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Saudi war crimes evidence could be fabricated by Houthis – UK...

UK Minister for the Middle East Tobias Ellwood Evidence from a UN report that suggests the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen has targeted innocent civilians...

UK sold £1bn of arms to Saudi Arabia despite human rights...

Britain sold over £1 billion worth of missiles, rockets and bombs to Saudi Arabia last summer despite solid evidence of serious human rights violations...

UK: Stomping Home Intruders Now a Legal National Sport

Judges said that the use of violence when challenging a burglar did not breach European human rights laws.

UK Air Force Destroys ISIS HQ in Mosul

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The coordinated UK airstrike was carried out on Tuesday from the UK air base Akrotiri in Cyprus in cooperation with the US-led coalition, operating in Iraq and Syria.

The UK Michael Shrimpton case

Jim W. Dean - VT covered the case all the way through and was never officially challenged. It seems everyone was keeping their heads down in a case which many think should have been front page news around the world.

Bio-terror Threat in UK, ISIS Doctors Join NHS

Editor's note:  "And they worry about Syrian refugees..."  British doctors who are currently helping save the lives of ISIS terrorists injured by allied bombings are...