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The Jewish Declaration of War on Germany

Aside from the wars and revolutions, they [the Jews] have launched numerous food embargoes, economic embargoes, instigated brutal economic recessions, and many other such.

Italian Red Brigades vs. The German Red Army Faction

VT's attache in Italy, Claudio Resta, explores the German Red Army Faction and Italy's Brigate Rosse

Russian Marker robots are sent to the NWO zone to fight...

A wheeled platform weighing three tons can carry not only machine guns and missiles, but also unmanned aerial vehicles.

Letter to my local MP: UK Government cares more for Ukraine...

With £2.5 trillions of debt how can we put foreign military adventures above priorities such as properly funding the NHS and treating our nurses decently?

Whr. Gen. Kujat: Ukraine War is Lost, Germany Now Faces an...

Kujat’s assessment was published in Switzerland on January 18; German publication followed on January 20. Attacked in the past by mainstream German media, and by US government officials, Kujat’s new statement has been ignored in Germany and the US.

Alfred and Monika Schaefer Reflect on Imprisonment for Exercising Free Speech

Alfred Schaefer was released last July after being imprisoned since 2018 for “Holocaust denial” and “incitement to hatred.”

Nathan Cofnas and Kevin MacDonald Debate Jewish Influence in the West

Nathan Cofnas’ appeal to biological and social evolution to explain away the objectivity of morality is counterproductive precisely because Cofnas obviously believes that there is such a thing called anti-Semitism.

WAR CRIMES? 78 Years Ago Churchill Incinerated 100,000 Defenseless Civilians...

Meet The People Who Were Burned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday

Einstein wanted to annihilate Germany

The simple fact is that Germany had no intention of attacking England or the United States. The idea that Germany was building an atomic bomb was a concoction by the Zionists.

The Rape of Nanking: Fact or Fiction?

The Rape of Nanking appears to be the work of the war propaganda in the United States and perhaps the Chinese authorities at the time.

Joe Sobran on the Khazarian Mafia

"Why on earth is it ‘anti-Jewish’ to conclude from the evidence that the standard numbers of Jews murdered are inaccurate, or that the Hitler regime, bad as it was in many ways, was not, in fact, intent on racial extermination?"

The Attack on the Pipeline and the Resurrection of the Morgenthau...

The Nordstream pipelines were a clear violation of the Mackinder thesis, which has been the hidden grammar of American foreign policy for over a century, a fact corroborated by both Donald Trump, who opposed Nordstream as president, and his opponent Ted Cruz, who said that there was bipartisan agreement on the threat which Nordstream posed to American interests.

The War On Germany Just Entered Its Hot Phase

VT's Jack Heart says "If this is a new topic, you haven't been paying attention." Find out more

Top Western media outlet deletes video critical of Ukraine

Citing “discrepancies in content,” the German magazine Der Spiegel has removed a video showing the testimony of an evacuee from Mariupol’s ‘Azovstal’ factory, a stronghold of the neo-Nazi Azov militants and other Ukrainian fighters.

Would you Believe the Ukraine War is all about Controlling Resources?

Cumulative conditions, from the situation on the front lines in Ukraine to the global economic and social situation, suggest that a full-scale war in Europe is almost inevitable.

Uninvited guest: EU countries react ambiguously to Ukraine knocking on EU’s...

Austrian FM Alexander Schallenberg spoke out against accepting Ukraine into the European Union, Heute reports. Schallenberg believes that there are other opportunities for partnership between Kyiv and the EU.

Christoforou: Fog of war in Azovstal. Kiev’s EU membership coming soon....

Does Zelensky want Russia to wipe out everyone at Avostal? Sergey Volnya, a commander of Ukraine's 36th Marines Brigade (AFU), said that there are 500 wounded fighters at the facility, as well as hundreds of civilians. "This may be our last appeal."

Vassal States look ahead at a Winter of cold tuchases

The European Union is drafting proposals to impose a ban on the import of Russian oil, the top diplomats of Ireland, Lithuania, and the Netherlands said Monday, despite a lack of consensus on the issue between member nations.

