Power to the American People to Stop Nuclear WW3 in the Middle East and Chaos in the US

By Ray Camens for VT

It is obvious from the outside that the USA has become the face and fist of the global NWO evil empire. But are the majority of the American People aware of this and more importantly can they wake up out of their stupor to restore some dignity to their country and to the world? 

If we really are the most intelligent species, is this the legacy and the world we want to leave to future generations?

As the NWO Hawks and Holy Crusaders in the US continue to implement their Greater Middle East Project with their Zionist puppet-masters in England and Israel, its business as usual with Muslims killing each other and everybody else by the millions and yet more multi-multi-billion dollar revenues in arms. In the USA they are keeping the ignorant masses busy with flashy election campaigns, where no matter if the Republicans or the Democrats come out in front the NWO wins and the People of the US lose.

The GME Project has two objectives: The first is dividing and dominating countries in the region, and taking possession of their energy and valuable resources. The second and paramount reason is attaining the Holy/Promised lands as part of the End of Days and the Second Coming. 

EU countries to the West are under control, but the East needs to be "redeemed"
EU countries are under control, but the greater heartland around Jerusalem needs to be “redeemed”

Anywhere Abraham and his flock went, all the places that Jesus and his disciples visited and the realm of Christian Byzantium are Holy Grounds to be recaptured. Keep in mind that given its prominence in the Bible, Damascus in Syria may be their second most important city after Jerusalem.

The only problem is that there are hordes of Muslims and other unruly folk who inhabit these lands. So why not agitate them, pit them against each other and have whole countries running with the blood of heathen? And while they are at it, throw in the Coalition and the Shanghai 5+ you have the makings of WW3 as part of Armageddon.

This may sound like conspiracy but it is very much reality to some very powerful Christian Zionists who believe that a nuclear war must take place for the world to be finally rid of sin. Of course, they themselves will be whisked away in time by their Messiah to a prime location in the Kingdom of Heaven. To be on the safe side though, the unmentionably rich and their diabolical Holy men have built palatial deep-earth bunkers in remote locations. No doubt they have the financial means to do the same at the bottom of the oceans and even in space.

So the Dark Leaders of the Apocalyptic Pact are acting out their “missions as the chosen” (by God or Lucifer take your pick) and their contorted Messianic prophecies unfold by their own doing.

Tired of waiting for the Messiah, hard-core Christian and Zionist “leaders” are taking matters into their own hands in the Middle East and bringing on a man-made Armageddon, which the residents of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria would testify to every day.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Conquest, War, Famine and Death are already here
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Conquest, War, Famine and Death are already here courtesy of the NWO

They have opened a barrel of worms, which they control to a certain point. The NWO is used to working with shady “clients” but people like Erdogan in Turkey and elements like ISIL in Iraq/Syria, are highly volatile with agendas of their own. Until recently Erdogan was the champion of the broad Islamic Brotherhood movement, but the Brotherhood fell out of favor so he has now embraced the Saudi/Qatari Wahhabi agenda. A rule of thumb for most Islamists is that their primary objective is the global rule of Islam or at least their twisted version of it. Another common trait is their readiness to exploit disenchanted Islamic youth who grow up with hatred for the West and the US, and turn them into practically anything they want including fighters and suicide bombers.

Behind the panic propaganda of Iranian nuclear fire-power lies the horrid hidden truth of the Israeli nuclear arsenal capable of thousands of times the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Have no doubt about it, if Israel is cornered and out of options, the Zionists will go out with a bang and rain Hell down on the world. And there is Saudi Arabia with its own little nuclear weapons stash and how far can they be trusted? These are cunning Arabs who have made deceit, treachery and back-stabbing almost a tradition judging by their acts in history. And now there is the chilling possibility of Erdogan getting his hands on some 80 odd US nukes at Incirlik airbase in Turkey with Israeli trained Saudi teams to crack the launch codes – Allah help us all.

And what next? I would wager that nobody has a clue including the people who set this in motion and believe that they can control it. It’s all down hill from here without any brakes and our only bet is that the train “unexpectedly derails” and we hope for the best. At this point any option is going to hurt but a potential WW3 involving nukes (let us not forget that the smallest ICBM today is equal to 30-40 times the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with many reaching 300-500 times that annihilation) is by far a worse outcome.

So what major calamity or turn of events would put global domination on hold? If the Torah, Bible and the Koran are right, humanity is so far off course that we should be expecting the full wrath of God for all the vicious sins we have committed! That would be nothing short of a huge meteor hitting the earth or two super-volcanos erupting simultaneously.

