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… by Katherine Frisk

I am sure that many of you have recently come across the “Flat Earth Theory,” that has now sprung up since the fervour about the Reptilians seems to have died down. Well for the moment anyway.

The “fear factor” and the jive over the scaly ones has petered off somewhat, ever since some dude in the Kremlin proved to have some balls and could maybe, just possibly, if he so chose, become a threat to the spin, and blow the little green slit-eyed fellas way out into space.

To say nothing about any discrepancies about the “Moon Landing,” or even 9/11. But that’s another story.

Real Science. Now there is a thing.

For anybody with half an ounce of brain cells, and yes due to the effects of GMOs, Chemtrails, the Kardashians and a number of other influences there is a perceptible reduction, there has been a noticeable decline in investigative non-fiction on various subjects, not only science, in the last sixteen years.

My particular interest has been ancient religions and the Dead Sea Scrolls in particular. Why?

Well if you have read any of my previous articles (I will leave a list below if you missed them), you will have gathered by now that I am in search first of the truth, and second, I believe that if we can clear up a number of misconceptions pertaining to the Old and the New Testaments, a lot of the world’s current turmoil will be resolved — not only religious belief, but the foundations of our political systems which are clearly, totally, corrupt.

jesus-palestinianTake Israel for example.

If I am right, and I believe that I am, Isaiah 17 refers to Damascus and the Northern Kingdom as Israel itself, and not to what we now know as Israel. Israel historically, according to the Bible, is not Judea and the southern Kingdom.

Taken in conjunction with Jeremiah 34, where there is a differentiation between the Hebrews from the north and the Israelites from the south whom we now know as “Jews”, the persecutors of the Palestinians on the West Bank (and I stress, Samaritan Jews, Torah Jews who have always been living here, Christians and Muslims, the so-called lost ten tribes), plus what is now called Syria but was once part of the Northern Kingdom, are damned in the Bible and will be blown away. No contest. The persecutors are persecuting Israel.

Kinda changes everything doesn’t it? Which means that if there are more “sealed” texts (hint hint) along this line of thinking that have been sitting in some jars somewhere and somebody has them, they really would not want us to know about it would they?

Justifying criminal acts of war and aggression in present time on texts that date from over 2,000 years ago and, what is more, have been misinterpreted, is quite frankly, beyond stupid. It is also irresponsible and downright genocidal.


Sixteen years of silence

During the 1990s, there was a plethora of books coming out that were bending the envelope. Whether the authors were right or wrong in the final analysis is besides the point. The fact was that they were taking new material that had never been seen before and were coming up with what they thought was an accurate assessment. South Africans in particular were having a field day. After over thirty years of strict censorship laws under the Nationalist Apartheid Regime, the floodgates were opened.

At the time I was lucky enough to find a good bookshop that I used to visit at least once a week in case I missed something. (This was before the Internet, as we now know it.) I eventually realized that the book buyer at this particular store was onto me. He or she, I never found out, realized that they had a dead cert of a customer and kept supplying my interest.

I finally realized this when once there was only one copy of a certain title on the shelf. What bookshop orders ONE copy? Of course I bought it. But then, I am the only person who most probably would have been crazy enough to spend that much on a book!

As of 17th March 2016, this title sells for $2,411.01 new.

When I bought it in 1991 it cost me  about $10.95 new. This book is still one of my treasures, and I still bless that book buyer! “Dictionary Of Proper Names And Places In The Bible.” O. Odelain and R.Seguineau.

Why was this so important? Because in Biblical times, much like Africa still is today, and the Native Americans still are, people were given names that meant something, that were relevant to either the place where they were born, being a geographical identity or to their character. And often they changed their names as circumstances changed.[1]

Sort of like the term “Jew” is now, an all-encompassing word that hides a multitude of sins and historical facts. A word derived from one specific area called Judea. Not all Jews are Judean or Zionists, not all Zionists or Judeans are Jews. Not all Hebrews are Jews. Not all Jews are Hebrews. Only the Zionists have Ashken-NAZI Khazars in their ranks who believe that the Babylonian Talmud takes precedence above the Torah or the earlier Palestinian Talmud.


In the Days of Omni Magazine

October 1984

Also during the 1990s there was a wonderful magazine called Omni.

It had many scientific factual articles, as well as science fiction and parapsychology. The editor was an ex South African called Kathy Keeton. This also became one of my regular purchases. Some of the stuff was pure entertainment and not to be taken seriously, but in amongst the fantasy was hard-hitting science and updates on the latest technology. Real cutting edge stuff.

