Today, Germany’s press is far more outlandish than Goebbel’s most productive period during the last century.  Weather and sports scores are pretty reliable, much of the time, the rest of it, well…we catch them lying about weather and sports as well.

VT Germany: German newspapers and magazines like The Spiegel and The Focus are working full time since 2016 to translate and squeeze news from CNN and many other US outlets. Often they are more occupied by their attempts to simply change the whole meaning of substance of the specific articles.

They also are in a constant habit to never speak about their sources. This is a side effect of the fact that since 1990 they more and more changed their “professional” work to a more practical approach, which can be best described as simple and outlandish lying. They have been caught by the emerging anti-press of the internet and some independent small papers over the past years and this is now accelerating towards a critical climax because the duration of the blatant lies gets shorter and shorter.

This currently escalating press disaster is accelerated by the steadily diminishing number of bought papers. Angela pumps some 100 million Euros into her favorite publishing houses to help “distributing” the papers, but it will only have two effects:

  1. The number of bought new outlets will shrink even further because this is well understood by the reader and thus undermines the authorities and their effort to hold their front line.
  2. It forces more and more new houses to simply dump larger amounts of the papers into the waste bin. Because all people like to talk, this is also well known by the critical audience and will, even more, escalate the downfall of what we once proudly called our free press.

Radio and TV can currently only be described correctly as a modernized form of Goebbels ministry of propaganda. Millions and millions (not so well hidden from the unsuspecting public) already refuse to pay the monthly bills for this sometimes outraging propaganda and the number is still steadily growing.

Because of this uncanny situation, they changed the tactics into the direction of open censorship and made special laws. Naturally, the internet is the primary target here, because all the strange and diverse users simply refuse to comply and they themselves are now also in the habit of constantly changing their tactics to securely feed their own supply channels with more and more damning disinformation.

This information war is already lost by our rulers, they are simply so ignorant and dumb (they never understood even the basics of the internet and the many forms of information transfer there).

More and more well-known people on television discussions, talk shows and even documentation series are now directly challenged by their viewers outside the tightly controlled studios. This includes growing groups of formerly famous actors, artists, musicians from the east and west Germany which have in common to be simply loudspeakers for the official policy.

I can remember 10 tries in the near past, where they manipulated interviews with Putin, talks of Trump, speeches of Johnson and many others over time. In each and every case, people found the original sources and the massive protests against the ARD or the ZDF forced them to apologize and then they had to publish the full interviews or speeches. This is now a common procedure.

We are directly heading to point, where this whole thing called Free Press falls into its self-made empty hole of nothingness and self-made lies and cheating. No one of their users pressed them to lie, this was commanded from above. Merkel has constant secret meetings with the big talking heads of the press in the Kanzleramt behind closed doors since
2015. You know everything is under control!?

Now, they start to face reality – the business model of constant lying doesn’t pay out anymore. They try to prolonge the current situation as long as they can, but the hard financial numbers tell the truth:

Fever and fever people believe this crap and turn away. All statistics about press usage are tightly controlled. Their last inhouse numbers say alarm, although they are always manipulated, so the real numbers are far worse.

This was my short summary.

Some Hillary joke at the end: She currently travels Europe and as she is so self-aggrandizing, she gave Merkel – her best buddy – a tip. Hillary said that Merkel does a great job and she wishes her a long and refreshing Holiday. I find this woman hilarious.


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