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Mr. Soros is the man everyone loves to hate, the poster child for Mr. Manipulator. He obviously has been able to afford the best life extension medicine available…to our detriment. Maybe when we can get it wholesale we can live longer to torment him as he has done to us… Jim W. Dean

by Katherine Frisk

This is another, “stick with me here” article, as we sail down the river of time to where we are now in order to understand how we got here. At the end of this article, I have included a list of suggested reading which fills in many of the gaps and points that I have made. But the first one, Mr. George Soros.

Soros began his career during World War 2. He was a Hungarian Jew. He was co-opted by another Jew to confiscate the property of other Jews and then mark them for the concentration camps, something he has admitted to openly and in public.

Many of the concentration camps were run by Jews. Most of the Jews running the camps were Zionist Jews who had cut a deal with Hitler. Most of the Jews in the camps were Torah Jews who did not support Zionism, usury, slavery, or the Babylonian Talmud.

What has always been overlooked is that the occupants of these camps were not only Jews, in fact, the Jews were a small minority. The majority have no monuments and no days of remembrance. They are washed over in history as political activists, artists, poets, writers, and Gypsies.

They were the “other.” Part of the “other” never mentioned is that they were Protestant and Orthodox Christians. They were “other” than Roman Catholics. Before WW2, the majority of the population in Poland were Protestants. After WW2, the majority in Poland were Roman Catholic.

In Greece, the Nazis had no compunction about slaughtering whole villages of Orthodox Christians. In Ukraine, the Banderites joined their Nazi overlords in the slaughter of Jews and Orthodox Christians and outdid them in barbarity. In the Balkans, the Jesuit Priesthood joined the Nazi Ustaše in the slaughter of Serbs, predominantly Orthodox Christians, and outdid their Nazi overlords in barbarity. The “Jewish” holocaust is a misnomer and has been used to cover up a multitude of sins.

This was the world that Soros grew up in. The prime political objective was the subjugation of Russia in order to create Lebensraum., with the “chosen race,” of the Germanic Roman Catholic world taking over Eastern Europe and finally Russia.

Not mentioned was that this included the “chosen race” of the Khazar Zionist banking fraternity operating out of the Federal Reserve Bank in the USA, along with support from companies like Ford and the Bush crime family syndicate who, along with Allen Dulles, established the CIA, after top Nazis were given safe passage by the Vatican to the USA after WW2 — including such characters as Joseph Mengele.

In the last 70 years, Soros has had the support of a Jesuit Nazi from the black nobility who originates from a small town in Ukraine that once was part of Poland. His name is Brzezinski. Both have regularly attended the Bilderberg group meetings along with Kissinger over the years and both have been instrumental in the policies that have been adopted at these meetings.

Prince Bernard of the Netherlands was a Nazi who founded the Bilderberg group. All Bilderberg meetings have been attended by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. The family has close ties and extensive property ownership and investment in Argentina, where many Nazis went after WW2 and from where the current Jesuit Pope Francis was selected.

No doubt, once they have finished destroying Europe they will leave for these shores. Holland has little to offer them other than windmills, cheese, tulips, dykes, and klogs. Soros funded the refugee influx into Europe in 2015, furthering its deterioration.

In the Middle East, the Nazis had co-opted the compliance of the Muslim Brotherhood in order to get the British out of the Middle East. We see the same three-way alliance in the world today, threatening to spin out of control into World War 3.

The Zionist Jews in Israel supporting ISIS on the Golan heights; the CIA mercenaries training ISIS and fighting alongside ISIS who answer to the Vatican, the Turks who massacred the Orthodox Christian Armenians over a century ago and fund ISIS across their border, and the Saudi Royals who control Mecca whose objective is to destroy all Shiite Islamic countries and control the oil supplies.