As far as a turn of events is concerned, this may come in the form of financial collapse or deep social upheaval in the US. While the NWO is focused on global war to distract the US population from domestic troubles, they may be overlooking a potential Armageddon brewing back home.

The American Reality: Uber-consumers are slaves to the bankers, while the homeless simply do not exist

The American Dream is modern slavery to debt through material wealth. The ugly side of the American Dream is the “American Reality”, with estimated homeless figures  of almost 600,000 people that may be closer to one million in reality. A quarter of these unfortunate souls are under eighteen (how they get by is another sordid story) and 50,000 of them are Veterans. For the “number one country” in the world, this is nothing short of a global disgrace.

Your politicians may try to tell you the US is the richest country, but the whole world is aware that the US owes around 20 trillion USD that it can never hope to repay. Despite this ominous debt, the borrowing of more “dark matter” money created out of the “black hole” of your Federal Reserve continues to uphold the illusion of global monetary strength.

The top US banks that make up the Federal Reserve are intricately tied to the Rothschilds in the City of London and other European financial centers, to the IMF and the World Bank. They are effectively mortgaging your future and even the future of your great grandchildren yet unborn. They entrap you and control you with the culture of spending that creates only more debt. The whole US population is a slave to this debt owed to the big banking families that constitute the Fed.

The big banks that control the Fed are buying up the USA piece by piece
The big banks that control the Fed are buying up the USA piece by piece and enslaving the People of the US through debt

When we talk about money, we should always keep in mind that the conglomeration of banks make their own laws. All central banks, state banks and private banks are obliged to keep between 10-25% of the money they command in hard currency or gold that are both overrated anyway. The rest is non-existent fiat money, but is nonetheless owed in a vortex of debt that is engulfing people, societies and whole countries as the biggest rip-off in the history of man and money.

This whole scheme is in effect a demonic beast that has grown so disproportionately obese that it will eventually devour itself or simply explode from greed. The reckless financial markets and especially the astronomical derivatives markets, where hundreds of billions of data-dollars fly around in seconds and software does the bidding, may initiate the collapse. Understand that this is gambling on a massive scale for the unmentionably-rich that eats up the wealth and property of small investors.

Who remembers how many times they had to pull the plug on the derivatives markets to cut losses in the tens of billions of dollars? Could the recent panic in the junk-bonds markets be a sign of financial melt-down on the way? A collapse in any major financial sector will have a domino-effect that will bring down the rest of the system with it.

Likewise, a devastating cyber-attack by one of the many internal and external enemies of the US created by its hawkish leadership may be on the horizon. It is no secret that there are dozens of groups with such capabilities and that they are working day and night to cripple Western financial markets. The staggering global Cybercrime figures in the tens of billions annually show just how helpless authorities such as the FBI, Interpol and Europol really are.

Wall Street may fall prey to its own greed or a cyber-attack from enemies of vicious capitalism
Wall Street may fall prey to its own greed or a cyber-attack from enemies of vicious capitalism

Have no doubt that a successful cyber-attack on Wall Street would be more ruinous than dirty bombs going off in major US cities. Or a chain of cyber attacks on central power grids or nuclear power stations, effectively turning them into weapons of panic and destruction.

With regard to social upheaval, the signs are quite obvious. All across the USA, going to work, sending your kids to school or going shopping in a mall is like playing Russian roulette with assault weapons. Getting younger and more lethal, the shooters are most often males on anxiety/depression meds preparing and carrying out professional rampages with registered high-tech guns. How can you still ignore the combined effect of the USG preying on the weak to de-humanize them with physiological contamination, extensive mind control and a supreme reliance on zombie meds? And what will you do to challenge it and to put an end to it?

Hold on dearly to your Constitutional right to bear arms, but this cannot justify the murderous rampages by registered gun-owners, nor can it justify the unregistered high-tech weapons arsenal in the hands of street-gangs, militias and individuals with possibly enough fire power to kill the whole US population. The US authorities have allowed this to happen for decades and the upheaval it promises will provide the perfect scape-goat for the NWO population streamlining of the USA.

Another trend in social upheaval is the US Police murdering black, hispanic and minority citizens, which causes great unrest and ignites fires all across the country. This inherent US strain of white supremacy against minorities, coupled with the over-kill arsenal of weaponry, makes the US a time bomb waiting to go off and ready to be further exploited by the NWO.

Under any of these circumstances, it is obvious that there will be grave consequences for the people of the USA and the world, as chaos is sure to follow. The NWO thrives on chaos, they have earned quadrillions of dollars from their empire of fear they and they are ready for everything including biological or nuclear fallout.

