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…by  Katherine Frisk 

Choose your mentors wisely

After VT published my article, Soros And The Gang. BRICS, Color Revolutions And How We Got TO WW3, I got a tip-off.

Unconfirmed let me stress; however, if this tip-off is accurate, it would not surprise me in the least. It would also not surprise me if other so-called “liberal media” and supposedly “independent” journalism in South Africa comes under the same umbrella. Here it is:

“The tragedy is that Soros now bankrolls Noseweek here in South Africa. And the drop in courageous, objective reporting is noticeable.”

In March 2015, I wrote the following article which I am going to repost here, with some additions and alterations to bring it up to date. You can see the original here. Noseweek on ‘Big Bad Putin’ — Mockingbird Editor Gives His “expert opinion” – March 2015, updated January 2016.

Noseweek is a South African, sort of cutting edge, on-line and off-line monthly magazine. Those who write for it and read it are under the impression that they are the leading intellectual and critical minds of the day. Readers of VT on the other hand, know exactly what cutting edge really is.

Often Noseweek gets it right. But then like so many others, they can also get it horribly wrong, so wrong in fact that it discredits the rest of the publication to its detriment. Especially when disinformation is coming from the Editor in his regular monthly rant.

The March 2015 issue did just that. On the one hand, we had Hilary Venables in her op-ed Bananas:

“Gates Foundation money squandered reinventing fruit for ‘ungrateful’ Africans.”

Might Microsoft billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates’s plan to feed starving African children with high-tech superfoods have slipped on a banana? Nutritional tests on their first viable effort, a banana enriched with pro-vitamin A, have been postponed, with awkward questions being raised about the true purpose of the project.

Last November, the world’s first genetically bio-fortified banana, developed at an Australian university at the expense of the Gates Foundation, was due to be fed to young student volunteers at Iowa State University in the US.

Although the only creature previously exposed to the banana was a Mongolian gerbil and no safety testing had been done, 12 eager young things signed up in return for $900 each.”

You will have to pay to read the rest I am afraid. I cheered her on! The battle against GMO is slowly gaining momentum and very slowly I might add, in South Africa.

Voices of dissent are finally being heard, and articles of the same caliber and integrity as F. William Engdahl’s fat klap at the Gates Foundation, see Gates and Obama Share a Dark Secret, are beginning to appear. Also see his latest on Monsanto and GMO: Victory in Paris vs Monsanto GMO Cabal.

But then we turn to the Editor’s article for the month. Dear Reader: From Russia with Love? What an opportunity for Putin bashing! I do not mind Putin bashing or anyone bashing in the least, but when factual information is so wrong, it makes you wonder.

“The third President of a newly liberated South Africa also appears to have forgotten that for centuries Russia has been – and continues to be – a pretty ruthless and corrupt imperial power that takes large profits but no crap from its vassal states. Those that don’t deliver get killed.”

Centuries? As I recall, it was Roman Catholic crusaders who destroyed Constantinople and the Hagia Sophia, with their Inquisitors burning people at the stake, who followed for the next centuries (plural), and who persecuted the Orthodox Christians of Eastern Europe, including Russians, not the other way around.

It was the Mongol hordes who invaded Russia, not the other way around. It was Napoleon who invaded Russia, and later Hitler who invaded Russia — not the other way around. The Soviet Union lasted for barely a century, (singular-not “centuries”), and no longer exists, which is what is really being referred to here; and Russia now functions as a Federation of States, each with their own autonomy.

As for “a pretty ruthless and corrupt imperial power that takes large profits but no crap from its vassal states. Those that don’t deliver get killed,” Russia has yet to reach the heights of imperial power that Rome, the Spanish Empire and later the British imposed on other nations. More recently, Russia has yet to score a credit rating of wars on their school report card that can even begin to compare with what the USA has achieved since 1945.

Need I remind anyone of General Wesley Clark and the now famous:

 “We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off , Iran.”

As well as: A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

These are only two examples.

Perhaps we should include the war in Angola where the US bankers funded both sides in order to keep control of the oil fields and out of the hands of the Portuguese. Angola has more oil than Saudi Arabia and today is the second largest supplier to China after Russia. China now has major shareholding in the oil fields in that country.

