Trump’s base splinters over Ukraine saying ‘I’m glad he’s not president now’


VT gots some issues with da Fatman…and think Biden’s ass-a-holic war is no reason to give rainboy a pass:

– Trump loved the bio-warfare labs and helped the coverup for 4 years

– Trump shut his mouth about Ukraine and its Nazis for two reasons….he loves Nazis and he is a coward and grifter

– One million unnecessary American dead…no boatload of ass kicked Ukie Nazis is going to fix that by taking those burger-flipping jobs from our Mexicans/Hispanics (who moved past that decades go)

– He attacked Syria over a childish false flag simply because Netanyahu wanted it

Donald Trump’s base has split over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


Raw Story – The former president has long praised Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, and conservative media often parrots Kremlin talking points, but attendees at Trump’s weekend rally in Georgia expressed ambivalence over how the U.S. should respond to the brutal invasion of a peaceful democracy, reported NBC News.

“It’s not our business,” said Trump supporter Peggy Bright, 57, who said she understand why Putin would want to push back against NATO expansion. “I’m not a Putin lover, but if it was here in America, I would expect our president to take care of our people, just like I would expect him to take care of their people. I understand what Putin is doing.”

Trump has blamed President Joe Biden for the invasion, although he has finally pulled back from praising Putin, and his backers are torn over U.S. involvement.

“We kind of forced the hand of Russia to do it, so, I mean, we have no choice but to protect them now,” said Trump backer Andrew Johnson, 33. “How are you going to pursue something and then leave them out to dry? They’re human, too, regardless of whether they’re American or not.”

Alina Robert, a Trump supporter who was born in Latvia, told NBC News she believes the U.S. military must remove Putin from power.

“I love America, love our troops, but I think we need to send them there,” said Roberts, 22. “If we don’t really fight him — as an individual if you know what I mean — it’s never going to end until he gets what he wants in its entirety.”

But others were conflicted over sending even military aid to Ukraine.

“We should sit back and let them see what they can do on their own,” said Trump voter Chad Gailey. “That’s our dollars, not theirs. That’s too much — dropping tanks and guns and things like that. I’m not against helping them, but, at the same time, that’s not our fight.”

“Putin as a person, honestly, I think he is a strong president, much like Trump,” Gailey added. “We can’t be sending billions of dollars when we need it here.”

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  1. Do presidents control gas prices ? Because that would be important news to share.
    The oil industry always punishes the dems and technically speaking KSA and OPEC are interfering in another countries politics. We bomb the wrong people ?

  2. The clown archetype is used for pushing projects through and evictions. That was the very first thing Trump did, and it is the thing Johnson did. These “projects” benefit the monarchies. Evicting the Indigenous so the tar sand oil could flow over our border and across our major waterways.
    If rogue elements of our own government were involved in 9/11, then there is no reason to doubt that a rogue element was involved in Covid. The peculiar targeting should be regarded as highly suspicious, not coincidence. Same with the profiling of Trump and Johnson.

  3. “…the brutal invasion of a peaceful democracy, reported NBC News”.,…and there you have the crux of the information/disinformation war, taken to exponential new heights in the west.

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