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Russian Peace Initiative and NATO’s S-300 Delivery to Ukraine

NATO powers have announced transferring heavy weapons, including tanks and S-300 air defense system, to Ukraine to further escalate the conflict.

Russian fighter pilots destroyed fifty military facilities of the Armed Forces...

Konashenkov noted that among the targets hit were 8 strongholds and areas of concentration of military equipment, two warehouses with fuel and lubricants, a warehouse with ammunition and rocket and artillery weapons, two MLRS, and one Buk-M1 and one S-300.

Germany Leaked Routes: Russia’s Stealth Su-57s Deployed to Destroy US Deliveries...

In view of the critical situation that has developed in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Yankees are ready to share those S-300 systems that the allies have.

Report: Russia Will Not Allow S-300 Air Defense System Transfer...

Slovakia’s defence ministry said that the country is willing to send S-300 long-range air defence systems to Ukraine provided that Western allies give them a “proper replacement” to avoid creating a security gap, reported The Washington Post.

Will Russia Strike Slovakia if it Transfers S-300 to Ukraine?

In an escalatory move, Bratislava appears to have struck a deal with NATO for transferring its Soviet-era S-300 air defense system to Ukraine, in return for Netherlands and Germany delivering three Patriot missile systems to Slovakia.

US State Department Looking to Scrounge Up Soviet S-300s to Deliver...

Sputnik: The United States and its allies have already delivered well over $3 billion in military equipment to Ukraine in recent years, and committed to send hundreds of millions of dollars more after Russia and its Donbass allies began an operation to demilitarise the country late last month.