They used South Africans to fight up on the border against the “terrorists and the communists” while at the same time funding the communists as they did with Lenin and Trotsky.

They had to keep that war going for almost 30 years until the Soviet Union fell so that they could then move in with “Freedom and Democracy”, and buy Angola out in the same way that they did in Mozambique, with a corporate fascist takeover.

This game plan since the Bolshevik Revolution has been played out over and over again. Train, fund and brainwash communists to go into a country, destroy the middle class, the top military, the intellectuals, destroy the infrastructure; and when the country is totally on its knees, demoralized and traumatized,  move in and buy out all resources for pennies on the dollarFor 100 years it has been a case of wash, rinse, repeat.

You can see the same game plan playing out in the USA today. Corporate buyouts of retail, the middle class destroyed through the mortgage crisis, costly student loans which trap graduates for years trying to pay off compounding interest rates. The media censored and dumbed down, those who talk get murdered like Michael Hastings and intellectuals are silenced.

Saddam’s great crime was not the lie of WMD, but that he was going to sell oil to Europe for Euros; and Gaddafi’s great crime was that he was going to establish the African Gold dinar and bypass the dollar as international reserve currency altogether. Clearly the imperial petrodollar power took “no crap.”

Those who have not delivered have got, and still are being killed. The body count by now reaches into the millions, and the cost of the damage to those countries’ infrastructure in the trillions.

The Editor then goes on to say:

“Russia, too, has neither cash on hand, nor creditworthiness to be able to finance the deal. It has had to cancel or stall the construction of several of its own nuclear power stations because it can no longer afford them. It’s blown all its reserves on the war with Ukraine and on propping up the rouble in the face of international boycotts. Meanwhile the price of oil and gas (its primary exports) has plummeted.”

Creditworthiness. Now there is a thing. To the best of my knowledge, Russia is not in debt to anyone. Somebody else, and we won’t mention names here, is in debt for trillions. Russia has the second largest gold reserves next to China, as well as gold and platinum mines of its own. Russia no longer trades using the dollar, but trades oil and gas for gold, Euros, Rubles and Yuan. When the Ruble crashed, Putin traded in US Treasuries, bought more gold and bought Rubles at a very low price. When the Ruble recovered, Russia made a profit.

Consider another gem by F. William Engdahl in a recent update, January 2016 :

Russia Breaking Wall St Oil Price Monopoly

“The Russian move to price in rubles its large oil exports to world markets, especially Western Europe, and increasingly to China and Asia via the ESPO pipeline and other routes, on the new Russian oil benchmark in the St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange is by no means the only move to lessen dependence of countries on the dollar for oil. Sometime early next year China, the world’s second-largest oil importer, plans to launch its own oil benchmark contract. Like the Russian, China’s benchmark will be denominated not in dollars but in Chinese Yuan. It will be traded on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange.

Step-by-step, Russia, China and other emerging economies are taking measures to lessen their dependency on the US dollar, to “de-dollarize.” Oil is the world’s largest traded commodity and it is almost entirely priced in dollars. Were that to end, the ability of the US military industrial complex to wage wars without end would be in deep trouble.”

Add into this equation that Iran has developed technology that can produce oil for as little as $10 a barrel and is about to start pumping now that the sanctions have been lifted off that country. What becomes blatantly obvious is that the 21st century is not going to look anything like the 20th.

Russia did not blow all its reserves on the war in Ukraine. If anything Russia has gained. Over 1 million refugees from Eastern Ukraine fled to Russia for safety, due to the fact that Western Ukraine sent in tanks and grad rocket-shelled their infrastructure, including farm houses, so that they could get the farmers off the land and sell it out to Monsanto.

The black soil of Ukraine is some of the most fertile in the world. But I am sure Monsanto’s Roundup Ready, poisonous and cancer causing herbicide will soon take care of that.

With a very low population of approx 150 million in the largest country in the world (17,075,400 km²), Russia has reaped huge benefits in human resources. The majority who fled Eastern Ukraine when the Kiev tanks rolled in and started Grad Rocket shelling cities and towns, were all middle to upper middle class, educated people. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, technicians, artisans and metal workers.

