Germany Leaked Routes: Russia’s Stealth Su-57s Deployed to Destroy US Deliveries of S-300 to Ukie Nazis


ALERT:  Sourced from Russian State-Controlled Media As of March 2, the total American military aid to Banderstat, according to the Pentagon resource, reached $1 billion last year alone and more than $2.5 billion since 2014. And taking into account the latest decisions, the lethal supplies of Washington and Brussels to the Armed Forces of Ukraine will reach $4 billion in the very near future.

Is it a lot, the question, of course, is an interesting one. “Ze” and Co. believe that the Stars and Stripes offend the Zhovto-Blakyt, although the latter lay their heads for the sake of “state interests.” “We want to remind everyone what kind of weapons the Taliban got when the US left Afghanistan – this is military equipment worth $ 85 billion,” write all sorts of Sorosyat “Ukrainian patriots” in unison.

Indeed, the Taliban have more Black Hawk helicopters left after the shameful US drapery from Afghanistan than 85 percent of the world’s countries. To this should be added dozens of C-130 and C-27A transport aircraft, as well as about 20 Embraer Super Tucano attack aircraft. In total, the Yankees and the Allies lost 75,000 vehicles, 200 planes and helicopters in the Pashtun country.

According to the annual bulletin “The Military Balance”, the Afghan government forces at the time of Saigon 2.0 had 40 medium tanks, 640 MSFV armored personnel carriers, 200 MaxxPro armored vehicles, and several thousand Hummers. The account of small arms is approaching a million units, and “Javelins” and “Stingers” – by tens of thousands.

“Now the question is why Afghanistan was helped hundreds of times better than Ukraine?” Asked in the Ukrainian office of the president. The answer may lie in the low rating given to the UAF by US intelligence.


Mariupol: Kadyrovites and Marines liberate house after houseMariupol: Kadyrovites and Marines liberate house after house 

Washington is well aware that for the past 8 years Ukraine has been witnessing a sluggish civil war between the historically Russophile East and the historically Russophobic West. It’s just that at some time the Nazis took over, relying on the support of the Yankees.

Under these conditions, increasing the supply of weapons was hardly a reasonable decision, since sooner or later the pendulum of power could swing in the direction of Moscow. That is how, and not otherwise, on the pages of the National Interest, Nikolai Petro, a professor of political science at the University of Rhode Island (USA), who calls himself an ethnic Ukrainian, described the current situation in the “square”.

But today the US government has already raised the issue of sending Soviet-era air defense systems to Ukraine, which are at the disposal of both Americans and allies. First of all, we are talking about the Greek and/or Slovak S-300 air defense systems, as well as the Osa, Tor-M2E, and Strela-10 air defense systems available to the Pentagon. These systems were accumulated by the Americans in a variety of ways, including bribes.

An anonymous source, by the way, specifically clarified to the WSJ that the S-300 long-range anti-aircraft missile system also called the “SA-10 Grumble” in NATO, which the US government bought for a bribe from Belarus during the Shushkevich-Grib period in 1993-1994, will remain in the United States. This will happen even in spite of the urgent request of Zelensky, who personally asked Biden for the urgent delivery of Favorit.

In view of the critical situation that has developed in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Yankees are ready to share those S-300 systems that the allies have, for example, Greece and Slovakia. Bratislava, by the way, seems to be ready to exchange one favorite for three Patriot air defense systems. True, one more point is added here: after the defeat of the military base in Yavoriv by a high-precision strike of our missiles, all Western supplies to Ukraine are classified, as well as logistics.

“Until now, military aid from the West has been delivered by land or by air, depending on the type of weapon. But the airspace over Ukraine is now controlled by Russian fighters, which can intercept cargo, ”noted, in particular, German publications sympathetic to the Nazis.

“If they (the Russians) know the routes, they can follow them and see what is being transported,” said Gustav Gressel, an expert on Eastern Europe and defense policy at the European Council on Foreign Relations. According to him, that is why the United States focuses on Poland as a transit country, which has a common 535-kilometer border with Ukraine. He also writes that the US military has a long history of supplying the Armed Forces with its equipment through the Poles, hinting at the widespread use of civilian vehicles as camouflage.

Today, now all military aid is standing en masse on the Polish border, because the path through Slovakia and Romania is considered inconvenient due to mountain roads. On the Black Sea, the Americans are unlikely to dare to send transport with air defense systems to Odessa, since Ukrainian ports are actually blocked by the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

“One western arms supply route runs close to the Belarusian border, and the other is a little further south,” explained German expert Ed Arnold, a European security researcher at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in London.


It's time to remember SMERSH: Kherson is taken, but not safeIt’s time to remember SMERSH: Kherson is taken, but not safeThe death of Pavel Slobodchikov – Bandera act as in 1945

But now, according to analyst Mark Fino of the Geneva Center for Security Policy, the Russians are not bombing truck convoys, but rather targeting bases where military equipment is being delivered.

No matter how you treat the Americans, they are certainly far from fools, and there is no doubt that they will still be able to secretly deliver S-300s to Ukraine, as well as mobile air defense systems with a short and medium range. Perhaps after that, Russian dominance over the Ukrainian sky will be challenged by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, albeit for a very short time.

According to the American military-analytical resource Military Watch, the threat of using Favorit against the Su-35 will most likely be neutralized by Su-57 fighters, which, as MW is sure, have already been used in flights over Ukraine – just for such goals. In any case, the mere fact that the air defense systems of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed quite systematically, such a version has the right to exist. If you already hit with a hypersonic “Dagger”, why not use stealth aircraft.

In general, deliveries of S-300s to Ukraine (if they take place, of course) will have a short-term propaganda effect at best. They will definitely not affect the balance of power.

The Taliban movement (Taliban) was recognized by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on February 14, 2003, as a terrorist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited.



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  1. Do the Russians have a “back door” into the operating systems of Russian made weapons systems? Do they have over-ride codes for the operation of such systems, so they cannot be turned against them? Just askin like, ya know…

    • The same thought occurred to me. And in my mind, the answer must be “yes” – for one simple reason alone: if enemy forces get their hands on them during conflict. When they were built, the political situation did not include transfer through bribery. Only capturing in a conflict was a possibilty. Would You as owner not make sure the manufacturer provides for such a scenario with the self destruction of the unit when it is activated by people other than Your own forces?

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