Putin’s Dilemma


by  Preston James and Mike Harris

When the US Military was sent into the first Gulf war, the rationalization was that Saddam unjustifiably invaded Kuwait as an act of outright aggression and this was viewed by the US Administration, Congress and the American People as a serious war crime in and of itself because they had been misinformed.

The American people were never told the truth about this by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

As usual there is always more to any story like this behind the lines that never gets told in the CMMM, the main propaganda arm of the USG and the Pentagon which both have been deeply infiltrated and hijacked by the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

The actual thing that set this invasion of Kuwait off like a match to kindling was the secret deployment of horizontal drilling into Saddam’s main oil field by Kuwait, and then his being informed of that illegal act by April Glaspie, the US Ambassador.

This actual cause that set off Saddam to invade Kuwait was unknown and unpublished at the time except by Intel insiders and those in the top positions of the CIA, the Pentagon, the State Department and the Administration.

This was all part of a sophisticated US covert operation on the KM’s behalf to take America to war in the Mideast for Israel further the KM’s “Greater Israel Plan”.

On the one hand the US Administration along with other NATO nations had been selling huge amounts of arms to Saddam to regain oil dollars spent by the West purchasing Iraqi Oil and were helping him arm to the teeth. Other sophisticated covert operation were conducted by the KM using Cutouts inside the Pentagon and Israel to encourage Saddam to wage war against Iran to weaken both Iraq and Iran.

The purpose of all this was to create chaos to destabilize the Mideast as part of the 50 year “Greater Israel Plan”, and to sell lots of armaments and war supplies to make huge continuing profits for the large KM related Defense contractors and banks.

The US used Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait as an excuse to wage a limited war with Iraq and to set up a no fly zone to maintain a control position for later pre-emptive invasions which were planned by the KM and it’s set of Sayanims in PNAC.

On one hand the US was running a “no fly zone” and using fake Intel to set up another war with Saddam, this time ending in a partial invasion of Iraq.

This invasion part way into Iraq caused the destruction of its infrastructure and its society and the mass-murder of over one million innocent civilians. It was as if the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing. But this confusion and counter purposed tasks always accomplished some main goals. It kept the American Military Industrial Complex profitable.

The attack on America on 9-11-01 was an engineered staged, Gladio-style false-flag attack run by Israel on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia with the cooperation and support of the US Administration, the JCS, the USAF, NORAD and the FAA.

It was an operation planned by PNAC, a bunch of rabid Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens run by the KM. These parasitical slime balls are KM Cutouts, American stooges and Traitors of the first order, real enemies within the Gates of America who have been functioning as secret agents of espionage for the KM.

This 9-11-01 false-flag attack was blamed on Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan along with Saddam Hussein and Iraq. But also blamed were all radical, extremist Islamics which were referred in a way in the CMMM as if that was most Islamics not just a small minority.

US Intel was conjuring up fake Intel to support these conclusions and to use this 9-11-01 attack on America to justify pre-emptive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq on behalf of Israel and the KM.

It was also used to justify the assassinations of alleged (but never tried in a court of law) Islamic Extremists. Some journalists suspected VP Dick Cheney made all these decisions of who was to be assassinated without Bush2 even being involved since he controlled JSOC.

Official US Military “Playing Cards” were printed up and distributed to US Forces deployed to the Mideast. US soldiers and allies were encouraged to kill any “terrorist” listed on the cards.

These pre-emptive Mideast wars were waged under the rationalization, “they attacked us first”, and “we need to get them over there because they will eventually come here and get us here on our home turf”.

These were big lies, and were actually US Administration and Pentagon war propaganda, “big-lies” created by the PNAC Dual Citizens and top NeoCons on behalf of Netanyahu and the KM.

In fact all of these Mideast wars have been surrogate wars on behalf of Israel, the Khazarian Mafia and its associated corporate buddies in Big Banking, Big Oil, and Big Defense including the Pentagon which is a revolving door with the largest defense contractors.

Putin’s situation with Syria is different, radically different than the USA’s relationship with Israel. 

Israel and its Sayanims, PNACers and top NeoCons have claimed that Israel is America best friend and on true ally in the Mideast.

The exact opposite is true. Israel is America’s secret avowed enemy that attacked America on 9-11-01 and has been actively engaged in espionage to asset strip Americans of their hard earned wealth for many years.

This is not what friends do to friends.

America has been functioning as both Israel’s sugar daddy and Israel’s military protector. It has also become Israel’s whore due to all the AIPAC payoffs made to Members of Congress who actually are engaging in foreign based espionage on behalf of Israel and the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

Perhaps they don’t even realize the seriousness of their actions or the long term damage they are doing to the American way of life, but they are in fact doing this to America and it must be stopped before America is destroyed by this KM parasite that devours everything in its past like a cloud of locusts.