The end goal is the subjugation of Russia, the control of central Asia, and the occupation of the Silk Road which over millennia has been a major trade route from the east to the west. The Khazar bankers, namely Jacob Schiff, also controlled Japan, from where they funded and supported the wars against both China and Russia in the last century. Now think back to the battle of Iwo Jima and how truly horrific that was. If you want some measure of understanding, watch the TV series “The Pacific.” Then consider the fact that one Jacob Schiff of the Federal Reserve Bank was funding Japan with the objective of stealing China’s gold and bringing down Russia from its eastern shoreline.

Which in turn takes us back to the beginning — or one of the beginnings, anyway.

In the 8th century, Georgia and parts of central Asia were occupied by the Khazar Kingdom. The Khazars were not known for their good neighborliness. They had two particularly distasteful habits. Abducting women and children from the countries surrounding them and using them as slaves, and adopting the identities of others.

They would attack travelers along the Silk Road, kill them, and then carry on the journey as a new person other than themselves. Hence the term Khazar face. Two-faced, and two identities. One is presented to the world, the other well hidden.

The Byzantine Empire, the Persians (today Iran), and the Russians fought against them. Russia threw these Khazars out of southern Russia, as did the Persians and the Byzantines. Eventually, all three kingdoms gave the Khazars an ultimatum. They were to convert to either Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. Which for a Khazar posed no challenge at all, they had been adopting different identities for years, and this only added to the palette of the Khazar face.

These Khazars were disseminated into three different worlds. The first converted to Judaism and adopted the Babylonian Talmud. The Babylonian Talmud differed from the Palestinian Talmud which predates it.

Both are a commentary on the Torah. The former is the more nefarious of the two like the Babylonians themselves who had twice hosted the Jews (mainly from the tribe of Judah) during a diaspora during history. The first was during the Assyrian invasion and the second was after the fall of the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Babylonian Talmud overturns many of the teachings in the Torah, two examples being the slavery of non-Jews seen as Goyim or cattle and the second being the sanction of a usury monetary system. Something Jesus condemned when he overturned the tables in the temple and which is condemned in Deuteronomy.

Cyrus the Great of Persia

I very much suspect that the “Jews” who returned to Jerusalem were not Jews, but Sumerians who hid their true identity from Cyrus the Great, pretending to be who they were not, a covert group of people who adopted another nationality, religion, and country and were instrumental in manipulating and altering Biblical texts and adding texts that supported a “King of the Jews, “and Judaic supremacy” over all 12 tribes.

The celebration of Purim, rejected by the Essenes and the Samaritans is one example. The Babylonian Talmud in turn is another form of textual manipulation, which often contradicts the earlier and ignored Palestinian Talmud commentary on the Torah. Usury was inherent in Babylon and this “money farming” became a central theme.

The Khazars adopted this form of Judaism, obliterated any remaining history of the ten tribes, and declared them to be lost forever. Working towards a Judaic, Jewish sole dominance of Israel with the Babylonian Talmud as the only authority and later advocating the concept of Zionism.

The Palestinian Talmud from approximately the 7th century became largely unknown. They have successfully over the centuries destroyed the Samaritans to the point where only 170 families remain while the Essenes were obliterated entirely until the last century when their texts reappeared after almost 2,000 years, contradicting much of what we have been taught.

The Khazars moved to western Europe where many of them converted to the Roman Catholic church. Between the 8th century and the 12th century, along with this Khazar infiltration a split occurred in the Christian world and Rome distanced herself not only politically but in religious doctrine from the Orthodox Christian church in Constantinople. Notable differences that slowly became Roman Catholic policy were:

