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Roman Military Weapons From 100 B.C. Unearthed In Spain

Son Catlar, a Talayotic site on the Balearic Islands, is known for its well-preserved fortifications

10% of Spain Has Had COVID-19

Antibody study shows one in 10 people in Spain have had coronavirus

Ancient Roman Amphora Discovered in Spanish Fish Shop

The store owner’s son allegedly discovered the 13 clay vessels on fishing trips and brought them back as decorations

Bad News: WHO Reports Largest Single-Day Increase in Coronavirus Cases

The number of confirmed virus cases is still growing rapidly not only in the U.S. but in Brazil, South Africa and other countries, especially in Latin America.

China and Russia help COVID West while under its sanctions

What an ultimate irony to have EU sanctioned Russia sharing its own Covid19 medical supplies with EU countries worst hit.