Syria is a long term ally of the Russian Federation. When Syria’s President Assad asked Putin to help defend his ally Syria from terrorist attacks, Putin agreed. Unlike Israel and America, Syria and Russia are real allies. Syria is not a parasite on Russia they have mutual interests for serious trade and joint economic development projects.

Putin’s agreement to honor Syria’s request and come to its defense by attacking Syria’s invader ISIS has not been pre-emptive war by the Russian Federation.

This defense of Syria by Putin and the Russian Federation is the real defense of a long term ally from attacks by real terrorists.

And these terrorists attacking Syria were created, trained, financed and supplied by Israel, America, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and some other NATO nations.

When America went to war in the Mideast the second time, terrorist leaders were considered high priority targets to be assassinated using drones controlled remotely by armchair assassins.

None of this was actually legal under US Law, nor was it Constitutional because it was all based on a big KM lie. The right hand was attacking the left hand which was created by the right hand in the first place.

And unfortunately this was all being done in order to build the Greater Israel and to transform America into a KM slave state best described as a total surveillance Police State top to bottom.

The final goal of this build up of Homeland Security (DHS) and its TSA is to transform America into GAZA II with all Americans to become the New Palestinians so they can be systematically genocided.

Yes, the Russians defense of Syria its ally against ISIS is different and is completely justified under International Law. Assad has every right under International Law to defend Syria from these foreign based invaders, Israel, America, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others. And Syria had every right to ask its good ally and economic partner the Russian Federation for military assistance in the defense of Syria.

Thus Putin and the Russian Republic had every right under International Law to fight the terrorist forces ISIS which has been attacking and invading Syria.

It should be obvious to all that the invasion of Iraq and Syria by ISIS is a serious International War crime.

Why? Because it is premeditated aggression and mass-murder by those leaders from Israel, America, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others who started an now run ISIS and who are directly responsible.

All of these monsters must be brought to justice and made accountable for what they are doing and have done in Syria.

But what International mechanism of  and being responsible for many human deaths and so much human suffering? What means is now available to prosecute all these master war criminals for creating, deploying, supplying and paying the salaries of these ISIS mercenaries?

What international body or criminal court has the power and the will to indict, prosecute, convict and sentence these KM criminals for their war crimes which include the criminal invasion of another sovereign nation (Syria) the mass-murder and displacement of over a million innocent civilians from their homes?

The International Criminal Court and the UN are toothless and truly a joke so far.

These institutions are continually blocked in any serious corrective prosecutions against Israel for its crimes against Palestinians on behalf of the KM, usually by America a hijacked KM/Israeli slave state. Right now there is no means to bring these master KM war criminals to justice especially for their crimes against Russia’s good ally Syria.

Or for their current attempt to use the US and NATO to encircle Russia and once again destroy it like a replay of the Bolshevik invasion of 1917 which was financed by the KM and its large private Wall Street Banks.

And we now know for certain that these KM criminals rival Lenin, Hitler, Stalin and Mao in their degree of abject evil displayed.

If Putin was to use solutions like the Pentagon has used in the Mideast and around the World (with-prejudice sanctions which have included, playing card and drone frequent assassinations) he would have already instituted covert assassination operations against these anti-human monsters who now walk free among us.

So far Putin has tried diplomatic solutions which have gone nowhere. You cannot successfully negotiate with a two-faced lying snake like the KM and its top Kingpins and the Select few that sit at the top of its private central banking hierarchy aka its “Pyramid of Control”.

So what is Putin and the Russian Federation to do? It’s a fact that Israel, the RKM, America and NATO have been doing their best the last ten years to encircle Russia militarily and to destroy its economy and have been using NATO as a tool to help execute this plan.

Putin has instituted some very crafty counter moves with the creation of the BRICs new development bank.

This will began to place serious economic pressure against the KM private central Fiat Banking System which has become an overextended Ponzi scheme.

And Putin’s massive air assault against ISIS in Syria which has now created a complete checkmate against the RKM, Israel, America, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and NATO in their proxy war in Syria in which ISIS was supposed to first destroy Syria and them Iran, all as part of the “Greater Israel” Plan.

Putin has the assets and infrastructure to assassinate the entire KM criminal mob that runs the USA both in and outside of government.

And maybe it is the duty of the American people to assist Putin and the Russian Federation and rid ourselves of the KM criminals who are attempting to destroy our country, the freedoms we have been enjoying and completely asset strip all our hard earned wages, savings and property.

