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NEO: Why isn’t the West Sanctioning Turkey for its Special Operation...

The recent Russophobic frenzy by Washington and its Western allies over Russia’s special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine makes one wonder, why doesn’t the West react in the same way to the special operation that Turkey is conducting on Iraqi territory.

Political Coordination between Egypt and Russia Intensifies

Jim W. Dean - We hope for new thinking in 2022 and for positive results for long suffering people trapped in these cruel wars.

NEO – Kulikov: Syria is Actively Emerging from International Isolation

The flow of foreign delegations to Damascus is expanding, demonstrating the readiness of different countries to intensify cooperation with the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) in many areas, and to provide their investments in the restoration of the economic life of Syria.

NEO – Russia Changes the Rules of Global Logistics while Bypassing...

Although it is impossible to replace the Suez Canal entirely, creating a viable alternative that will grow in importance over time is possible. If the Northern Sea Route served even a tiny fraction of those who today send cargo through the Suez Canal, this would transform world cargo logistics.

NEO – Washington’s assembly line for retraining soldiers in Syria isn’t...

Jim W. Dean - Wanting to discuss what is the legal basis for us using proxy terrorism as a geopolitical tool should be a big enough scandal to go to the top of the list of US security issues.