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If so, what will happen to the euro?

Will “Collective West” will finish off millions of refugees, hunger, and high energy prices?

by Andrey Zakharchenko Discussing the other day with “SP” the announcement by the European Union of its own rapid reaction forces in parallel with NATO structures, independent military expert Igor Nikolaychuk called them reflex convulsions in the EU’s attempts to get rid of the political and economic yoke of the United States.

At the same time, he noted that the Yankees for this inflicted on Germany the third-largest defeat in its history – this time in a hybrid war, without “giving up” Ukraine to it, which the Germans coveted from the very beginning of the 20th century, calling it a colony (in times of Wilhelm II ), then a place for settlement (under the Nazis), and now dreaming of establishing a complete economic dictate over the “square”.

“International historians have repeatedly said that Germany does not have a normal history,” the expert emphasized, “only 12 years of Nazism and the main memorable place is Auschwitz, and they must constantly repent and repent for their deeds. Seventy-five years, three generations of Germans have grown up in this paradigm. The Germans got tired, and they began to cherish imperial dreams again. But Biden crushed them with “soft power”, getting Europe without firing a shot. Obviously, America will no longer allow Germany to somehow dominate the Old World.

But a few days have not passed since then, as German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht, speaking in the Bundestag, said that the defense capability of the Bundeswehr would be fully restored.

“For the sake of security that can be seen and felt, we need a significant increase in our efficiency. For this reason, the federal government has decided to create a special fund of 100 billion euros to better supply the Bundeswehr, she said and stressed that Germany is not defenseless, Germany supports its allies, Germany will not let itself be intimidated by military threats.

However, at the same time, she added that no one in the Bundeswehr wants to “saber-rattling”, build up weapons and militarize life. But from the school history course, we remember very well how Germany, having been defeated in the First World War, covered up its dreams of a “great nation” with exactly the same conversations, which, just two decades later, resulted in World War II.

Are we now witnessing attempts to revive the Fourth Reich? Especially since Western Russophobic hysteria is fertile ground for this.

“This thing is called “revanchist sentiment,” explained the politician and public figure, expert of the Anti-NATO Duma Commission, Doctor of Historical Sciences Vyacheslav Tetekin.

The first “bells” sounded at the official level from the lips of Olaf Scholz himself, who said that Russia’s special operation in Ukraine relieves Germany of historical guilt for the crimes of the Nazis.

This is monstrous because it shows that they have been looking for a reason to “free themselves from guilt” for a long time. After all, we are not talking about Germany simply shaking itself up, freeing itself, and moving on, it is about strengthening the combat capability of the Bundeswehr. But why, when no one is attacking Germany?  And then, the revanchist militaristic, “Prussian spirit” again raises its head and inevitably demands the presence of an external enemy. It is quite obvious that Germany simply decided to put its pretty battered Leopards in order, therefore, behind the seemingly more or less natural arguments about the need to restore the combat capability of the army, there is hidden the fact that Russia will be declared an external enemy, and there, before talking “let’s Let’s playback the results of the Second World War” not far.

The first step toward this dangerous phenomenon will be an increase in military spending. As far as I remember, Germany is one of the few in NATO that fulfills the obligation to spend 2% of its budget on fueling the US military industry through support of NATO military goals. She, I believe, will not immediately, but will increase these costs (well, how can you not remember that Christina Lambrecht has already announced the creation of a similar fund of 100 billion euros – ed.) so that she is not accused of revanchism, and then she will sing that it is cheaper for her to produce her own weapons than to buy them from the States. That is, Germany will completely repeat the path it traveled after the First World War. Gradually discarding restrictions, in this situation – moral ones, Germany risks getting a very powerful army, especially since, taking into account modern technologies, it will not be necessary to wait 20 years, as in the case of the Nazis.

“SP”: And how can the United States treat these “German wet dreams”, given their current political and military triumph in Europe?

Let’s be honest, the Americans will say in words that this is not good, but in fact they will not restrain the Germans. As long as NATO and Germany continue to buy US weapons, the Americans will remain silent. But establishing its own military production is a long process, so I think Germany has time to gradually accustom the US and Europe to this.

“SP”: That is, in the future, we risk getting a kind of “Fourth Reich”?

“I have little doubt about that. My father, who went through the entire Great Patriotic War, and then fought with Japan, returned home and once told me that we would still fight with Germany.
However, political scientist Sergei Markov believes that the notorious “Fourth Reich” has actually been built a long time ago.

This is what the Europeans themselves often call their European Union since Germany completely dominates there from a political and economic point of view. For many centuries it tried to move to dominance in Europe, initiating the First and Second World Wars, and eventually achieved this, only not this time not by military means, but by economic means. So the Germans do not need to build the “Fourth Reich”, they already have it. That’s just for the sake of what suddenly the Germans will give up their successful “Fourth Reich”? For the sake of some military adventures? It seems to me that this is highly doubtful.

“SP”: That is, the repetition of World War II should not be expected in the future?

Of course, the Germans can be understood in their desire for a strong own army – the intensity of military conflicts is growing in the world. And this, rather, is even positive for Russia, which does not get tired of telling the European Union that it is impossible to depend on the United States to such a large extent. So with Germany, I suppose, we can no longer fight. In future world wars, completely different actors will be involved.

SP: Can you guess who exactly?

America, I think, is the first and main candidate for this place. She has, in fact, dragged us into another world conflict, opposing us with her “proxy” in Ukraine. After all, what is the APU? These are, in fact, Slavic privates, led by Nazi officers, who were poked there by the American high command, completely subjugating the Ukrainian army. “Killer”, you know, a combination. And such combinations continue to be created for subsequent conflicts.



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  1. As a German which struggled his whole life (born 1952) to get the historical facts right, I can only say that instead of a clear analysisbased on facts, this article uses mainly old clichees for argumentation. In addition to that, some ways of conclusive statements are not very conclusive att all.

    The Prussians where never in their existence the warmongering special as depicted here. This is one exemplare myth which cannot be deduced by the true historical facts – sorry. I know, how wonderfully easy it is to argue, when you use hip terms like “NAZI”, “Third Reich” and especially “Fourth Reich”, but it does not in any way help in any clear political debate. It is only used here for convenience and cannot be used as any form of argument.

    Then there is a fatal connection made between the Olaf Scholz cite and the real situation. What we now whitness in the whole west is a concentrated psychological operation against Russia, never seen before in its scale – each vasall in total lockstep with the master. It really is a fatal error to argue out of this situation without bringing into context the historical facts.

    • As Friedman said, the Anglo-Saxian fight to separate Germany fromRussia lasts for 120 years now. Germans traditionally have a sympathetic feeling about Russians, its part of their collective soul – both came fromthe same stock, this is in the unconscious memory of all people. The rest is propaganda.

      I could say some shocking facts about Olaf Scholz, but that would bring me in prison – under the current circumstances. But I will hint at “Die Löwenmütter” of Hamburg and the “99 Lodge” in Hamburg (the other is in Frankfurt).

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