If the American people don’t do it then who will? The war the criminals are waging against the Russian people is no different than the war they are waging against the American people. The American people should cooperate with the Russians to destroy this criminal enterprise that jeopardizes everyone on the planet, all free people should unite to destroy this criminal mob starting with the bankers and those who own the banks.

Never forget it was the Khazarian Mafia trans-national and inter-generational criminal organization who set these rules of engagement in the first place with the Pentagon’s assassination playing cards and hundreds of assassinations by air to ground missiles fired by remote controlled attack drone.

Remember it was the Khazarian Mafia leadership who started the Bolshevik revolution funded by Western banks and chartered them to murder the Czar of Russia, his entire family and 100 million innocent Russian men women and children. And all was done without and trials or convictions.

What was motivating the KM was a 900 hundred year blood feud against the Russians and all the gold, silver, jewels artwork and assets Mother Russia held.

The Bolshevik assault on Mother Russia in 1917 was actually a Bankster-financed form of Piracy and was invoked so the KM could steal all the Russian assets, and these KM families still hold and control these assets they stole from Mother Russia even to this very day.

Perhaps it is time for the free people of the world to adopt the same rules of engagement in our war against the Khazarian Mafia?? Hey fair is fair, right??

If the free people adopt the same rules of engagement as the RKM uses on us, then maybe we can rid the world of this criminal parasite RKM once and for all.

Perhaps it is time for Putin and the Russian Federation to adopt these Pentagon rules of engagement against terrorists. Only this time the terrorists are real and are being run by the head of the snake, Khazarian Mafia principals, best referred to as the Head of the Snake.

The simple fact is this, when Putin checkmated ISIS in Syria the Russian Federation was actually checkmating the Khazarian Mafia. This is the first step in stopping the KM’s obsession with using America and NATO to encircle the Russian Federation and destroy Mother Russia and mass murder its innocent civilians once again like it did in 1917.

When Putin came to the rescue of the Syrian people they were being attacked and destroyed under the same control of the folks that ran the Bolshevik Revolution.

And we now know for certain that it was these same Khazarian Mafia private Fiat central banking families who ordered and paid for the brutal murder of the Czar and his whole family in 1917 along with 100 million other innocent Russians while completely asset stripping mother Russia in perhaps the greatest act of international piracy ever committed.

As we know from the continuing efforts to hunt Nazi war criminals, there is no statute of limitations for these crimes against humanity that those who created and run ISIS are committing in Syria.

Putin is now the World’s Hero in this ISIS war against Syria and the US is clearly on the wrong side of this, sad to say. This makes those KM Kingpins and Cutouts who really control Congress and the Administration and the Pentagon who are supporting ISIS elated to the Head of the Snake, the Khazarian Mafia. And we now know for certain that AIPAC and the other Dual Citizen foreign controlled espionage front for the Khazarian Mafia and Israel are serving the head of the snake.

It should now  be clear to all that Putin and the Russian Federation have the legal right under International law, maritime law and Natural Law to hold secret trials in absentia and declare war on the Khazarian Mafia and its Kingpins and take direct action to eliminate this threat.

Russia is well justified to order and deploy direct action to eliminate any continuing threat the KM Kingpins pose by any reasonable means. Such corrections should of course be done using Russian Intel assets which are actually in place all over the World without harming any innocent civilians.

Not only is such a direct action well justified but it is certainly time for the Russian Federation to cut the head off of the Khazarian Mafia snake before it succeeds in encircling Mother Russian and once again repeats its 1917 Bolshevik invasion, blood fest and asset stripping of Mother Russia.

As those in the upper positions of the Intel community know, there have been special cooperative arrangements between most G-20 nations allowing their agents to exercise free reign and certain rights of diplomacy in each others nations.

Currently these agreements allow direct actions against recognized terrorists, now usually Arab terrorists who have been sheep-dipped and mind-kontrolled patsies.

If Putin makes it clear that these KM Kingpins are now fair game for with-prejudice sanctions, a very strong argument can be made for the rest of the G-20 nations to stand-down and allow Russian assets to do their job and bring the snake to justice by cutting off its head which would stop it cold in its tracks.


The KM owned and controlled Western Banks equipped and ordered the Bolsheviks to use the particular savage rules of engagement they used against Russia during their Bolshevik Revolution, invasion and complete asset stripping of Russia in 1917. The Bolsheviks were ordered by the KM Kingpins to murder the Czar and his whole family and completely eradicate the whole Romanov line forever, which they did.

