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Detroit Silverdome
Detroit Silverdome – Is this the economic blight, ruin and decay that every major American city is headed for?

by  Preston James

Note: This is a speculative personal opinion piece that does not represent the stated views of the VT Directors. Unless you are up to speed on the various background articles which define the Khazarian Mafia, the world’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate, you are probably wasting your time reading this article.

America is no longer the industrial, manufacturing and economic powerhouse it once was; and it is losing ground fast with no end in sight.

3d230d44-320x285Many economists expect a downward slide into a complete economic reset, and some view what’s coming as total economic devastation, even worse than the Great Depression that began in 1929.

PNACers, NeoCons and top Tribalists have taken special interest bribes ever since the Establishment assassinated JFK, MLK and RFK. And they have dined at the US Taxpayer trough for years like out of control addicted pigs.

And they have all been under the direct or indirect control of only a few top Policy-Makers usually only one assigned to control America on behalf of the top Khazarian Mafia (KM) leadership, a Ruling Council of Twelve, referred to in hushed tones as the Synagogue of Satan (SOS).

In return for massive wealth, seemingly endless political power, and incredible status, these soulless sociopaths have sold America out in every way imaginable to the SOS and their related international corporations as “Corporate Welfare”.

Most of these KM Cutouts have become incredibly wealthy with huge retirements, massive offshore “set-aside allocations in numbered foreign accounts and all this has been technically provided and carried on the backs of the average US middle class taxpayer and working man and woman.

wall street - follow the money - pyramid of power

These politicians do not work for a living.

They collectively scam the taxpayers, borrow an endless ever-expanding supply of interest bearing Federal Reserve System Debt-notes in amount far too large to ever be paid back by the US taxpayer.

Instead, the interest payments on this phony fraudulent debt grow and grow and are now choking over 40% of the US economy off. Add the huge defense budget and secret space war and surveillance budgets to this, and there is actually very little left for the American wage earner/taxpayer.

The result, a rapidly disappearing middle-class in America with what were well-off Baby-Boomers living great lives, now transformed into baby-Busters struggling just to be able to eat and pay their rent or basic expenses. Many are now living off their rapidly shrinking principals, since their lifelong savings produce little interest anymore.

This total sell-out of America by its crooked leaders inside the Beltway has included blatant violations of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as well as the old common law and natural law our great Founding fathers based America on. It was these basic laws based on God Given Rights that were recorded for all in their Declaration of Independence.

Ever since the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) was completely infiltrated by Globalist NWO entities, our elected officials in the visible ceremonial USG have become mere puppets of the of the forces and entities who secretly rule the SSG.

How this all occurred without major blow-back from the American People.

The American public have been bamboozled by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), an illegal mass media monopoly and News Cartel. Yes, the CMMM has been used con the American Masses who have been asleep at the wheel and allowed their elected officials to pass traitorous anti-American laws and trade Agreement. And these illegal, unConstitutional Free-Trade Agreements have resulted in the mass exporting of most good American middle class jobs out of America to foreign nations all over the World, but especially China.

JFK wanted to take America off of the fiat money of the Federal Reserve, which is neither federal, nor reserved for the people
JFK wanted to take America off of the fiat money of the Federal Reserve, which is neither federal, nor reserved for the people

China has been rolling in lots of Federal Reserve Dollars.

These are US Petro Dollar Debt-notes, actually FIAT counterfeit currency if you want to get technical. And now they have been buying up lots of American businesses, commercial and government real estate, tollways, and bridges.

But the Chinese have also been cashing in their vast amount of US Petro Dollars, but not all at once to avoid decreasing the value. They have also formed private trade agreements that are based on use of a basket of value adjusted currencies, joined BRICS, and started their own trading bank, the AIIB.

And Chinese power is growing, they have stationed engineers and construction workers in projects all over South America and Africa and some believe these can actually serve as Chinese soldiers.

The Chinese leased the Panama Canal and run it now. They have had a large contingency of such construction workers in the Sudan working on a pipeline in past years.

The Chinese are expanding their bases by filling in Pacific Atolls they claim are in their territorial waters when traditionally they have been considered in international waters.

The Chinese were able to buy the W-88 guidance and warhead secrets in a covert arrangement from the Clintons during Bill Clinton’s Presidency.

One trick used was to allow a US defense contractor to sell the missile guidance system to the Chinese for restricted space launch use.

