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Dramatic First Footage from the Captured Illich Metallurgical Plant

On April 15, the joint Russian and DPR troops claimed another victory. The Russian Ministry of Defence confirmed that Russian and DPR troops took control over the Illich Iron and Steel Plant in the city of Mariupol, which was one of the main hotspots of AFU resistance in the city.

Kiev’s Kamikaze Strategy

So far, thousands of Ukrainian servicemen have surrendered to Russian forces in Mariupol. The Kiev regime risks losing a major battle in the Media, as Ukrainian fighters in Mariupol are surrendering en masse and are treated well, receiving necessary medical assistance as Prisoners of War.

Donbass Front Lines Moving West

After the withdrawal of Russian forces from the Kiev and Chenihov regions, pressure on the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Donbass front lines increased.

Watch Kadyrov Address Mass Surrender of Unabused Ukrainian Marines (503rd Battalion)

On 4 April, 267 soldiers and officers of the 503rd Independent Battalion of the Ukrainian Navy surrendered in Mariupol. This was the entire surviving personnel of the unit.

Ukraine Turning to Pensioners and Boys for ‘Territorial Defense’

After the defeat of the first set of Ukrainian defense forces, local authorities immediately began the second “call.” The total number of recruits of the second wave has already reached the desired three thousand.

Day 36: Russians Withdraw from Kiev

The decision to reduce its military operations in the Kiev region was presented by the Russian side as a concession to Kiev aimed at the facilitation of the negotiation process between the two sides, and also due to the difficulties faced by Russian forces near the Ukrainian capital.

40 Ukie Troops Killed by Bastion/Oniks Missile Strike

The Russian MoD said a pinpoint strike by a P-800 Oniks supersonic cruise missile targeted 40 Ukrainian fighters, and five armored vehicles and military equipment were destroyed.

Biden’s Victory: 70,000 Mossad Trained Ukrainian Nazis in ‘Cauldrons’ Awaiting Eradication

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are being gradually squeezed out. We are now seeing another large “cauldron” in the Mariupol region, where not only the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also the Nazis from “Azov,” a grouping of about 3-5 thousand people, are systematically cut off from communications and will be destroyed. There is also a “Kharkov cauldron.”

Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry

Troops of the Donetsk People’s Republic took full control of Stepnoye and are pursuing the retreating units of the 53rd separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Ukraine Day Eight: Hammer and Anvil (reputed pro-Russia source)

Both Ukrainian servicemen and fighters of nationalist battalions in all eastern and southeastern parts of the front are surrendering