They may have even initiated their “final solution” for dramatically culling the world population, which includes tens of millions of people in the US starting with the homeless, the poor and the minorities. Wake up to the fact that since the 1950’s we have been sprayed with toxic chemicals and inoculated with vaccines, with genetically or otherwise modified elements that can lay dormant in our bodies for decades to be “triggered” at a later time for a wide range of evil ends.

Ferguson, Missouri is a recent example of the State acting as if the People are the enemy in the US

Not to worry though, thanks to TV shows like Revolution, Jeremiah, Jericho, Falling skies and the Walking Dead the whole world knows all about survival under the worst possible conditions. Hell we could even take out a few blood-sucking-zombie-monster-aliens with a sharpened stick. Come to think of it those may not pose a problem since we deal with them every day in the form of politicians and big money men!

But seriously, can humanity save itself from its depravation and destruction before any of this happens?

Take a good look around you and you will see that evil and the devil does not exist in any of the myriad species that inhabit this planet except mankind. The instances when animals go nuts or pathogens mutate out of control is nature mimicking us or us messing with nature. No creatures other than man kill or hoard beyond their immediate or seasonal needs – man even does this for “pleasure”. Evil is not inherent in humans, on the contrary most of us want to do good and we get along fine left to our own devices. Barring genetic anomalies and major traumas leading to brain defects, no babies are born evil except in the movies, granted that under the right conditions almost anyone can become the epitome of the Devil.

Supremacists and fundamentalists all over the world, and most of all the psychopathic NWO bloodlines, are nurtured to embrace, spread and justify evil in their families and secret societies. Historically, war and oppression have been favorite weapons of the NWO spawning callous and evil behaviour that has turned into animosity lasting generations.

Considering that much of recent conspiracy theory has become reality today, we can even account for advanced predatory alien beings controlling and de-humanizing us for their benefit. The proposal still stands: Either way, we have been stripped of our humanity, we are bombarded by vice and temptation, we are offered poisoned food and water, subjected to open-prison education that creates fodder for the System, and we are even limited in our creativity in a decades-long cycle of retro.  We need to urgently recognize that humanity itself is under attack and we must act now because our lives, our countries and the well-being of our planet are in grave danger.

We must finally see that the NWO ancient bloodlines and their extensions are the source of Evil in the world and that the Devil is the biggest PR campaign in the history of mankind. Hiding behind the Devil is a handful of families that also control and disseminate all the temptations of our day through global organized crime syndicates.

Man is the only evil creature on this planet, the Devil is a hoax
Only man is evil on this planet, the Devil is the ultimate fear artificially created by the NWO to cover up their acts against humanity

If you can see through the temptations, you can also see through the devil and the whole NWO plan for global domination. Look beyond the fear-mongering and you will find a thousand weak points in their system such as those arising from their lies, their double/multiple standards, their dark business ventures, their ties to politicians and crime syndicates, their global monopolies, their fiat money and many more deep flaws.

And what is the NWO’s biggest fear? That the masses will see through their evil scam and bring it down like the house of cards that it is, before it comes to fruition. We are reaching a critical point in global awareness, humanity is waking up by the millions and have no doubt about it together we are Atlas himself. As things stand, the world is being run by a handful of zealous, well-organized, secretive and scheming families who control the money. Our sheer numbers are enough to send them into oblivion if we come together – but somebody has to lead the way.

The NWO has indoctrinated us with the language of hate, the feelings of confusion and loss, submissive inaction or psychopathic action and self-esteem related to wealth. As a result, people are so stressed out that they are pumped full of Big Pharma meds to keep them further under control. They keep us dazed and deep in debt as we try to live someone else’s life – a pop star, a movie star or a celebrity with everything indexed to money, sex and debauchery under the chains of mindless consumption.

To counter it we need wisdom through knowledge, we need to seriously question our desires in the material world, we need to stop the programming that has us living beyond our means, we need the language and physical show of love and we need to come together in great numbers. On an important side note, we also need to work on alternative means of communication and networks besides the Internet, because that will be the first thing to go when we finally corner the NWO or when the proverbial dung hits the fan.

Finally please understand that to the world, the USA is like a giant excavator opening a path for humanity with the full range of the best and the worst. The worst is now engulfing the world and so much depends on the People of the USA to stop it at the source. You have to lead the way: act swiftly, decisively and in unity. Light the beacon in peace, stop the cogs of the system and see how the whole world is ready to follow you.

The language of hate and greed vs. the language of love and sharing
The language of hate, greed and destruction versus the language of love, sharing and compassion


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