The space launch failed, the missile crashed and the chips that were supposedly destroyed were actually secretly recovered and used. Now this chip design is being used in Chinese ICBMs that are being constructed. The same Clinton Administration top officials we know as war criminals were the ones who set this up and also sold nuclear centrifuges and attack helicopters to the North Koreans.

The stateside Cutouts are now beginning to have serious second thoughts and a big split is occurring as panic is beginning to set in.

They are now beginning to realize in their sellout they are slaying the goose that laid the golden egg, and soon all their accrued wealth will be worthless because the descent of America is likely to pull down the whole world with it.


The destructive alliance of politicians, oligarchs, 3-letter tools and banksters
A toxic brew of politicians, oligarchs and banksters… oh… and media moguls

Killing the Goose that lays the Golden Egg

Right now the KM Cutouts are splitting into two factions.

You have the Defense crowd that makes huge dividends off the major blocks of defense contractor stocks they own. And you have the ultra-wealthy political power brokers who spend money like water to bribe and own candidates and to shape elections.

The defense crowd wants to keep illegal, unConstitutional, undeclared, perpetual wars going in the Mideast to keep profits flowing into their pockets, and the wealthy power brokers also want the Mideast wars to expand with a strong US military presence in order to fulfill the Greater Israel plans for a hugely expanded Israel.

They plan to use Turkey to crush Assad and Syria and fight to destruction against Iran and Russia and then Israel will break up Turkey and start grabbing up chunk after chunk until they have most of it and can build their pipeline.

But strangely enough it seems that a significant number of these stateside KM Cutouts (the Defense crowd) are starting to get worried that their International comrades have asset stripped America so far with free trade and Congressional special interest welfare, that soon it will crumble, be sold off to rich Chinese and cease to exist as their Golden Goose.

This is causing a sort of secret panic among the Defense crowd, but their long term hegemony and hubris helps keep them in a state of denial about the coming destruction to their empires of influence and wealth as America descends into the Third World abyss like Mexico.


Origins of the Khazarian Mafia
Origins of the Khazarian Mafia

The original plan

The original plan of these stateside Khazarian Mafia (KM) offshore Top Policy-Makers like Sheldon Adelson and George Soros was to parasitize America by bribing Members of Congress to provide massive corporate welfare their way, and shuffle massive profits to their international corporations by exporting these businesses to foreign nations with cheap labor. Sadly, the US Department of State even financed most of the companies’ moves of their factories and industries to foreign nations at US taxpayer expense.

They figured they could maximize profits that way, by providing Americans moderate quality goods at cheaper prices that still provide big profits, and that this would get Americans by until they had gained a strategic foothold inside China, Malaysia and Hong Kong to begin parasitizing them as the USA crumbled and descended into a third World Nation.


The name of the game for any parasite is to suck the host dry and then drop off and attach itself to a new parasite.

Obviously these KM Cutouts used Free Trade to build up Malaysia and China in order to have a fat new host to infiltrate, hijack and then parasitize in place of the USA. And in return they received massive payoffs. Remember, it was the KM leadership that used US Intel to place Mao in charge of China after helping him drive Chiang Kai-Shek out. this alone was responsible for the slaughter of up to 200 million Chinese.

Mao was the KM’s choice for a new Bolshevik tyrant to run China and create their new Bolshevik nation to replace the Soviet Union which was to be completely destroyed after it was used to stimulate the Cold War to further industrialize America, and also to mass-murder over 100 millions Christian Russians on behalf of the KM (SOS) top leaders in the City of London (COL) in order to fulfill a 900+ years blood Feud against Russia.

The top few SOS leaders (top few Banksters, “Money-changers) situated in the City of London, Switzerland and Germany plan to crash out the US Petro Dollar, and all World economies and install a new Worldwide cashless electronic monetary banking system which will leave the wealthy stateside KM crowd out in the cold.

How could this be you might wonder? The hard truth here is the few top SOS leaders have zero loyalty to anyone they no longer need and often target them for destruction. Such is the nature of the few top leaders of this SOS Beast.

Cutout-maker Sheldon Adelson
Cutout-maker Sheldon Adelson

Where does all the big money to buy our politicians come from?

Most of this big money offshore KM massive wealth used to buy American politicians has been gained through massive Khazarian Mafia and “Tribalist” related international organized crime systems such as prostitution, sex trafficking and sex slavery of young girls, organ trafficking, gambling casinos, alcohol distribution and illegal narcotics trafficking.

