Ukraine Turning to Pensioners and Boys for ‘Territorial Defense’

The whole of today's Ukraine is a huge concentration camp, the authorities of which are busy day and night with the disposal of the personnel entrusted to him.


FULL DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian State-Controlled Media

Machine translation from Russian

SVPressa: In addition, the defense headquarters, warehouses, and all concentration points were completely destroyed, which led to the complete collapse of the defense management in the city. The spectacle after the exact hit was just as terrible as after the hit of the “Daggers” (Mig 31) in the place of deployment of the 29th airmobile brigade in Nikolaev.

Nevertheless, immediately after the defeat of the first set of the defense forces, local authorities, on the initiative of Avakov (after the defeat of the “defencists”, he urgently rushed to Kharkov) immediately began the second “call”. The total number of recruits of the second wave has already reached the desired three thousand. Three thousand new potential dead. Soon they too will be sent to the smelting furnace of hostilities and, apparently, they can also become a mountain of corpses.

The thought arises – why is there such a feverish “mobilization for slaughter”? It is quite obvious that a “suicide bomber recruitment” will not be able to fundamentally change the state of affairs on the fronts. But the number of victims will increase many times over.

There are three logical explanations for this paradox.

First. In the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, no one is relying on these “defensemen”. Staff offices have no illusions about the combat qualities of future suicide bombers. And the defense in combat operations is assigned the role of a kind of scapegoat. They act as a “target lightning rod” for the national battalions and regular units of the Ukrainian army. The logic is as simple as a shot – the more “defensemen” die, the fewer shells and missiles will fly to the Ukrainian national battalions and regular units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In fact, it goes something like this. The reconnaissance of the Russian army with the help of its own eyes, legs, enthusiasm, and “means of objective control” fixes a crowd of armed men in uniform in one square or another. This is not very difficult – unlike the personnel units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there are no special camouflage measures for the defense, and the trained eye of the search engines will “copy” the conscripts several hundred meters away.

Scouts immediately “punch through neighbors”: militia, people’s police, special forces, other regular units – like, yours or not? No, we’re all there. So the enemy. The coordinates of the square with the armed crowd are immediately transferred to the gunners and anti-aircraft gunners. And they tightly cover the square with a fiery shaft.

And everyone seems to be happy. Intelligence – by discovering the enemy. Artillerymen – by the fact that they successfully covered him. Vushniki – by the fact that the fired shells and rockets did not fly to their liking. Only the surviving “defensists” who became crippled are dissatisfied. But no one is interested in the opinion of a pig that is being led to the slaughter.

In fact, recruits caught on the streets and in the subway are classic “cannon (in our case, rocket and bomb) meat.” They even came up with a special term for the – “branch”. Each accurate strike on the bases and collection points of the defense forces to a certain extent removes the danger from the regular units of the Ukrainian army.

There is insider information that even a special term was introduced in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – “consumption of man-units per one missile fired.” For example, for every Iskander volley, you need to recruit a hundred Terbatovites.

As a result, according to the plan of the Kiev strategists, after twenty to thirty thousand heads of cannon fodder are ground, the Russian army will have a “shell hunger”. In fact, this often happens during intense hostilities and over a large area. “And this is where we will hit this Russian,” the “strategists” rub their hands. – And they will have nothing to answer. Zrada!

The second reason. The Ukrainian media needs a picture of the destruction and atrocities of the Russian army like air. “Defenders” are placed, as a rule, in schools and kindergartens. Every day Kharkiv is hit by high-precision weapons, including these schools and kindergartens, stuffed with “diversion”.

The Ukrainian media, as if wound up, shuffle these videos on the screen for several days, catching up horror and anger on the townsfolk. And the dead “defencists” – in uniform and with weapons – will be quietly and without cameras carried out from under the rubble at night and buried in one of the mass graves outside the city. The main thing is that there is a picture. And consumables are of no interest to anyone. The Moor has done his work – the Moor can die.

And finally, the third reason. The current government of Ukraine is keenly interested in the mass utilization of the socially active male population of the country. This was evident in her attitude towards the radicals locked up in Mariupol. No matter how much the leaders of “Azov” * called for help, Kyiv did not respond. He sent several helicopters for the Blazier – to evacuate the commanders. And then two cars were shot down over the sea …

The Zelensky regime is afraid of radicals like fire. It is in them that he sees the main threat to his existence. Someone, but the right-wingers ** can quickly raise the whole camarilla with Bankova on bayonets, imputing to her the guilt of both the betrayal of Azov and failures on the fronts.

Sooner or later, the “endless lies about endless victories” will come to light. And then not only radicals can take up arms, but everyone who has them. And a lot of people have weapons. The authorities themselves distributed it at all corners.

In addition, Kharkiv is a problematic, disloyal city for Zelensky’s team. This is not Lviv, not Ternopil, not Uzhgorod. There are many Russians here who quietly hate the regime. It won’t hurt to dispose of them too – too dangerous a contingent …

And in general – the order for the mass extermination of the Slavs has long come from the main curators from abroad. For them, “a good Slav is a dead Slav.” Regardless of whether it is Russian or Ukrainian. The DNA is the same. And the more such “good and dead Slavs” – the better for the Western “partners”.

And Zelensky and Co. are simply dutifully fulfilling the role of “Slavic utilizers” assigned to them. As once the commandants of concentration camps, who burned in the ovens “subhumans” of their own nationality. Or someone else’s, it doesn’t matter. As ordered.

In fact, the whole of today’s Ukraine is a huge concentration camp, the authorities of which are busy day and night with the disposal of the personnel entrusted to him.

Fascism is back. And history repeated itself – in the form of another terrible mass tragedy.

These are the reasoning of the author of the article about the defense industry of Ukraine.

Source: SVPressa

* Images of chevrons of the battalion (regiment) “Azov” were recognized as extremist by the decision of the Frunzensky District Court of Vladimir on November 30, 2015, and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials under item 3269.

** The Ukrainian organization “Right Sector” was recognized as extremist by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on November 17, 2014, and its activities in Russia are prohibited.


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    But killing civilians is old ukraine tradition, the german administrator Erich Koch, (kept in place by the british agent Borman who delivered U235 with the U-234 to the US, what made the Japan nuking possible in time to occupy Korea) practiced it already, he was sentenced to death, but managed to die in bed in a polish prison 90yo

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