Vladimir Putin Challenges US Treasury Adam Szubin and White House to Get in the Ring



“Dude, I told you to stop screwing around a long time ago. Don’t let the New World Order manipulate you. You can be a decent person. I will say it again, use practical reason.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Adam Szubin, the Treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, continues to succeed at failing. He told the BBC last Monday that the U.S. government has known of Putin’s corruption for “many, many years.”[1]

Szubin, who is an Orthodox Jew, declared:

“We’ve seen him enriching his friends, his close allies, and marginalizing those who he doesn’t view as friends using state assets. Whether that’s Russia’s energy wealth, whether it’s other state contracts, he directs those to whom he believes will serve him and excludes those who don’t. To me, that is a picture of corruption.

“He supposedly draws a state salary of something like $110,000 a year. That is not an accurate statement of the man’s wealth, and he has long time training and practices in terms of how to mask his actual wealth.”[2]

The White House, of course, backed Szubin by saying that his statement on Putin “best reflects the administration’s view.”[3]

Kremlin vehemently disagreed—for good reason. They declared: “It’s simply rubbish. They just picked all of it out of someone’s nose and smeared it across their little papers.”[4] They also said: “There is nothing to respond to questions or issues like this because they obviously fictional.”[5]

Once again, let us suppose that Szubin is right, that Putin is a wicked man. So, Szubin is basically saying that much of the world needs to bring Putin’s head on a silver platter.

But what about Szubin’s brethren? Is Szubin that old? Doesn’t he remember that it was Goldman Sachs that gave Obama millions of dollars? Doesn’t he know that Goldman Sachs supported both Democrats and Republicans? Doesn’t he know that Goldman Sachs executives have deliberately deceived their clients in order to accumulate Mammon?[6] Doesn’t he know that Goldman Sachs is essentially “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money”?[7]

We hate to beat a dead horse, but Szubin needs to rethink things over because the Iraq invasion has turned out to be a complete disaster for the New World Order. In less than two years alone, 19,000 Iraqi civilians lost their precious lives.

“Putin is bad, and we are mad and sad because he is destroying us.”

There is another issue that Szubin would never discuss in the media. This was pointed out by military historian and retired career officer in the Armor Branch of the United States Army Andrew J. Bacevich. He said:

“Let me guarantee you one thing, no mainstream columnist, pundit, or reporter questioning presidential candidates will ever put Putin’s putative act in the same context as the extrajudicial, state-sponsored assassinations regularly ordered by another well-known president.

“I’m speaking, of course, of the White House campaign of drone killings of ‘terror suspects,’ including American citizens, across the Greater Middle East and parts of Africa that began in 2002 and has never ended. This despite the fact that, whatever doubt there may be about Putin’s order, there is none when it comes to those presidentially approved drone killings.

“In fact, President Obama took on the role of assassin-in-chief with evident enthusiasm years ago (as will whoever enters the Oval Office in 2017). He has overseen a years-long drone assassination spree based on a White House ‘kill list’ of candidates chosen in what are called ‘terror Tuesday’ meetings.

“Keep in mind that that government-planned assassinations were officially banned in 1976. Keep in mind as well that Putin’s order, if true, was directed at a single figure and only he died (though the Russian president is sometimes accused of being behind the deaths of Russian journalists and opposition figures, too).

“Notoriously enough, however, the American assassination program regularly knocks off not only its intended targets but also a range of “collateral” figures, including in one case much of a wedding party in Yemen.”[8]

Now, who is the real criminal here?

It gets worse. NATO continues its aggressive expansion in Europe with no logical explanation whatsoever. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has recently declared that:

“We have already increased our presence in the East (of Europe), with the assurance measures; with more planes in the air; with more boots on the ground; with more ships in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea… we’ve been also establishing this small headquarters and we have more exercises taking place in the East.”[9]

These measures, said Stoltenberg, have “already been decided and have already been implemented.”[10]

Why the aggressive expansion? Well, Stoltenberg declares that NATO wants to challenge perceived enemies—or what he calls “the changed and more challenging security environment… Russia is of course a part of that.”[11]

How in the world can Stoltenberg and other New World Order agents seriously declare that Russia is guilty as charged when in fact it is Stoltenberg and NWO agents who should be trialed for implementing an essentially diabolical ideology on much of the West?

These people are morally and intellectually sick. If you do doubt this, then listen to this:

Stoltenberg’s first steps into politics came in his early teens, when he was influenced by his sister Camilla, who at the time was a member of the then Marxist-Leninist group Red Youth.”

As Jim W. Dean would have put it, you just can’t make this stuff up. NWO agents are targeting Putin with pitchforks because he is a former KGB. But Stoltenberg is basically a former Marxist-Leninist and gets great accolades in the media! If this is not Satanic, what is?

Paul Craig Roberts is right after all:

“The most corrupt government on earth, a government so utterly corrupt that it allows former executives of a handful of corrupt mega-banks to run the economic policy of the US solely in the interest of their banks, denying tens of millions of American retirees any interest income on their savings for 7 years and denying hard-pressed Social Security recipients any cost-of-living adjustments by falsifying inflation measures, a government so totally corrupt that it has destroyed seven countries and millions of Muslims solely on the basis of lies, this irredeemably corrupt government has accused the most admired political leader on earth of corruption…

“The United States, once admired, then feared, is now the laughing stock of the world. The CIA-controlled German media is being abandoned by the German people who have figured out that their media is nothing but a Washington propaganda operation against Russia.”

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