Testimony: Massive Bioweapons Production Facility Under Steele Plant, Doomsday Race Weapons

by Peter Haisenko Anderweltonline.com - Why is the fighting in Mariupol so dogged? Why did the missile attack on the Kramatorsk train station disappear from...

Germany to shut down factories without Russian gas, Netherlands will be...

the EU countries are not in a position to completely abandon Russian energy resources without huge damage to themselves.

The Great European Butchery

Southfront: Western countries, which advocate a cessation of hostilities in Ukraine, continue to send war materiel in large quantities.

One More Step Towards Global War

SF: Czech Member of Parliament Ondřej Benešík announced that the Czech Republic was supplying Ukraine with T-72 tanks and armoured personnel carriers.

“Gallows and executions – without counting, without edge and end.” How...

The surge of anti Russian sentiment in Galicia in the wake of the revolution of 1848 and the victories of the Russian army in the Balkans during the Russian-Turkish war prompted the Austrian authorities to pursue a policy of discrimination against the indigenous Western Russian population. This led to repression and executions of civilians.

Will the European Union End Soon?

Germany announced the restoration of the combat capability of the Bundeswehr

Germany Leaked Routes: Russia’s Stealth Su-57s Deployed to Destroy US Deliveries...

In view of the critical situation that has developed in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Yankees are ready to share those S-300 systems that the allies have.

“Putin even lets people shoot at children”

The propaganda lies against Russia follow the same pattern as the lies against the German Reich during the First World War. One builds up a demon that does not exist. The only thing missing is a "Lusitania.

Poland Calls for NATO “Peace Mission” in Ukraine

Poland has called for a NATO “peacekeeping mission” to support Ukraine in its war against Russia. However, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) reiterated his NO to a NATO military deployment in Ukraine.

Putin slams ‘flagrant violation’ of international humanitarian law by Ukrainian forces

Putin has accused the Ukrainian army of “extrajudicial executions of dissenters” and “taking hostages and using civilians as human shields,” and called on the leaders of Germany and France to pressure Kiev to force its nationalist battalions to stop their crimes.

Black Sun Rising, Part 4, What Moves the World

The Bolshevik Empire had ostensibly collapsed under the doddering puppet president Reagan’s relentless idiotic posing. Things were made available that should have been kept secret for a hundred years and for a brief moment the veil was pulled back allowing a glimpse of what moves the world around us.

“British” Bankers Supplied Germany to Extend WWI

Sir William Wiseman, head of British Intelligence and a partner in the bankers Kuhn Loeb, demanded the Germans execute Cavell as a spy.

Germany Locks Down the COVID-19 Unvaccinated

Unvaccinated people will be banned from accessing all but the most essential businesses, such as supermarkets and pharmacies

Insider revealed NWO agenda in KGB Interrogation

The Bolshevik Revolution was an essentially Satanic enterprise, one which was totally congruent with the New World Order ideology which is still with us today.

NEO – Nord Stream 2 signals American decline in Europe

Jim W. Dean - Germany is soon to be closing down its last nuclear plants, and it is winding down its domestic coal industry.

Did the Khazarian Cult Murder General George Patton?

“When asked if his father may have thought the collision was an assassination attempt, Woodring’s son said, ‘Well, you know, he always had his thoughts possibly that it could have been.’"

German Shoe Stealing Fox Prefers Crocs

The crafty urban dweller built a colorful collection of footwear dominated by Crocs

Second Wave of COVID-19 Coming for Europe?

After being on a near-total lockdown in the spring, Europe has increasingly opened itself to travel this summer.

If the German economy goes down, so goes the EU’s

Jim W. Dean - The great irony in all this is that those living in countries that have been sanctionistas, will get to experience what living under "Covid sanctions" is like.

VT’s Hatespeech and Controversy Corner: Defense of Hitler

VT believes 100% of the information below is false To this day, nothing strikes fear into the black hearts of Jewish Mafia Globalists like the...

VT Germany: Collapse of Germany’s Press – Censorship and Lying

Germany's press is far more outlandish than Goebbel's most productive period during the last century.  Weather and sports scores are pretty reliable, much of the time, the rest of it, well...we catch them lying about weather and sports as well.