster Of Imran Khan: How Much Involvement Did the US...

Imran Khan joins the long list of deposed prime ministers and underscores the reality that, in Pakistan, whoever the people elect, the U.S.-backed military is always in charge.

Imran Khan Out as US Moves Drone Base to Pakistan and...

VT: The US has reopened its drone base in Pakistan and attacks, on a massive level, have begun under Biden. Key DC figures working with NGO’s have submitted massive “kill lists” given them by CIA narcotics assets within the country and the killing begins.