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Ukraine puts uniforms on ‘Kraken’ Convicts to let loose on Ukraine...

The Kraken combat formation is a Kharkiv unit of the nationalist Azov regiment, which is part of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Russia Captures Massive American Arms Depot near Kharkiv

TopWar: Thousands of tons of ammunition of various types and calibers came under the control of Russian troops in the city of Balakliya, Kharkov region.

War In Ukraine Day 57: Russian Forces at Azovstal advance In...

The war in Ukraine is first and foremost a mass event. In addition to crises, such events also bring opportunities. For Eastern Europe, it is an opportunity to trade equipment.

Last Lie and Last Chance for Nazi’s in Mariupol

Washington continues to support the AFU, as it has done for the past ten years, just in a more open manner and on a larger scale. Major developments took place on the front lines near Izyum. In recent days, several villages to the northwest of Izyum in the Kharkiv region have come under the control of Russian forces.

Special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and...

VT believes a missile was fired from the US air base in Romania guided by American AEGIS radar in Constanza.

Russian Tank Company Commander Described Battles Near Izyum In Ukraine

“The task was to take the settlements and provide a corridor for our armed forces to pass further to the south.... When the AFU saw our tanks, they just raised their guns up and there was no firing."

Donbass Front Lines Moving West

After the withdrawal of Russian forces from the Kiev and Chenihov regions, pressure on the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Donbass front lines increased.

Ukraine: Calm Before the Storm

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that Kiev’s information about the mass killings in Bucha was not true, and that the footage was staged.

Ukraine Turning to Pensioners and Boys for ‘Territorial Defense’

After the defeat of the first set of Ukrainian defense forces, local authorities immediately began the second “call.” The total number of recruits of the second wave has already reached the desired three thousand.

Iskander Missile Wipes Out Kharkiv Merc Compound, 100+ Foreign Fighters Dead

The Russian military attacked Kharkiv’s defense headquarters on March 31, killing more than 100 nationalists and Western mercenaries, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov announced on April 2.

Is Russia Preparing for Blitzkrieg Against Donbass?

SF: The Russian military is preparing to further develop its offensive in the Donbass region after reducing military operations on the fronts of Kyiv and Chernihiv in northern Ukraine.

The Biological Bomb of Ukraine

“The Pentagon in Ukraine has actively built two biological military laboratories and has been developing pathogens there. Now they are worried that they will lose control over these laboratories,” Lavrov said.

U.S. Lied About Funding “Dangerous Pathogen” Research in Secret Ukrainian Biolabs,...

According to internal documents, Pentagon contractors were given full access to all Ukrainian biolaboratories which handled dangerous pathogens, while independent experts were denied even a visit. The new revelations challenge the U.S. government statement that the Pentagon just funded biolaboratories in Ukraine but had nothing to do with them.

Day 20 as Russia Reconfigures Forces and Odessa Awaits Landings

There were significant changes in the configuration of combat forces on the fronts. Russia was rotating units and bringing fresh assault units forward amid intense work of artillery and aviation. At the same time, Kiev continued to withdraw its units from the Donbass region towards Zaporizhya, Dnipro and Kiev, but stubbornly defending well-fortified positions in the region.

Concerns as British-made weapons paraded by Ukrainian neonazi battalion in Kharkiv

Morning Star: CONCERNS have been raised after what appeared to be British-made anti tank missiles that were paraded in the besieged city of Kharkiv by members of the neonazi Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian fascist militia.

March 12, the Russian Offensive

Based on Kiev's saboteur actions, Russia feels that some kind of ‘diplomatic understanding’ between Moscow and Kiev will have a chance only after the full collapse of the defense of Kiev’s forces in Mykolaiv, Kharkiv and Mariupol cities.

Ukraine War: Russian Gains on 12th Day

SouthFront: The last few days were marked by active offensive operations of Russian forces in the region of Donbas as well as a new demonstration of the anti-human posture of the Kyiv government towards its own citizens.

Ukraine War Day Nine, Russia Continues Smooth Advance under Stiff Resistance

Russian troops are on the northern outskirts of Kharkiv and bypass it from the southeast. They regularly deliver precise strikes on places where pro-Kiev forces are concentrated. In response, Ukrainian units used rocket launchers, some deployed in residential areas.

Ukraine Day Eight: Hammer and Anvil (reputed pro-Russia source)

Both Ukrainian servicemen and fighters of nationalist battalions in all eastern and southeastern parts of the front are surrendering

Latest Reports: War in Ukraine Day 7, Mariupol, Evacuation of Kharkiv

On March 2, Russian forces are carrying out targeted strikes on the military facilities and hideouts of the Ukrainian military in Kharkiv.

Washington Post: In classified briefing, House members told Ukraine has suffered...

The Ukrainian casualty toll toll – already significant – is expected to grow in the coming days, military and intel experts say.