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Don’t Try This in Your Garage! Controlling Nuclear Spin States Using...

Chaining Atoms together Yields Quantum Storage. How to Control the nuclear spin states of Vanadium atoms with Yb Qubits.

Trump Takes Yet Another Hit Upon Science

Scientists say new EPA policy is designed to stop new public health protections by limiting what research the agency can consider.

The DARPA Hypersonic Destroyer

The order came from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and cost the country, according to preliminary data, $ 19.6 million. What kind of technology do Aerojet Rocketdyne offer - and how will it protect the US sky from missiles and planes?

Close But No Cigar! Two-Mile Wide Asteroid Will Skyrocket Past Earth

During its visit, the asteroid, called (52768) 1998 OR2, will remain almost 4 million miles away from Earth

Animal Science: Are You My Mother?

There have been only two other documented instances of interspecies adoption—and never between animals that strongly compete for resources in the wild

Florida’s ‘Treasure Coast’ Gives Up 18th Century Spanish Shipwreck Loot

The find stems from a fleet of 11 Spanish ships that sank off the coast of Florida in 1715

Hawaii’s Mo‘omomi Preserve Dunes: Home to Exclusive Species

A nature preserve on Moloka‘i reveals rare life forms—some ancient and others just newly established

First Ever! Cheetah Surrogate Delivers Twins

Zookeepers and Smithsonian scientists successfully transferred cheetah embryos, marking a major conservation milestone for the vulnerable species

Antarctic Glacier Melt Uncovers New Island

Earlier this month, Antarctica experienced its third major melt event of the summer, including record high temperatures

46,000 Year-Old Bird May Enlighten Us About the Last Ice Age

A likely ancestor of today’s horned larks, the specimen was preserved in pristine condition by permafrost

Building Materials Needed? No Problem, Use Human Bones!

The macabre creations are likely the product of an overcrowded cemetery cleared out hundreds of years ago

Esoterica: A World Without Stain

Outside of our universe, there are three thousand times a thousand great worlds.  They are sometimes referred to as Worlds Without Stain.

Eating Sushi Can Lead to Round Worm Infestation

Fishy food habits send this money-saving college student to the hospital

Meet The Newly Discovered “Reaper” Tyrannosaur

A partial skull found in Alberta helps put a timer on when the ‘tyrant lizards’ got big