The Majestic One – Chapter II



by Jack Speer Williams

Chapter II

Americans owe the Japanese and German peoples tremendous moral and material debts that might never be fully repaid.

In the post-WWII period, two men took center stage: one paid off a mighty portion of our debt to Japan; the other man greatly increased our debt to Germany. The first man was General Douglas MacArthur; the second was General Dwight David Eisenhower.

MacArthur was a wise poet-warrior with great vision. Eisenhower was no more than a political hack – a mere minion of Satan and his agents.

As a mere scribe, I am blinded by the brilliance, raw courage, and innate nobility of general, commander, and proconsul Douglas MacArthur.

General and president Dwight David Eisenhower, however, is not worth writing or reading about except to learn how not to condemn one’s life by pandering to evil.

Throughout his entire military career, Eisenhower never served in combat, nor at any time was he ever near it; he was merely a political soldier, who led poorly from the rear.

Britain’s Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery once said of Eisenhower, “Nice chap, no general.”

US fighting General George Patton once lamented that it was too bad that General Eisenhower had no personal knowledge of war.

US General Omar Bradley wrote that Eisenhower had little grasp of sound battlefield tactics.

Field Marshall Lord Alanbrooke recorded in his journal, “I am afraid that Eisenhower as a general was  hopeless. He submerges himself in politics and neglects his military duties, partly … because he knows little if anything about military matters.”

American Admiral John Hall, who helped land the 1st Division on Omaha Beach, wrote that Eisenhower “was one of the most overrated men in military history.”

Eisenhower did, however, receive one compliment, and it came from General MacArthur: “Eisenhower? He was the best clerk I ever had.”

Eisenhower did not just lack combat experience, he simply never had any. Troops under the direction of such a commander are put at risk and are bound to suffer more casualties than those fighting under a general like a MacArthur – and the casualties of our war in Europe prove it.

The massive Soviet hordes of suicidal infantrymen had more to do with the Allies defeating the Axis powers than anything Eisenhower ever did.

Throughout the entirety of the First World War, Eisenhower never left the states; he was kept around as a lowly sycophantic yes-man whose rubric was … “Just tell me what to do, boss.” Then came the Second World War. It was then that the officer of mediocrity was noticed.

It has been said that evil can smell evil far easier than the good can detect the wicked; and that may have been the case with Dwight David Eisenhower.

There must have been dark and hidden hands that ordained Dwight David Eisenhower out of the ranks of thousands of lowly commissioned US Army officers to overnight become the Chosen One.

With a dizzying speed unknown in US military history, Eisenhower rose in the ranks of the army to become our Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.

Astute researchers of military history point their fingers at two dark figures who likely had the most to do with the great miracle of Dwight Eisenhower’s meteoric rise to fame and power:

Messrs. Bernard Baruch and Henry Morgenthau.

Only key international Zionists like  Baruch and Morgenthau could have broken an army major out of the ranks of utter obscurity into the foremost military position in the world.

Both Baruch and Morgenthau were agents for the European House of Rothschild – the Rothschilds who had so much to do with engineering both of our world wars.

The ubiquitous Rothschild clan, and their entire tribe, had and still have a great hatred for Germans, the White race, the bourgeoisie, the middle class, and anyone owning private property, other than themselves.

And that is the reason today so many millions of black Africans and brown Arabs are being brought over and forced into Western Europe.

The Rothschilds have long angled for the hybridization of the entire White race.

Nothing much pleases the Rothschild underworld more than to see Whites killing Whites and Christians killing Christians, with utter apostasy all around. Those were some of the reasons for our two disastrous world wars.*

*For the complete and truthful story of how the Rothschilds brought about both of our World Wars access …

Benjamin Freeman’s 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel (Complete) on

Like all other Rothschild agents in the Allied countries of the Second World War, both Morgenthau and Baruch held high-level positions in our federal government.

Henry Morgenthau was our American Secretary of the Treasury, while the Zio/globalist banker Bernard Baruch was President Roosevelt’s economic advisor and the suspected channel for Roosevelt’s orders from the House of Rothschild.

In fact, Roosevelt once spent one month as a guest at Baruch’s estate in South Carolina.*

*Bernard Baruch had foreknowledge of the 1929 stock market crash and had Winston Churchill in tow as they both watched the panic of the crash on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. That same evening of the great crash,  October the 29th of 1929, Churchill was guest of honor at a bizarre “celebration” attended by forty Wall Street bankers at Baruch’s Fifth Avenue mansion.

A college of City University in New York was named after Bernard Baruch.

Both Baruch and Morgenthau were tasked, by the Rothschilds, to effect a secret post-war plan that in common parlance came to be known as the Morgenthau Plan.

The plan was Top Secret, as it had to be in order for it to work. Toward the end of the war, the ethnic cleansing of  fifteen million fleeing German civilians, trapped in the path of the advancing Soviet Army, is history.