Many, in this whole diabolical mess, who owned their own companies, moved lock stock and barrel from Eastern Ukraine into Russia.

The majority of these refugees were not of the calibre of the uneducated, poverty-stricken South Americans flooding across the Mexican border into the USA, nor of the equivalent who have flooded across South Africa’s borders from all over Africa. They are not there for free handouts, adding to unemployment figures and increased social security benefits paid out by the taxpayer.

The very efficient refugee camps run by the Russians to absorb these people managed to process them within three days. The large majority of them found homes and jobs and those with their own companies who have relocated have hardly skipped a beat. They were doing business with Russia anyway, all they did was move their premises across the border.

As for the Nuclear Power Stations that Russia has signed deals to build in many countries, not only in South Africa, they are designed to recycle nuclear waste and make it harmless. The nuclear waste that we have accumulated to date, will keep these power stations running for the next 300 years.

But most people skip that part and ignore it completely. This is why Russia has won the tender, over and above countries like France and the UK. It will be an environmental clean up job and at the same time produce a much-needed energy grid.

See: No nuclear waste: Fuel of future produced at Russia’s high-tech underground plant

At the moment, South Africa suffers from split personality syndrome. On the one hand the Neo Liberals, call them corporate fascists because they are certainly not capitalists, have their hands in many pies. Monsanto, DuPont and Syngenta have gained a strangle hold on the production of Maize and Wall Mart has bought out much of the country’s retail.

The drop in the oil price has been of huge benefit , simply because the planned Fracking in the Karoo, which many have opposed, has been put on hold and saved this region from the total devastation that Fracking would have done to the environment by companies like Royal Dutch Shell and Sasol.

Eastern Ukraine had to fight a war to stop Monsanto, Chevron and Shell taking over their resources. South Africa luckily, seems to have managed to slip through the hoop without any Grad Rocket shelling of cities and towns or tanks rolling in to Matjiesfontein, Leeu-Gamka or Beaufort West.

To date, according to German sources, over 50,000 people in Donetsk and Lugansk have been killed by lunatics who want to expropriate the land in the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine for GMO corporate farming and Fracking. Joe Biden’s son being in on these deals. Now about that:

“…a pretty ruthless and corrupt imperial power that takes large profits but no crap from its vassal states. Those that don’t deliver get killed. ”

Unlike the USA that lost millions and many jobs due to the drop in the oil price which has detrimentally affected their Fracking industry which runs at very high costs, neither Russia nor South Africa have taken this knock. They do not Frack and one hopes they never will.

On the other side of the split personality syndrome, South Africa is a part of the new BRICS bank, something that most South Africans still cannot get their heads around or even understand. They see it as Jacob Zuma dabbling with the commies in the East, and still look to Wall Street and the City of London for leadership. The change in the economic power has escaped them, certainly not aided by the information dished out in the media, including Noseweek. For the record:

One of the biggest threats to the Wall Street Bankers and George Soros is the BRICS coalition. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The BRICS bank in turn will not be founded in a usury system, but on a gold-backed system, something people like Soros want to avoid at all costs.

Along with this nefarious political activity to destroy the BRICS alliance, the objective is also to bring these countries into compliance with the Trans Pacific Partnership agreements, a Corporate Fascist wet dream. None of the BRICS countries are part of either the TTP or the TTIP.

The recent moves by the UK, Germany, Italy, France and Australia to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) which will run in competition to the World Bank and is to be launched this January, should have been a wake up call, but reality has not set in. The old mindset of “Reds under the beds” prevails and the changing winds that have swept over China and Russia in recent years is beyond comprehension.

Little to nothing is written in the South African media about the Silk Road project that is planned for this century, and where Russia and China have now been joined by the major European powers through the AIIB as well as Australia. Yo! Noseweek, look up!

China and Russia are still regarded as third class, communist, backward and technologically in the dark ages. The coming years will no doubt lead to enlightenment and a reconfiguration of this inaccurate perception, not by the Western Murdoch owned media or Noseweek obviously, but by the situation as it unfolds.

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and the author of: Jesus Was A Palestinian.


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