  1. Original sin is a concept not embraced in the Byzantine Orthodox Christian Empire.
  2. The Eucharist became the blood and flesh of Jesus, turning what was a communion meal with bread and wine into a cannibalistic ceremony of eating flesh and drinking blood.
  3. The church developed an autocratic style of leadership, a hierarchy where the pope became a representative of Christ himself, with his Bishops beneath him. Orthodox Christianity is Apostolic, based on the 12 Apostles and the laying on of hands conveying the Holy Spirit down through the centuries. The 12 becomes 24, the 24 becomes 36, and so on. This is a personal and direct experience. Early Christians were known as healers and this included both knowledge of plants and the laying on of hands for healing through the Holy Spirit. Commonly known as “faith healing.” A similar practice is found amongst the Cajun Traiteur. In the last 1,000 years, the Papal Bulls were written giving the Pope ownership of the planet, all bodies on the planet, and all souls. Followers were denied direct experience and could only find salvation through the Roman Catholic priesthood. Christian Healers in turn were burnt at the stake as witches. The  Albigensian Crusade served this purpose.
  4. The confessional was introduced and demanded in order to receive communion. By confessing their most private thoughts and actions on a regular basis, the priesthood took control of their lives. Much like the NSA is doing today through electronic means. It is an invasion of privacy and replaces direct knowledge of God through the Holy Spirit with indirect knowledge through a controlling priesthood. In the Orthodox Church confession is not dictated, rather the onus is on the believer should they require it.

None of the above-formed parts of the Orthodox Christian church.

The four bronze horses of Basilica di San Marco, Venice

The Khazars moved into the Middle East, and most converted to Sunni Islam. It is from this time in history that the Mahdi, the Shiite descendant of Mohammed “disappears.” The Mahdi will return and join Jesus in the second coming and fight the anti-Christ.

All three of these groups had one common purpose. The destruction of the Orthodox Christian Church. The Khazar Jews settled in Venice, where they established their usury bank, Del Banco. With the compliance and assistance of the Vatican, they co-opted crusader mercenaries and funded them to sack Constantinople and destroy the Orthodox Christian church in Greece, now western Turkey.

The total destruction was finally accomplished by the Turkish Khazars who converted to Sunni Islam in the 15th century where the Khazars- Talmud Jews and Sunni Muslims went on to create the Ottoman Empire.

In the Middle East Islam went on the rampage in what is now Syria and was once part of the Orthodox Christian Byzantine Empire, slaughtering Christians and destroying their churches. They carried out this policy right throughout the Middle East and across North Africa which was by and large Orthodox Christian.

In the 19th century a Khazar Jew from Turkey went to Arabia, he married a Muslim woman, converted to Islam and then slaughtered all the tribal leaders, and installed himself as the sole monarch. This became the Saudi Royal Family.

Did some crusaders re-evaluate the cause?

The Khazar banking families from Venice moved to Bologna and then into Germany where they funded Napoleon for the sole purpose of the subjugation of Russia and the destruction of the Orthodox Christian Church which after the final destruction of Constantinople, had moved to Moscow.

In Germany, they founded the Illuminati and the political concepts of Fascism and Corporate ownership. They were joined by the Roman Catholic Jesuits and what was later to become known as the Wahhabi Sunni sect and the Muslim Brotherhood.

In order to disguise their intent and their objectives, they used a well-known tactic. They adopted the identity of their enemies. They adopted the symbols and practices of the Freemasons and adapted them. One branch is now known as the Vatican P2 lodge.

As one example they capped the pyramid, which you can see on the $ note. The pyramid was uncapped before, it served as a platform where scholars could gather in communion and study the stars, and the heavens. Again a “group dynamic” much like the 12 tribes of Israel, the Clan system, and the many different Native American tribes. A Federation of People. Diversity.

By capping the pyramid with the all-seeing eye, they blocked the free flow and sealed it. They created a centralized authority under the Federal Reserve bank, much in the same way Judah becomes the king of the Jews and the 10 tribes “disappear,” the Clans are centralized under the crown and the diversity of the Native American tribes has been destroyed, their languages, beliefs, and customs have been broken down. To use another analogy:

Matthew 23: 13

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.

Many of them infiltrated the Freemasonic lodges and created “higher” degrees where initiates swore allegiance to Zionist Israel, the Pope, and the Saudi Royal family. Wherever they go, they infiltrate and become the people they intend to destroy. Like a virus. It should come as no surprise then that the Protocols of Zion were plagiarized from the Jesuit Oath and are a mirror image of the same philosophy.

Along with this infiltration, they encourage the destruction of morals, values, and virtues. They will support pornography, prostitution, pedophilia, abortion, drugs, gambling, and any and all corrupt social behaviors.