In 1996, OMNI went into Cyberspace with less coverage on fiction and fantasy and more real-time scientific articles

Then things began to change. Kathy Keeton died in 1997 and OMNI disappeared. Knowing what I know now and what VT readers are fully aware of, this was not really surprising in retrospect, neither her death nor the cutting-edge cyberspace magazine vanishing.

My book buyer also seemed to have vanished because the shelves were now filled with… quite frankly… junk.

I later discovered that the shop had been taken over by what you would call your Bible belt gang, the kind of people who take ten per cent of your salary and the preacher appears to have been trained by a combination of Hollywood and MKultra, wears expensive silk suits and lives in a mansion. Also known as Christian/Zionists. Or Scientologists, take your pick. The brainwashing and “control” factor is much the same as are their coffers. I kid you not, this book shop is now called CUM, and the last time I looked, they had a picture with the words, “He is risen.” Check it out here.

Also of note, the South African government was given notice by the Americans, George Bush junior in particular, that our press was too “liberal.”

Again in retrospect, and as VT readers are fully aware, translated this means, “too much truth, not enough propaganda.” As a result, some of our best reporters disappeared from major news outlets and the format was changed to include more local content.

In reality what this means is little to no real international coverage, and World War 3 could break out, while on the front page of our newspapers you will get an article with full colour photographs of protesters toy toying for Nkandla.

Or, the Russians presenting evidence that trillions have been stolen from emerging markets and that the BRICS countries must beware of covert funding and manipulation for colour revolutions and regime change, and Westerners will merely get articles about some government worker with their hands in the cookie jar stealing taxpayers money so that everyone in the office can have 50 litres of coke and 30 large size pizzas for lunch every day, or taking a bribe so that some family member can get the contract for road construction.

Reporting on these things is not unimportant. But the blanket silence on how the world really works and the real part that we consumers play in this international dog’s breakfast that we find ourselves in, is hardly mentioned. A small, one-paragraph article hidden in the back pages somewhere if at all, is inexcusable.

Since 2000 the doors slammed shut once again and we have had sixteen years of silence.



Nicolaus Copernicus – Wikipedia

In the early 16th century, Nicolaus Copernicus formulated a model that proved that the earth was not the centre of the universe, but revolved around the sun.

This was not news. In the 4th century, Hypatia was teaching her students astronomy at the Great Library of Alexandria. She was called a witch and skinned alive by a marauding band of bigots, and then her remains were burnt in the Cinaron, along with the whole library soon after.

Copernicus had better luck, and although criticized, was not persecuted. His detractors came from the Protestants. Melanchthon wrote:

“Some people believe that it is excellent and correct to work out a thing as absurd as did that Sarmatian [i.e., Polish] astronomer who moves the earth and stops the sun. Indeed, wise rulers should have curbed such light-mindedness.”

The Roman Catholic Cardinal Nikolaus von Schönberg, Archbishop of Capua, wrote to Copernicus from Rome:

“Some years ago word reached me concerning your proficiency, of which everybody constantly spoke. At that time I began to have a very high regard for you… For I had learned that you had not merely mastered the discoveries of the ancient astronomers uncommonly well but had also formulated a new cosmology. In it you maintain that the earth moves; that the sun occupies the lowest, and thus the central, place in the universe… Therefore with the utmost earnestness I entreat you, most learned sir, unless I inconvenience you, to communicate this discovery of yours to scholars, and at the earliest possible moment to send me your writings on the sphere of the universe together with the tables and whatever else you have that is relevant to this subject …”

Galileo – Wikipedia

By the early 17th century, the rising power of the Jesuits and the Inquisition changed the Roman Catholic view, and Galileo unlike Copernicus found no support.

“The Inquisition found that the idea of the Earth’s movement “receives the same judgement in philosophy and… in regard to theological truth it is at least erroneous in faith” The original document from the Inquisitorial commission was made widely available in 2014. Pope Paul V ordered:

“… to abandon completely… the opinion that the sun stands still at the center of the world and the earth moves, and henceforth not to hold, teach, or defend it in any way whatever, either orally or in writing.”

Galileo was accused of being a heretic by the Inquisition. He was sentenced to house arrest for the rest of his life. His publication Dialogue was banned.


Controlled Opposition

Fast forward to 2015-2016 and what do we have? An ex Jesuit propounding the theory of a Flat Earth.

