Tusk warns Schengen zone will collapse under refugee flood


Schengen at risk: EU has ‘no more than 2 months’ to get refugee crisis under control, Tusk warns

… from Russia Today,  Moscow

Does this symbolize strength through close cooperation, or a tangled mess?

[ Editor’s Note: The EU is whining now about the risk to their grand experiment, when all those who have been warning about its built in seeds of destruction were treated with derision, or even called racists, when that was a more preferable club to beat them with.

Now that the critics are shown to have been right, the EU leadership’s attitude is that “doo doo happens”, and they must deal with this “out of the blue” challenge or everyone will lose… everyone but the leaders, that is.

And what I mean by that is this continued dodging of responsibility we see in political leadership everywhere other than in places like Moscow, where statesmen like Putin readily admit past mistakes as a step in turning failures around, has become the norm rather than the exception.

Anyone with half a brain could see that “buck passing” was the response to the growing refugee crisis, as it was viewed as only a big problem for the front line landing point countries in Southern Europe. All the others, dealing with hard pressed budgets due to another huge failure of allowing their countries to be raped by the international bankster gangs, had no intention of funding an EU border deployment force to back up the front line countries being overwhelmed.

For Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the obvious weak point of entry was Greece and that is where the second flank was opened to add to the flow going into Italy from West Africa. The EU had plenty of time to see this coming and organize border support resources, but they did not.

Suspicious me, I cannot believe they could not see it coming, just like here in the US, where our Southern border is allowed to remain open, when we clearly have the technology to shut it down. It has been left open because powerful interests wanted it left open.

So Europeans, if they really want to save themselves, need to redo the EU, where step number one would be to have a recall process to get rid of failed leadership much more quickly by intervening around the “good ole boy” network that really chooses the leadership.

If they do not do this, then they have relegated themselves for just being along for the ride, and they will reap the whirlwind, which is why I chose the featured image … Jim W. Dean ]


– First published  …  January 20,  2016

The EU’s Donald Tusk
The president of the European Council has warned that Europe has “no more than two months” to get the refugee crisis under control, or else its borderless Schengen zone will collapse.

“We have no more than two months to get things under control,” Donald Tusk told the European Parliament on Tuesday, adding that the Schengen area would otherwise fail. The 26-nation Schengen zone allows people to travel freely between participating countries, without passport or ID checks.

Tusk also said the EU would “fail as a political project” if the bloc could not exercise proper control of its external borders. It comes just days after Austria’s chancellor, Werner Faymann, announced that the country had“temporarily cancelled” its adherence to the Schengen agreement.

“If the EU does not manage to secure the external borders, Schengen as a whole is put into question…then each country must control its national borders,” Faymann told Oesterreich newspaper, adding that if the bloc’s external borders are not secured in the near future, “the whole EU [will be] in question.”

Serbia is against the cessation of the free-movement Schengen Agreement, Serbian FM Ivica Dacic said on Tuesday. The sealing of the free-movement Schengen zone will have a domino-effect on all of the Balkans he said, adding that Serbia’s stance towards refugees has been more by-the-book than that of any other EU state, RIA Novosti reported.

Austria has radically changed its policy towards refugees, implementing a strict monitoring system for asylum seekers. A valid identity card will now have to be provided to authorities, and those who do not have the right to asylum or have already been rejected by Germany will be denied entry.

EU leaders are dodging responsibility for their dubious refugee response by calling opponents racists

The army has been deployed at the borders to stop refugees who intend to simply transit through the country and not apply for asylum there. Those found to be economic migrants, rather than refugees fleeing war and persecution, will be sent back to their countries of origin.

In addition to Austria, 10 other countries – Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary, Slovenia, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Finland, and Germany – have implemented some form of border control amid the refugee crisis.

Faymann’s comments came just two days after European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker accused the EU of “failing to deliver” on efforts to resolve the refugee crisis.

Despite a European Union plan to relocate 160,000 refugees from the frontline countries of Italy and Greece, AFP reported earlier this month that just 272 people had actually been moved. The decision to relocate asylum seekers was approved in October, despite opposition from several Eastern European states.

Refusing to give up on the relocation scheme, Juncker warned last week that the EU is “moving toward a serious crisis in terms of credibility,” and urged member states to fulfill their legal and political responsibilities. Europe is continuing to face the worst refugee crisis since World War II, with the amount of asylum seekers from the Middle East and North Africa expected to increase this year.

According to the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR), the number of refugees entering Europe in the first 10 days of 2016 was already three times higher than the level in all of January 2015. Forty-nine people have died or gone missing after attempting to cross into Europe this month.

More than one million refugees arrived in the European Union last year. Most of the asylum seekers hail from Syria, where a civil war has claimed the lives of 250,000 people and displaced 12 million others since 2011, according to UN figures.




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