John McCain Received Money from Terrorist Regime Saudi Arabia

Neocons seem determined to topple the Syrian government, using Turkish resources along with ISIS
“Hmm…What do we have here?”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Gordon Duff rightly pointed out last February that “The US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have shared goals in Syria, as all three want the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad to be toppled by rebel forces.”

Bloomberg has implicitly agreed with what VT has been saying for months: John McCain is a terrorist apologist. Duff calls him “the father of ISIS.” Bloomberg again implicitly agreed that McCain got much of his support from Saudi Arabia, a terrorist regime which also has supported ISIS. Bloomberg stated:

“A nonprofit with ties to Senator John McCain received a $1 million donation from the government of Saudi Arabia in 2014…

“The Arizona Republican has strictly honorary roles with the McCain Institute for International Leadership, a program at Arizona State University, and its fundraising arm, the McCain Institute Foundation, according to his office. But McCain has appeared at fundraising events for the institute and his Senate campaign’s fundraiser is listed in its tax returns as the contact person for the foundation.

“Though federal law strictly bans foreign contributions to electoral campaigns, the restriction doesn’t apply to nonprofits engaged in policy, even those connected to a sitting lawmaker…

“Holman said that the Clinton Foundation, whose top donors include Australia, Norway, Saudi Arabia and Sweden, may have started the trend of foreign governments donating to nonprofits connected to political figures.”[1]

There you have it. The guy who kept beating the war drum in order to remove Assad from power was actually being paid by a terrorist regime. Saudi Arabia in particular has been reported to have been one of the most repressive regimes in the Middle East.[2]

Professor James Petras has shown that Saudi Arabia has a long history of working with terrorists. Yousaf Butt, a nuclear physicist and Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Technology and National Security Policy at the National Defense University, has argued the same thing.[3] Even the Guardian admitted in 2014 that “To really combat terror, end support for Saudi Arabia.”[4]

Yet America partnered with the regime for years. The United States and Britain are still “quietly helping” Saudi Arabia to “wage a devastating aerial campaign in Yemen.”[5] The LA Times itself has recently reported:

“It’s undeniable that the Saudis are violating international law as they carry out attacks with no apparent military target and use banned weapons, such as cluster bombs. Aerial strikes have hit schools, hospitals, markets and homes. According to the U.N., they account for 60% of the 3,200 civilians killed in the conflict.

“[While] the US leads the charge for … justice against the Assad government in Syria, it turns a blind eye to or actually stymies … inquiries into abuses by Saudi Arabia.”[6]

President Obama once called the alliance “the strongest partnership between the United States in Saudi Arabia” and stated that the United States will “continue cooperating closely on a range of issues.”[7] Why? Because the CIA drone is based in Saudi Arabia.[8]

By 2009, King Abdullah and Saudi Aramco had already spent more than $200 million at major American and European universities such as Stanford, Cornell, Texas A&M, University of California Berkley, CalTech, Georgia Tech, Peking, and Oxford on technology research in order to make Saudi oil last longer, since it was indicated that the oil was expected to run dry in fifty years.[9] Saudi Arabia has also admitted that they supported terrorist rebels in Syria.[10]

But for years, both the New York Times and the Washington Post knew about the CIA’s drone base in Saudi Arabia and never told the American people.[11] Bahrain, the small island off the coast of Saudi Arabia, also has methodically and brutally tortured its own citizens.[12] And the US supported all of that by arming the regime.[13]

There is more: the Saudi war on Yemen has slaughtered almost 10,000 people and has starved 320,000 children to death.

“Attacks on schools and hospitals and the denial of humanitarian assistance to children continue to occur. The UN verified 51 attacks on education facilities, including schools and personnel… The violence has forced the majority of Yemenis into destitution. An estimated 21.2 million people — 82 per cent of the total population — need urgent humanitarian assistance. Almost half of those in need are children.

“Before March 2015, almost half of all children under the age of five were chronically malnourished. Today, UNICEF estimates that 320,000 children face severe malnutrition, while 2.2 million children need urgent humanitarian assistance to prevent further deterioration in their nutritional status.”[14]

Haven’t people like McCain, Obama, Bill Kristol and others been shouting for “democracy” and “freedom” in the Middle East? Weren’t they trying to remove Assad from power because he supposedly slaughtered his own people? Didn’t the Neo-Bolshevik regime cook one falsehood after another to get the West involved into a diabolical war in Syria? They mean to tell us that Saudi Arabia is doing a great job in Yemen?

Once again, there is no way that New World Order agents can put that contradictory puzzle together. Any person with an ounce of rational sense can see that the diabolical system is not compatible with reason at all. It gets even really laughable now because “CIA-armed militias are shooting at Pentagon-armed ones in Syria.”[15]

But something big has to happen in order to wake up some people because many don’t even know that our nation’s capital is named after George Washington!

Once a person reaches that level, it will be a long way to talk to him about what is actually happening in the political realm. It gets a lot worse. Some people believe that Richard Nixon is running for president in 2016:

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