Large Hotel chains and oil transportation, refining and distribution have made some of these political fixers fat on the lamb and able to buy massive influence. No-bid defense contractors kick back millions through their K street lobbyists to keep the contracts coming, many of them supporting stupid defense systems that don’t even work as promised as VT’s Financial Editor Mike Harris has emphasized so many times.

Thanks to the Citizens United US Supreme Court Decision, massive bribery of politicians and elected officials is made possible without the needed criminal RICO prosecutions.

Right now there is no US or Federal Law Enforcement agency that has the integrity or power to prosecute all these stateside KM Cutouts and KM Kingpins under Criminal RICO as they should. Instead they assist with the cover-up of their massive RICO crimes. The FBI is worthless scared little chickens, unwilling to indict Hillary Clinton for selling state secrets including Defense secrets. And the FBI is too chicken and too owned to prosecute the Israeli espionage fronts inside America like AIPAC, the ADL, and the like. DHS is a KM police state creation based on Israeli anti-terror tactics directed toward Americans and is technically operating as a foreign Tribal espionage front for Israel and the Khazarian Mafia.

DHS has now been exposed as and incompetent terrorist group and also a big leaker of state security and surveillance secrets.

Many working at DHS and the TSA keep quiet to maintain their jobs, but secretly hate its leadership and have lost any sense of mission or respect for the Agency. And worse, much of the US public is now viewing DHS as a bunch tyrannical freedom-robbers run by a bunch of perverts and criminals feeding at the taxpayer trough. Every day more and more Americans want DHS scrapped and completely eliminated as a US Agency, with all US law enforcement decentralized and especially the American police decentralized and de-militarized.

Thus, DHS is now filled with half-hearted sandbaggers. I know this for certain because I have talked with some who have told me this.

This of course has stolen the ability of the public to elect the candidates they want. This is especially true when you factor in the false-reality instilled in the masses by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), which serves as the opiate of the American Masses with serial TV comedy shows based on canned laughter, and keeps them preoccupied with needless conflicts while they text most of their remaining spare time away on their smart phones.




It is just now dawning on the KM (Tribalist) stateside Defense crowd that a fast-one has been pulled on them by the very crafty top several controllers of the KM, best described as the top few leaders of the Luciferian Babylonian Talmudic Neo-Bolsheviks, aka the several top leaders of the Synagogue of Satan (SOS).

The stateside defense crowd of KM Cutouts have been promised unlimited wealth and power, but now it seems they have been set up for destruction and will soon be left behind, out in the cold just like the American people.

The real purpose in exporting American industry, manufacturing and jobs to China has been to build it up and fatten it so that it will make a great new host for the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia City of London SOS Banksters to parasite as their new host. And they plan to use this new host as their power base to finally take over the Middle East including Israel and then the whole World.

Some suspect that this game of World domination aka the KM SOS Globalist NWO Evil Agenda will end with a huge cosmic war against the Great Dragon of the new KM-hijacked China by an invading entity, some claim will be a good alien force; others such as Christians believe it will be God Almighty.

Many believe at this time there will be a great final battle at Armageddon and the invading force will crush all of the earth’s evil, once and for all.

As far as the agenda of the Globalist NWO SOS goes, it looks like it now includes cutting loose the stateside KM Tribalist Cutouts who will certainly be left behind to rot in financial collapse and ruin, as their riches and power evaporate and the crowds with pitchforks demand they be brought to justice. And all this while the US Petro Dollar ceases to be the World’s Reserve Currency, and the American economy collapses like a house of cards. A parasite can only suck so much blood out of a host before the host dies. Then the parasitize must move on to another fatted calf to parasitize instead.

I would not be surprised if we begin to see a massive rescue operation to strengthen America and re-establish industry here once again, in order to recreate their Babylonian Talmudic system in America. Such efforts will be an uphill battle for them because the average American is waking up and becoming increasingly angry and resentful at the Federal Reserve System of FIAT Counterfeit debt notes imposed on us by a corrupt Congress and Administration as real money, when it is just a debt bearing interest obligation to pay its face value in labor and goods back to the KM Banksters.

Stay tuned because the pace of all these changes is increasing and you are likely to see some earth shattering events coming soon. I expect many will perhaps be quite shocking.



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