Dark Forces at work in Bombing of historic Istanbul Centre of Tourism

The moment of explosion below the Obelisk in Istanbul's famous Sultanahmet Square. Too much symbolism?
The moment of explosion below the Obelisk in Istanbul’s famous Sultanahmet Square. Too much symbolism?

by Ray Caymen, VT Istanbul Bureau

VT Istanbul – Following the double suicide-bombing massacre in Ankara in October, never claimed by ISIS, which left over 100 people (mostly left-wing Kurds) dead, Turkey is rocked by another suicide-bomb attack in Istanbul presently with 10 casualties and 15 wounded. The bomb was detonated near the Obelisk in the famous Sultanahmet Square and the over-worked symbolism just reeks of manipulation.

The authorities were quick enough to put the blame on ISIS and a suicide-bomber from Syria, which is quite convenient for Erdogan.

Erdogan did not state it himself in his globally televised press conference but we heard his standard speech to the effect that “terror is terror and we condemn ISIS as well”. He can show the world that he is fighting against ISIS and that the organisation is targeting Turkey in retribution, and he can show Syria in a bad light.

Erdogan revels in the attention, playing the role of victim that he has mastered to Oscar perfection

Best of all, he gets to play the victim in front of the whole world with the usual crocodile tears, which is a role he excels in. But his credibility in the international arena and the region is at an all time low.

Earlier, voice recordings of the secret meeting between his Intelligence Chief Hakan Fidan and Davutoglu, who was Foreign Minister at the time, along with top Military personnel surfaced.

Fidan speaks of “having his people send rockets” from Northern Syria to provide an opportunity for Turkey to move military force into Syria. Who would believe anything these people say anymore?

Looking at similar acts of terror in the past, we can however deduce who the perpetrator is by media blackouts. With ISIS there is usually a gag-order on the media, whereas with other extremist groups there is little hindrance for the media. It looks like there will be a media blackout on this so do not be expecting the truth to come out any time soon.

Pro-ISIS magazine in Turkey, “conquering Istanbul” in its first issue

ISIS has openly stated that all other Turkish cities except Istanbul is fair game for the full scope of its activities. “God has bestowed Islamic State with kilometres of land with war and guns, and we ask Him to open the gates of Constantinople (Istanbul) without war and blood-shed” states the foreword of a pro-ISIS magazine Konstantiniyye in its first issue focusing on the conquest of Istanbul.

The delusional idea is that the “believers” will simply take over Istanbul and make it the capital of the Islamic world. It is important to note that Rome and the Vatican, which is the prime target of ISIS in Europe, “will not be spared and women/children will be raped and made into slaves”.

Furthermore, this latest terrorist attack will undoubtedly be another blow for Turkish tourism after the debacle of downing the Russian SU-24, which resulted in Turkey facing huge cancellations from Russian travel agencies. Preliminary reports suggest that there are German nationals among the deceased and this will surely impact visitors from Germany, which is the top tourism provider for Turkey.

The chaos continues and however difficult it may be, we need to see beyond the carnage, get past the fear and find the real source of this evil. Rest assured that the people who are ultimately behind this attack and others like it do not give a moment of thought to the value of human life, it’s all part of their plan.



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