And now these same Bolshevik Bloodline Bankster Families have ordered the use of these same savage rules of engagement against the Iraqis and Syrians by ISIS and plan to do the same against the Russian Federation and America too, then every other nation left. And we now know for certain that ISIS is a mercenary army the KM has used Israel, America, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey to create and deploy to attack Iraq and Syria and is run by the KM Kingpins.

It was the KM Kingpins that ordered Chechen Terrorists to stage terror attacks inside Russia and ordered Turkey to shoot down the Russian Su-24 in side Syria in an ambush from behind like a snake in the grass. So Putin and the Russian Federation have plenty of good reasons to directly attack the KM top leadership for these pre-emptive acts of war.

Is it time for the Russian Federation and all free people of the World to use these same Rules of Engagement against the Khazarian Mafia Kingpins who have been parasitizing the whole World through their Private fraudulent “money from nothing” pernicious usury Fiat Banking System?

Should these Khazarian Mafia kingpins be indicted in secret courts inside Russia and tried in absentia with capital sentences delivered from all the supporting evidence? The answer is a resounding yes.

And since the USG is on the wrong side of this, currently hijacked by the Khazarian Mafia which runs the US Congress and the current Administration, the job lies with Putin and the Russian Federation. But we do know that there are many senior US Intel and Military officials that would strongly support these efforts of Putin to eliminate this KM threat against Mother Russia.

We also know that there is a large faction within the Pentagon that is tired of all the Dual Citizen traitors who have seized illegal control of a large portion of the Pentagon because they have been bribed and human compromised by the Khazarian Mafia. And more and more Americans are waking up from their CMMM mind-kontrolled stupor and would welcome the removal of the KM Kingpins from power, getting these bloodsucking parasites off our backs.

Now ponder this. How many worry about the cockroaches when the pest exterminator goes to work? Many Americans and millions around the World would rejoice at the demise of the wicked witch and the evil wizard behind the curtain.

If the top Kingpins of the KM were brought to sudden justice the good guys in the Pentagon and Intel would start asserting themselves and would likely speak up and support actions to drive the KM out of America’s institutions of Government, Defense and Banking. Without the top several kingpins that form the head of the KM snake it will quickly wither up and die.

These evil monsters have kept the whole world captured in their pernicious usury and debt-slavery. Imagine the rejoicing all over the World at their removal from power if they were no longer able to cause so much disease, famine, war, death, poverty and suffering for billions of human beings. There would be no more terror attacks, no more of these insidious false-flags used to manipulate the public’s group mind in order to steal more of the fruits of our labor.

We know that these KM two-faced greatest master criminals in history would never surrender for trial or appear for an such trial. Therefore, such a trial in absentia must be conducted in secret. And any sentence would have to be carried out in secret with no prior warning.

Certainly the time has come for these KM kingpins to be brought to final justice and right now the only nation of the World with the means and the proper mindset to rescue the human race and the World from these KM parasites is the Russian Federation.

After the attack on America on 9-11-01 the American Military took great pride in finding and killing those Mideast Muslim Terrorists they were told were responsible. If most US Special operations were told the truth who really did the attack on America on 9-11-01 which is the Khazarian Mafia, they would certainly support the same rules of engagement against that group of Kingpins. It’s time for the good guys in the US High Military Command to proceed with such direct actions that were actually improved early on after 9-11-01 and technically still remain in place.

There is an old Arabic saying, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The Russian people are not our enemy. As Americans that love liberty and Justice for all we stand in solidarity with the Russian Federation and the Russian People in their life and death struggle against the Khazarian Mafia which has been trying to eradicate them and steal all their natural resources for the last 1,000 years.

In an Op Ed letter directly to the American people published in the New York Times on September 11, 2013, Vladimir Putin stated, “if you cannot count on international law, then you must find other ways to ensure your security.”

International law has failed to stop the KM in its creation and deployment to invade Syria and oust Assad, The KM Kingpins have been doing everything they can to use the US Military and NATO to surround the Russian Federation and choke it off economically. President Putin must find another way to stop this age old master enemy of Russia, the Khazarian Mafia. And once the head of the snake has been removed, the nations they have held captive through their phony money system will be free to self-rule.

So here is Putin’s dilemma as Commander in Chief of the Russian Federation. He has a responsibility to the Russian people to protect them from all major threats. And this especially includes the age-old sinister plans now being reactivated by the Khazarian Mafia leadership to use Israel, America, and NATO to surround Mother Russia and repeat the invasion and atrocities of 1917 when they created, supplied and financed the Bolsheviks. Deatialed consideration of the KM ordered Bolshevik acts of violence and horror done to about 100 million innocent Russians is well documented in videos and photographs and close examination can cause symptoms of PTSD. If you want to know more about this unimaginable savagery of the KM in Russia beginning in 1917 using the Bolsheviks (which they created, trained, financed and supplied), do some deep Internet research.