There is no such thing as an ex Marine. Once a Marine always a Marine. There is no such thing as an ex Goldman Sachs. There is no such thing as an ex Opus Dei, and there is no such thing as an ex Jesuit.

It is all part of controlled opposition. Poisoning the well and then hijacking the system. If there were an X, he would be dead. It comes with the package. Ask Scalia.

The same goes for Islam. Some “X” Jesuits claim that the Vatican created Islam. But the truth is more likely that if they had a hand in it at all, it was to delete certain texts, as they did with the early Christian texts or to corrupt the original teachings. By saying that they created it, instead of infiltrating and corrupting it, they take ownership. Smart trick. And as I keep repeating, the Pope misguidedly believes that he owns the planet, all bodies on the planet and all souls.

A recent comment on one of my articles was most enlightening, and supports a corruption of the original teachings:

“What you also may want to look into is the possibility that the Vatican and/or Khazarians murdered Mohammed and hijacked the Muslim religion on Mohammed’s journey from Mecca to Medina. The more peaceful Mecca Koran verses appear to have a different ‘author’ from the less tolerant Medina Koran verses.

Books that explicitly state the “Medina Verses Are Not from Mohammad or Allah” hypothesis are “Mission for Mohammad and Islam” by Iranian nuclear engineer Armen Saginian (Books 1 & 2). Saginian credibly states that Mohammad “was murdered in Mecca and never reached Medina” and that “Koranic Verses of Medina are neither his words nor the words of Allah.” Book 1 intro at Google Books.

Shortly after Mohammad’s death and especially more recently, Brits & others regularly used the more violent Medina Koranic Verses to spur Muslims to wars, assassinations, chaos, conflicts & confusion…”

Mecca-3Some time ago, a Muslim friend chided me for not including Islam in my articles.

My response was that I am really not qualified, and I am not. This would take me another lifetime of study. However, after having read the Koran, I did come to one conclusion, a conclusion that if I am correct, is supported by research from Armen Saqiniian.

Mohammad’s  life has two distinct phases. Before the so-called “attempt”on his life and after the so-called “attempt” on his life. Prior to this, he was more of a Ghandi figure; he had good relations with Jews and Christians and his whole message was one of peace. He was also monogamous. Which would equate with the Mecca verses.

Subsequent to it his message is one of violence and the sword, with verses that damn Jews and Christians. He becomes polygamous. Which would equate with the Medina verses.

Justifying criminal acts of war and aggression in present time — as has been the case with the horrors of Wahhabi ISIS and all those who have trained, supported, paid for and armed them, on texts that date from over 1,000 years ago and what is more, might have been corrupted — is quite frankly, irresponsible and downright genocidal.

Saqiniian says of himself:

“It was and is the intent of this effort to affect a closure to religious carnage and hatred. I have concluded my MISSION. I have segregated Mecca and Medina Verses. I have published them in two books. I have delivered Mohammad’s message to you. It is up to you to read them and draw your conclusion. Was it a hallucination or revelation (epiphany)?”

Intelligent study, accurate science, proper interpretation of texts, coupled with archeological evidence and carbon dating, can only lead us to the truth, no matter how hard that truth might be to accept, as it overturns our brainwashed and preconceived notions. But then power and money most of the time relies on propaganda, lies and deceit and, if anything, scientific study is their enemy.

God by whatever name you may or maybe not call it or even believe in it, is by nature truthful. We should have no fear in seeking the truth, even when we take a wrong turn. At least we are seeking.

And that is part of the journey. So is forgiveness, if we happen to miss the mark on occasion. If I am wrong I know I will be forgiven, because I am searching for the truth, and I never stop knocking at that door, and I never will. I would rather dance and fall than not dance at all.


Franco – Time Magazine

In previous articles, I have explored the Vatican’s covert support of corporate fascist police states.

Today the Zionist state of Israel is a fascist police state. Saudi Arabia is a fascist police state. Turkey has become a fascist police state and the USA under the guidance of the Nazi Bush family from Prescott on down through the CIA and Allen Dulles has become a fascist police state imposing this ideology on other countries in South America, Africa and the Middle East. Inaugurated with the murder of JFK and it’s coup de grace with 9/11.

