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Another of Israel’s pimps to become Labour’s saviour?

Unbelievably, Labour Party chiefs are trying to persuade David Miliband to come back from New York, parachute into a safe seat and snatch the Labour Party leadership from Jeremy Corbyn, according to newspaper reports.

Slavery at Sea: Ships Flying Any Flag to Be Boarded &...

Britain's new anti-slavery powers at sea, mean the marine industry's "flag of convenience" system is under scrutiny on UK waters. First of Its Kind: Britain...

Troubled UK Royal Navy destroyers return home

Jim W. Dean - We see an age old game being played here, where political corruption undermines defense, so a big contract goes to an undeserving and or unqualified company with good political connections.

NEO – BREXIT: The UK Smells the Roses – Wants to...

Jim W. Dean - Seth Ferris waited for the Brexit dust to settle before writhing his analysis of it, and it's a gem. It reminds me of the old saying, "Don't count your chickens 'til the eggs hatch."

Press TV: UK envoy sees no fault with Hezbollah in Syria

Britain’s ambassador to Lebanon says the Lebanese resistance movement of Hezbollah cannot be blamed for fighting terrorists in neighboring Syria.

Post-Brexit Blues as Scotland Threatens to Desert – Again

This should be a joyous time for the UK when efforts turn towards throwing off EU bondage and exploring the sunny uplands of free will and expanded world trade.

Following Chilcot report Moqtada Al-Sadr called on the Iraqi competent authorities...

The leader of Al-Sadr movement in Iraq, Moqtada Al-Sadr in a statement calling for filing a lawsuit against the British government in the wake of Chilcot report.

Boris Johnson appointed UK foreign secretary by new PM Theresa May

The former London mayor and leader of the Leave campaign, Boris Johnson, has been appointed Foreign Secretary in the cabinet of the new British...

SAS chief in Iraq angry at UK running ‘Latin American-style death...

Details have emerged of how US and UK Special Forces clashed and drifted apart over the conduct of the Iraq occupation, with one British...

Corbyn: UK Needs Review of US Ties After ‘Illegal’ Iraq Invasion

The UK must pursue a "more open and more independent relationship" with the US in order to avoid repeating the errors of the 2003...

Breaking: Israeli Ex-Foreign Minister Summoned by UK Police Over Alleged War...

According to Israeli media reports, UK police summoned Tzipi Livni for questioning over links to alleged war crimes committed by Israeli military during operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip in 2008-2009.

Press TV: Israel spreading Islamophobia in West through false flags

"The major beneficiary is the ‘state’ of Israel, which is apparently the major actor behind the series of false flag terror events beginning with 9/11."

Will Brexit be blocked?

Unprepared Government is paralysed. Need for an all-party transitional cabinet with vision to steer it through.

Brexit Paves Waves for Germany to Take UK’s Place as Washington’s...

Britain and the US have always been close friends, however that relationship has now been tested as Britain has decided to leave the European Union. So who will become Washington's new ally?

UK stripped of top ‘AAA’ credit rating after voting to quit...

International rating agencies Fitch, Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s have all downgraded Britain, following the country’s vote to leave the EU.

Brexit and Jewish Oligarchy

Leaving the EU is not going to emancipate the Brits.

The Meaning of Brexit

The EU kept its promise, for decades Europeans haven’t been killing each other, they kill Arabs instead...

EU In-Out Referendum: We Wanna Break Free!

With a week to go, the UK's referendum on whether to stay in or leave the EU (European Union) is finely balanced and, some pollsters say, leaning towards 'Leave'. This has caused consternation in the marbled corridors around Westminster.

US effectively siding with Al-Qaeda in desire to get rid of...

The US is “ready to de facto ally” with its archenemies from Al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria as part of its “obsession” by using “so-called moderate” groups to overthrow the Syrian government.

Leave campaign says UK at risk from Turkish criminals if it...

The UK will be at risk from Turkish criminals, while the health service will be put under immense pressure, according to Britain’s Armed Forces minister, if the UK stays in the EU.

Qatar and UK to seal a defensive pact

Khalid bin Al Attiyah, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has traveled to London where he signed a joint defense agreement with Michael Fallon, the British Secretary of State for Defense.