They know that if they can break down the family structure if they can break down a clan system, and centralize it under a single authority, they can destroy a nation and turn them into slaves. Over the centuries they have found better ways of doing it. Propaganda, the media, and the internet have been added to their arsenal.

The Iroquois Confederacy included the Mohawk, Oneida, Seneca, Onondaga, and Cayuga

By taking control of the “City of London,” mainly under the influence of Rothschild and the Vatican who are joined at the hip, which is independent of England, they destroyed the Clan systems in Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. Then went on to destroy the Native American Clan systems in the Americas along with intensive conversion to the Roman Catholic Church.

In the US after the civil war which they funded, they created the Federal Reserve Bank. Instead of being the Federated Republic, the US has now come under the centralized control of Washington D.C. and the Federal Reserve usury banking system. “Money farming” as they call it.

They have used the US military over the last century for one objective only. The destruction of Russia and all remnants of the Orthodox Christian Church, in fact, all Christian groups not under the control of the Vatican.

Georgetown university adopted a Khazar system. Priests were trained in any and all religions, spiritual practices, and so-called “New Age” movements. They were sent out to infiltrate these churches and by slow degrees corrupt them from within, return them to Roman Catholic policy and indoctrinate them into Christianity/Zionism.

George Soros has been a very busy man in the 20th and the 21st century. He has added a new bag of tricks to his arsenal. It is called a “color revolution.”

Over the last five years, we have seen his handiwork. The “Arab Spring” has caused death and destruction across the Middle East. Starting in Libya and working its way across North Africa. Of note throughout this whole period has been the abduction of Orthodox Christian women and children who have been turned into slaves, the burning of Orthodox Christian Churches, and the persecution of Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims who do not support their cause.

In the Middle East the objective, which is supported by Zionist Israel and the CIA is the destruction and subjugation of the Shiite crescent in Iraq, Syria, and Iran.

George Soros’ color revolution has extended to Kiev and the overthrow of the mainly Russian-speaking elected government in Ukraine to be replaced by political puppets under the direction of Victoria Nuland, a Khazar Jew who is married to a Kagan, the name of the Khazar Kings. Complicit in this undertaking is Joe Biden, a self-professed Zionist and the support of the Banderites, and Nazis, both in Ukraine and the CIA.

Added to the fighting force that has caused death and destruction in eastern Ukraine which is predominantly Russian-speaking and Orthodox Christian, are Islamic terror groups.

This Khazar virus has now spread worldwide.

Soros and the Khazar Jewish bankers are now funding right-wing political parties across the globe. Under the disguise of “Freedom and Democracy” in order to overthrow duly elected governments that do not support the WW3 objective, the subjugation of Russia and control over central Asia.

One of the biggest threats to this objective is the BRICS coalition. Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The BRICS bank in turn will not be founded in a usury system, but on a gold-backed system, something the Khazar bankers want to avoid at all costs.
We see the Soros hand in Brazil and the political instability and economic attacks that have been and are taking place in that country. The same applies to Hong Kong where another Soros-funded revolution, the “Umbrella Revolution” recently failed. We see in it India and we see it in South Africa.

All these countries are vulnerable to false flag attacks and covert instigation of social disruption. Whether this takes the form of miners’ strike action, demonstrations for innocuous reasons such as electricity supply, water shortages, or xenophobia, the covert hand will use any excuse to disrupt the social and political fabric of that country in order to replace the leadership with bought and paid for compliant politicians.

Anything goes with “Human clones for the Corporate life cycle”, including harvesting organs from unwilling patients — photo compliments of The Island (movie)

Along with this nefarious political activity to destroy the BRICS alliance, the objective is also to bring these countries into compliance with the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreements, a Corporate Fascist wet dream. None of the BRICS countries are part of either the TTP or the TTIP.

Included in this bag of tricks, are Genetically modified seeds and Monsanto. Toll roads in the hands of private companies and control of the transport system. Not surprisingly they also support the destructive and ecologically inept practice of fracking for oil.

