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Western Sanctions on Russian Oil come into Force. No Selling to...

Moscow has reiterated it will not sell oil to countries that support a price cap An EU embargo on seaborne Russian crude officially began on...

Beware the Coming Currency and Commodity Trade Wars

"If your tanker has 49% of Russian and 51% of Norwegian, Dutch or British oil, then it is officially transporting Norwegian, Dutch or British oil."

Vassal States look ahead at a Winter of cold tuchases

The European Union is drafting proposals to impose a ban on the import of Russian oil, the top diplomats of Ireland, Lithuania, and the Netherlands said Monday, despite a lack of consensus on the issue between member nations.

US may act alone to ban Russian energy as Moscow warns...

Is the Biden administration is willing to act unilaterally to ban imports of Russian oil at a time when Americans are stung by soaring prices at the pump?