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Rudy Giuliani, under oath, reveals baseless origins of Trump Big Lie...

Jim W. Dean - It is testimony like this that should be used to establish a RICO case, as an ongoing criminal conspiracy to overthrow the 2020 election.

More Pro-Trump Lawyers face consequences for pushing Election Lies

The judge questioned whether, as officers of the court, the lawyers could file a lawsuit based on mere belief of problems. He noted the they had presented “not one iota” of evidence to support claims.

Intel Drop: Donald Trump’s New War, fighting for Russia, fighting his...

When we received the massive leak on the 9/11 commission, we found Americans working to stop the nuking of New York and the missile attack on the Pentagon but we found more, the ones General Milley calls "4th and 4th raters" at the White House and Pentagon that were totally complicit.

Does Judge cite Trump’s OAN as Russian propaganda site in Maddow...

My Pillow's CEO Mike Lindell has been permanently suspended from Twitter for lying about the election.