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Western Armaments the New Fashion Accessory for Fake Ukie Heroes

Yo, Yo ♬ Heave Ho. The Armed Forces of Ukraine flaunt around the cities, hung with MANPADS and ATGMs, demonstrating their militancy and patriotism. But few strive to get to the front, where tanks and armored vehicles drive.

Vodka and Cocaine Speaking: Zelensky Talks About Partitioning Ukraine

Zelensky is not shy about giving interviews every day. Sometimes, however, he goes on the air either tipsy, or in a state of drug intoxication.

Why Non-Western Countries Tend to See Russia’s War Very, Very differently

To uphold an world order in which the U.S. can continue to act outside international law is equivalent to asking the Global South to make unbearable sacrifices to uphold American exceptionalism.

US Lied: Tochka that hit Train Station Has Serial Number Tied...

More war crimes on civilians while Zero fiddles.

Zelensky Nazis Raping and Butchering Russian Speaking Kids: New Provocation Coming...

Murdered children under 10 years old with signs of violence and torture were found in Irpen and Bucha. Dogs shot, too.

Zelensky Claims to be hiding in Soviet Era Nuclear Command Bunker

SVPressa: The Ukrayinska Pravda newspaper told its readers that Zelenskiy had set up his military headquarters in a well-defended bunker in Kiev.