UK military has no idea whether its £3bn spy plane was...

A US Navy commander, who worked with a top-secret spy plane being purchased by the UK, went on trial on Tuesday accused of espionage – yet the British military tells RT it has no idea whether the P-8A Poseidon aircraft has been compromised.

Trump Says UK Better Off Without European Union

Donald Trump claimed that the UK would be better off without the European Union. MOSCOW (Sputnik) – US Republican presidential candidate, billionaire Donald Trump, has...

What would a Trump foreign policy mean for the UK?

No US president makes good on all their campaign-trail promises, but from ripping up America’s security alliances in Europe and the Asia-Pacific to threatening a trade-war with China, Donald Trump has promised to put “America first” by instituting an ultra-isolationist US foreign policy.

The Propaganda War Against the UK

By Michael Shrimpton   The near-hysterical propaganda war currently being waged against the UK population in the run-up to the “Independence Day” referendum on June 23rd...

UK Labour Party in grip of Zionist Inquisition

The orchestrated smear campaign against pro-Palestine sympathisers sent me reaching for my pen. But Gilad Atzmon too was eyeing the Labour Party's crazed witch hunt for "antisemites" with misgiving and had already declared, in his usual robust way, that Labour under Jeremy Corbyn was not so much a party as a piece of Zionist-occupied territory.

UK Guardian: ‘You’re a sinner’: how a Mormon university shames rape...

Maria L La Ganga in Provo, Utah and Dan Hernandez for Guardian.UK  Madi Barney sat sobbing in the Provo, Utah, police department. It had been four...

NEO – Panama Papers have caught UK politicians off guard

Jim W. Dean - Our prayers have been answered. The Panama Papers scam is being burned down as I type, along with what little reputation that corporate media and the think tank subverts thought they might still have.

New British Empire? UK to re-establish military bases east of Suez

The Albion Class assault Ship HMS Bulwark of the British Royal Navy advances in the northbound lane of the Suez Canal, close to the...

Does Israel Run ISIS, Some in the UK Think So and...

Will Worley at UK Independent (a newspaper that also publishes Patrick Cockburn...long suspected by VT as being Mossad, a friend of Franklin Lamb's for those...

Guardian: UK Begins Coverup of Scalia Paedophile Ring Inquiry

Sandra Laville and Rajeev Syal for Guardian.UK A £2m police investigation into an alleged VIP paedophile ring accused of killing three children more than...

Names and Details of 22,000 ISIS Recruits Given to UK Sky...

A memory stick containing tens of thousands of documents, including 22,000 names and contact details of Daesh militants has been handed to western media in what's been described as an unprecedented haul of information on the terrorist group.

Iraq: US, UK Fabricated WMD Threat – Created the Reality

  On 7th September 2002, speaking at a Press Conference flanked by Prime Minister, Tony "dodgy dossier" Blair, President George W. Bush stated that Saddam...

The UK Government, BDS and the Jews

BDS, originally intended to mount economic and political pressure on Israel and its supporters, achieved the opposite. It united the Jews, both Zionists and the so called ‘anti.'

Russia submits to UN SC express review of gross violations of...

Russia has presented at the UN Security Council on Monday an "express review" of the most flagrant cases of disregard for international law by the United States and the UK.

UK Treasury officials wined & dined by arms giants & ‘rogue...

Treasury officials regularly accepted invitations to lavish dinners with lobbyists for banks that were being investigated for market rigging, a new report has found. - The...

Telegraph: Caught, UK Prosecutors Photoshop Rape into Video

Video led to Mark Pearson being charged with sex assault after walking past woman in busy railway station - but footage had been altered

UK govt anti-extremism adviser listed as terrorist in secret database

Maajid Usman Nawaz, a British activist and politician.© eregis / Wikipedia Liberal Democrat politician Maajid Nawaz, who advised every British PM since Tony Blair on...

3 UK Forces Wounded in Iraq, Dozens ISIS Terrorists Reportedly Killed

Three British Special Forces were wounded in a firefight with 30 ISIS terrorists in Iraq, it has been reported.