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NEO – US War Plans with China taking shape

Jim W. Dean - The curve ball in all of this analysis is cyber warfare, the kind where ships' electronics can be crashed without being hit by a conventional weapon and made defenseless for an easy kill.

NEO – US vs. China: Where does Vietnam stand?

Jim W. Dean - Everyone will be playing everyone else in this game to make some major money and not get burned in the process.

NEO – Kamala Harris reveals Washington’s Desperation to Contain China

There is no appetite in Southeast Asia to ally with the US against a regional state and get entangled in confrontation.

NEO – The US has little to offer to Southeast Asia

Jim W. Dean - Is the US military thrust into SE Asia the proverbial 'bull in a China closet' ?

NEO – Both the British and the Americans are having to...

The British SAS and SBS forces were planning on new missions directed against both Russia and China. Precisely what these tasks for the special forces would be was not revealed by the Brigadier, but they will apparently include training forces in the nations of the South China Sea region to counter what the Times described as “Chinese hostility” in the region.

NEO – Is Vietnam gravitating toward a Russian orbit now?

Given Russia’s significant shift eastward, news of new cooperation with Vietnam and other southeast Asian nations bears watching.

Jim W. Dean on The Debate

Jim W. Dean - While the US economy was bashed by the virus, China's was not. So it can wait out the election to see how the chairs get arranged on the good ship USA.

America declaring China’s territorial claims illegal is all bark & no...

Jim W. Dean - When did China declare itself a unipolar power? I seem to have missed that somehow, but I sure do remember Trump blabbering on about it.

Trump kindling South China drills to boost his sinking ratings

Jim W. Dean - China will play along, getting some practice in "conflict drills" for its own growing navy, which will take a decade of work to have a credible defense.

NEO – China is all set to fill the ‘US Gap’...

Jim W. Dean - Rafi Sheikh teams up with the EU's Josep Borrel to give us an update on China's developing relations with the EU while under trade agreement pressure from the US.