Adelson and Romney

The first thing the newly appointed Nuland Kiev government did was a significant agreement to hand over the farms to Monsanto for corporate GMO farming. In eastern Ukraine, the Kiev government Grad Rocket shelled the farmers and their homes in order to get them off their land. Over 1 million refugees fled to Russia for safety.

The nefarious aspects of Monsanto and GMOs is the patenting of all food sources — in other words, owning all the world’s food production — and the use of poisonous herbicides, which cause cancer and early death. They are spraying the world’s population as though they are weeds and killing them off.

In Kiev, they signed agreements instigated by Joe Biden to hand over large tracts of land for fracking oil, a company where Hunter Biden has major shareholdings.

The same applies in India where Monsanto has virtually destroyed the peasant farming communities, in Brazil where the fracking industry wants to take over the country, and in South Africa, where Monsanto has gained a foothold and controls 95% of Maize production, and SASOL along with Shell intends to frack the Karoo. Royal Dutch Shell. Keep that in mind.

The Khazars — Jewish, Christian, and Muslim — intend to own and control the planet. No doubt they are also Hindu and Buddhist by now, or any group that they have found a threat to world domination. All groups have been infiltrated, religious and political, in their quest for a New World Order, and domination of the planet which includes slavery of the human race and the subjugation of women. This is how they roll, the two-faced Khazar, pretending to be who he is not.

Here is another example: on the one hand they will support racial tolerance and integration, on the other, they will covertly support racial tension and hatred. They play both sides, their enemy is one and the same to them. So whichever side of the line you may stand on these issues, you are still being used and manipulated in a Hegelian dialect that suits their purpose. Destruction of identity, and then annihilation of all sides in civil war.

To put South Africa into some perspective let me quote from Infowars, I believe in this instance they have got it exactly right, no matter what you might personally think of Alex Jones or the author Wayne Madsen:

TOP TEN SOROS TARGETS IN 2016 – Soros will back the most anti-Christian and pro-Muslim presidential candidates in various countries

“Another BRICS leader Soros sees as vulnerable is Jacob Zuma, the president of South Africa. Soros’s goal is to destroy the BRICS by peeling away South Africa and Brazil from the alliance, leaving only China and Russia as members after India can be persuaded the alliance is dead.

Zuma and his African National Congress are also Soros targets because of their opposition to Israeli policies in Palestine and same-sex marriage. Soros backs the Democratic Alliance party, which receives much of its financial support from South African Zionists and the Jewish-dominated diamond industry .”

Add into this melting pot Zimbabwe, where Robert Mugabe is a Jesuit who answers to the Pope. While at the same time, ZANU PF has been kept in power by a Zionist company that has rigged their elections. The ZANU PF in turn has been dealing in blood diamonds in the country which is also controlled by Zionist diamond dealers in Israel and the USA.

Mugabe has chased not only white farmers off their land but has deprived black Zimbabweans of the land as well. Today the ZANU PF thugs own Zimbabwe, while the Zimbabwe people have in effect, both black and white, been disenfranchised. These farmlands were intended to be handed over and sold to Corporate Farming, such as Monsanto.

In 2012, Gordon Duff from VT alerted me to one important piece of this puzzle. My alarm bells went off in no uncertain terms and the full realization that every person on the planet, no matter where they live, no longer has self-government, but is owned and controlled and manipulated by a vast worldwide conspiracy that is the Khazar ownership of the planet, no matter what mask they wear. They are at play in the fields of South Africa in no uncertain terms.

The New World Order’s Mormon connections, as demonstrated by Sheldon Adelson’s monetary backing for Mitt Romney’s presidential races.

Romney Leaks: Drugs, Blood Diamonds and a Cuban Mistress (Updated)

There is an African end to this story. A CIA agent named “Tony,” working in South Africa, part of a team of agents there, all Mormons, contacted a professional associate of mine. (an intelligence agency director)

South Africa is my “turf” also.