Which brings me to an interview published in Science Insider: How the Franco dictatorship destroyed Spanish science. In the introduction, which should immediately set alarm bells ringing,  Tania Rabesandratana (emphasis mine) says:

“Francisco Franco ruled over Spain from 1939 until his death in 1975. His nationalist, authoritarian regime had a brutal grip on the country’s political and cultural life—but also on science, according to Education, science and ideology in Spain (1890–1950), a recent book published in Spanish. In it, Manuel Castillo Martos and Juan Luis Rubio Mayoral show that Francoism smothered research and relied on Opus Dei, a conservative Catholic institution, to police academic life.”

What we have here is the flat earth society, Franco and Opus Dei. I do not know if I believe in Darwin’s theories, I cannot judge. So far, there is no conclusive evidence either way to make a definite decision. There is still the missing link, and there is still evidence of civilizations more advanced than we are that existed thousands of years ago. Castillo Martos says in the interview:

“The Franco regime defended the literalism of the Bible, which was considered an infallible account, inspired by the word of God. Scientific ideas that contradicted it, such as Darwinist evolution, were considered unacceptable. For example, in the last years of Francoism, religious censors prohibited science broadcaster Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente from using the phrase “the sea, the cradle of life” on public television.”

And so we return to Hypatia, Copernicus and Galileo. Almost 2,000 years of censorship.


Hypatia and ancient Alexandria - poster of 'Agora' film
Hypatia and ancient Alexandria – poster of ‘Agora’ film

With or without Darwin:

As with the buffalo, which was an inherent part of their society and was seen as a god by the Native Americans, but was not Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit, so Jehovah in Genesis 2 is like the buffalo, but is not the Elohim, the Great Spirit of Genesis 1.

If the story line in Genesis 2 is proved to be based on an island paradise in the middle of a river or fertile area, and where their major industry was pottery made from clay, then it would come as no surprise that, like Khnum on the island of Elephantine, their god was the potter god of their own hands, creation and imagination.

The buffalo is a lessor “god” of the earth, it does not have a place in the heavens but the on plains and is relevant to a particular group of people. It is not universal. Which the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka is.

Jehovah is a lessor “god” of the earth, does not have a place in the heavens but on the banks of a river, and is relevant to a particular group of people. It is not universal which the Great Spirit, Genesis 1 is.

Yeshua says:

Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.

He does not say:

Jehovah which art on the river bank, messing around with mud pies.

The political spin off from exposing the very primitive foundations of the latter would be that the power that the Vatican has wielded over society with its bigoted attitude towards women, original sin and a church that is now running rampant with pedophiles as a result, as well as the “Jewish” whatever that is, belief that they are the “chosen race,” would literally crumble back to dust. Perhaps it is time that both concepts did.

What should be clear is that hopefully, as we evolve to a more civilized future with the help of scientific study, now more than ever, we also need to be able to bravely step forward and search for the truth. Confront the fact that the Old Testament, the New and the Koran have conflicting philosophies that have created cognitively dissonant societies. These societies have turned in on themselves and become destructive, rather than harmonious and in synchronicity with the laws that govern the universe, the heavens or the Great Spirit.

A recent article that touched me very deeply was “After the Prophet,” by Hamza Haidar.  I would like to end this article with a quote from his:

“Sheikh Hassan reminds Muslims that ‘do you not think?’ is mentioned in the Holy Quran more times than ‘do you not believe?’



  1. I have a Zulu friend called Indaba. Indaba means the meeting place. Indaba has now become the head of the family. As the head of the family, he is the meeting place for all his relations. He father named him Indaba for this reason. Indaba not surprisingly has not only grown up to embody his name, but he has lived up to his name. He has developed the ability to arbitrate between two people and listen to their disputes. He listens to both sides and hears what they have to say, more often than not finding a real solution to the problem that has arisen.

    Jesus is a Greek translation of the name Joshua. Joshua is the Latin for the Hebrew Yehoshua. It means “Yah saves.” Jesus in the New Testament was named after Joshua in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament Joshua led the Hebrews into the New Kingdom when they crossed the river Jordan. Both the New Kingdom and the river Jordan are central themes in the New Testament. Joshua in the Old Testament dedicated the people to the law are Mount Gerizim. In the New Testament Jesus gives us a new law, to love one another. Joshua in the Old Testament saved his people from a life of wandering in the wilderness and joined them together into a nation. In the New Testament people are saved by being Baptised in the river Jordan and saved through the life and death of Jesus. Joshua in the Old Testament is descended from Joseph. In the New Testament Joseph is the father of Jesus. In the Old Testament Joshua is a Ephraimite, blessed by Israel as the Firstborn and in Jeremiah 31 is called by the Lord, his firstborn. In the New Testament Jesus is called the son of God.


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