All US Intel is downloaded by the NSA to Israel because the Khazarian Mafia hijacked American Intel collection and is now the sixth eye of the System. Unbeknownst to the Israelis, the Russian Federation has completely penetrated Israeli Intel and has direct feeds of all this NSA raw data. This has provided Putin with the information of what the Khazarian Mafia Kingpins are planning and doing to activate these plans to once again destroy Mother Russia and how Israel and the Pentagon attacked America on 9-11-01. But Putin also has his own detailed satellite Intel which provides a great deal of documentation how Israel and America did 9-11-01.

Since he knows now beyond any reasonable question who the World’s biggest real terrorists are and how they operate, he knows they are now trying to surround Mother Russia and choke it off and then once again slaughter its innocent civilians. And they plan to use the Pentagon and NATO military assets including the old Gladio left-behind army terror teams and heir mercenaries in Checha and now ISIS.

Even though the US faked Intel and wrongly initiated direct action toward Mideast Arabs they knowingly targeted in error as terrorists who attacked America on 9-1-01, these KM controlled agents and assets actually set a World precedent by claiming it was okay to initiate direct action against terrorists who attack a nation or its allies.

Now let us ask you this. Who are the biggest real terrorists in the World and what military have they hijacked and been using to commit their terror in order to justify phony wars that mass-murder millions including using thousands of US Soldiers as cannon fodder for their wars for profit?

That is exactly what the Khazarian Mafia leadership has done, it has used its puppets the US Congress and the Pentagon to stage pre-emptive attacks on foreign Mideast Nations that had nothing to do with the KM attack on America of 9-11-01, after it used Intel assets it owned and controlled to deploy its false-flag attack of 9-11-01. All the terrorism around the World is ordered and directed by the Khazarian Mafia Kingpins. That is a concrete fact that can not be seriously denied anymore once the facts available are examined carefully.

Talk inside Russian Federation Intel is that Putin will be releasing “smoking gun” satellite data in 2016 which directly proves that the PNACers and Top NeoCon Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens, Israeli Intel and the Pentagon did the attack on America on 9-11-01, and that it was a false-flag.

The Khazarian Mafia has also attacked Mother Russian using its terrorist mercenaries in Checha and it has attacked a Russian Federation ally in the Mideast, Syria. It ordered the shoot-down ambush from behind of the Russian Federation SU-24 inside Syria. Putin knows for certain that if the Khazarian Mafia and its leadership are not stopped completely they will just keep going in their  quest to surround Mother Russia, choke it off and then re-invade it and repeat the Bolshevik bloodbath of 1917.

But here is Putin’s real dilemma:  He knows for sure what the Khazarian Mafia Kingpins plan to do to Russia and these men are only a small number of individuals who run all of the World’s Terror operations. He knows their Globalist NWO Evil Agenda demands the destruction of Russia once again. And he knows these Khazarian Mafia Kingpins will just keep regrouping and never stop until they are removed from power at the top of the private central Banking Pyramid of counterfeit Fiat Money Power.

He also knows that only several top Kingpins need to be brought to justice by direct action. He also knows that if they have public indictments brought against them they will attempt to start a nuclear WW3 using the Pentagon. Why? Because they have hijacked a large faction in it run by Senator John McCain and certain active and retired NeoCon Generals.

But Putin also knows he must stop the Khazarian Mafia in its blood feud to destroy Mother Russia again to make sure it never rises to prominence morally or economically. That is why he has checkmated the Khazarian Mafia in Syria using the Russian Federation’s superior air power and that is why he has joined many of the World’s nations to create new but very promising economic firewalls against the phony Khazarian Mafia’s US Petro Dollar based financial Ponzi scheme.

President Putin’s popularity in the World is growing by every day. He now has the status of a JFK, a Bobby Kennedy or a Martin Luther King. His popularity inside the Russian Federation is huge, over 90%. A large and growing number of Americans admire President Putin and wish that we had a leader like him, somebody that will put America first instead of kowtowing to the Khazarian Mafia Kingpins and their counterfeit, fraudulent pernicious usury based Fiat money system. Every day more and more Americans reject the Khazarian Mafia’s daily propaganda of their Controlled Major Mass Media and their USG puppets.


Mike Harris is the Financial Editor of Veterans’s Today, a VT radio host Tuesday and Thursday at 5-7 CST, former GOP Campaign Finance Chairman and gubernatorial candidate for Arizona, and Senior Vice President of Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland.



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