“Tony” as he called himself was working with a US law firm and was tasked with investing $120 billion in drug profits, maybe from Afghanistan, in South Africa. He told our representatives he was looking for mining properties worth more than $200 million each.

“Tony” met, not just with us, but with dozens of other groups in South Africa. Tony is, what we call in the spy business, “burned.” Tony’s group works with UNITA, a terrorist organization, sometimes supported by North Korea, Israel, the US and China. The former Angolan revolutionary organization is now “for hire,” and “terrorism on demand” with a reach that covers a dozen nations.

Their task, as South African intelligence indicates, is to buy up South Africa and take over the rest of Southern Africa by running terrorist groups out of the DRC or the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On their list are Kenya and other nations.

Their method of operation is to finance themselves with blood diamonds, sent through agents to Tel Aviv, money to be handled by Bain Capital/Romney, then to China where arms are purchased and shipped to terrorists in Africa, “Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and UNITA.

The details of the deal were set up a month ago. Currently, UNITA is having difficulty coming up with their end, the $1.2 billion a year in diamonds they promised.

On the Israeli end, Romney, while traveling there with Las Vegas casino boss, Sheldon Adelson, met with diamond traders at what was supposed to be an (illegal) fundraiser.

It was something else, putting together one link in the diamonds, terrorism, money, and narcotics trade which, working with Bain, the Bush family, Mormon groups in the CIA, and the Mossad, meant to take over all of Africa.

As I have mentioned before, I am a South African. Do I like Jacob Zuma personally? No. I think he was an embarrassing and unfortunate choice for President. But I do believe he is the right man at the right time for the right job. And it is high time South Africans started to think beyond Nkandla and see the bigger picture.

Included in their bag of tricks are weather modification and weather warfare. What they cannot accomplish through wars and social “revolutions” in the name of “Freedom and Democracy,” which is in effect, corporate fascist slavery, they accomplish through earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and droughts manipulating populations to their will. 2015-2016 has seen a devastating drought in South Africa. I expect more “environmental” disasters in the coming year. Though personally, I see this as warfare and having nothing to do with “Climate Change” or “Global Warming” at all.

Central to this theme is the ownership of the land and removing populations worldwide in order to control the food system and the resources in any given country.

Are you awake yet? Because the Anti-Christ has been awake for centuries and has been playing you like a fiddle! The Khazars were known in the ancient world as Gog and Magog. Gog and Magog play a central role in Revelation. Central to Revelation are the seven Orthodox Christian Churches in western Turkey as well as the New Jerusalem which was the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople now Istanbul. Rightly or wrongly I believe Revelation will be fulfilled when the first church service is celebrated yet again in this church after an absence of almost 500 years.

Think twice before you buy that porn and indulge in noncommitted relations of all varieties; they want the family structure destroyed. Think twice before you become addicted to those drugs and tear your soul out destroying your thinking process and intelligence at the same time. Think twice before you get sucked into a media that has nothing to do with truthful, honest, or accurate reporting, but is pure propaganda.

And think at least 100 times before you sacrifice your life in yet another war fought under false pretenses. Search for the truth with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul. For the truth will set us all free no matter which religion, tribe, race or nation you might belong to.

I personally follow Oliver Thambo’s creed. “Unite in diversity.” I enjoy diversity, I enjoy the color, and the richness of different groups of people. Both the planet and the universe thrives on diversity. It is the lynchpin of creativity. I do not find the “other” threatening. I also believe that tolerance and acceptance of the “other” are essential to a mature and adult mindset. Love your neighbor as yourself and do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.

To me, God, by whichever name you may call it, is like the wind. And tribes, nations, religions, and races are all like sailing ships.
Each has its own captain and their own crew. We are all trying to harness the wind, set our course, and reach the safe harbor of our dreams where peace, prosperity, and abundance rule. In that, we are all united in diversity and a multi-polar world.

Suggested Reading:

VaticanCrimes.us Holy BlackWater: US terrorism committed by Knights of Malta Crusaders

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator, and the author of Jesus Was A Palestinian.


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