The exact number of German deaths from Soviet slaughters is still hidden; but at least two million civilian deaths from Red Army troops is today widely acknowledged – all part of the Allied agreed-upon Morgenthau Plan.

This unknown holocaust, perpetrated by barbaric Soviet scofflaws, included rape, starvation, looting, shooting, and the mass murder of innocent children, women, and men.

After the war ended, prisoners of war and other men (and some women) between the ages of 16 and 55 were to be rounded up from all over Germany and slowly tortured until death.

The Morgenthau Plan (more formally known as the Treasury Plan for the Treatment of Germany) called for the death of ten million Germans in its first two years of implementation, all after our war with Germany was over.

Moreover, the plan called for the deindustrialization of Germany and a punitive monetary rate of exchange, which would bankrupt Germany for all time. The German middle class was to be prevented from ever again enjoying any sort of economic prosperity.

The long-term goal for the plan was the murder of twenty million post-war Germans by starvation, dehydration, or disease by imprisoning them in open fields.

And the perfect man to implement that plan?

The man whose curriculum vitae was embarrassingly void of any combat experience in any of the three major wars in which Douglas MacArthur had engaged.

He was none other than the grinning politician/soldier turned overnight Five Star General and the Supreme Allied Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe – Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The insiders of Washington were in on the Morgenthau Plan, even our US Secretary of the Navy, James Forrestal. But something most strange then happened to James Forrestal after hearing of the plan. It was quickly adjudicated that he had lost his mind and had to be isolated and guarded in a sixteenth-floor room of the Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Then in a matter of days, it was sadly reported that Forrestal had committed suicide by jumping sixteen floors to his death.

Was it a matter of coincidence that our Secretary of the Navy suddenly went crazy after hearing about the secret Morgenthau Plan?

Or was it something else? Did James Forrestal threaten to expose the plan?

Universal exposure of their plan was not something the Rothschilds had any worries about with their man in West Europe. And now that the awful war in Europe was over, it was safe for the army’s biggest fraud to be moved to Germany.

Newspapers in the states ran front- page headlines – Ike: US Military Governor of Germany!

The Morgenthau Plan called for the close assistance of England, France, and the Soviet Union; and of course, the psychopathic Joseph Stalin quickly signed on to the genocidal scheme. Stalin reveled in death, even that of his own countrymen.*

*It has been reported that Joseph Stalin is the world’s bloodiest dictator, having murdered between thirty million to sixty million of his own citizens during and after the war (twenty million war dead and forty million murdered by his Bolsheviks).

When World War II was essentially over, the American/British Air Forces destroyed German cities with over a collective population of twenty-five million people.

After the war, Military Governor of Germany Dwight Eisenhower allowed American, English, and Soviet troops to subject Germans across their nation to various forms of torture and death.

The following crimes have been carefully documented to have been committed on many peaceful German citizens after the war ended: rapings, strangulations, summary executions, drownings, heart-stabbings, burnings, castrations, crucifixions, whippings, tramplings, mutilations, starvations, or unbelievably, being stuffed into closed barrels with raw sewage pumped in.

But far and away the greatest post-war German death tolls occurred in the Rhine-Meadows Death Camps, which were commonly called the Eisenhower Death Camps.

Between the long years of 1945 and 1953, an estimated 5.2 million German soldiers and civilians were crammed into these camps.

To date, the deplorable un-American Morgenthau Plan has been covered up; but here and there the truth of it is leaking and will continue to do so until masses of Americans and Europeans are asking two simple and damning one-word questions: Who? Why?

What follows is gruesome and difficult to believe or confront. But remember, it was all done in our name.

And for any American, Englishman, or Russian to receive divine forgiveness for those crimes, we must first know of them and then righteously condemn them.

The Quicksands of the Rhine-Meadows Death Camps (1945-1953)

The River Rhine begins in the Swiss Alps and flows toward the Rhineland where it becomes the Franco-German border, with green meadows on both sides.

In these meadows were built eighteen (or more) barbed-wire enclosures, in which each was stuffed with 10,000 to 50,000 (or more) German prisoners.

The perimeters of these human cages were policed by reserve troops, each with an automatic weapon, which were sometimes used indiscriminately by spraying hails of bullets into the masses of German humanity.

Often beaten to death, full of lice, fevered with disease, and weak from hunger and dehydration, these dying prisoners were provided with little water or food, and no overcoats, medicines, or shelters from sub-zero winter weather.

After months of being allowed little river water and only 400 to 800 food calories a day, many who had not died could not walk, but could only crawl in the mud that deepened daily.

The plan was an agonizing genocide, guaranteed to make Germans suffer long and hard before ultimately dying in a foot or more of mud. The constant tramp of a hundred thousand feet in a small enclosure will quickly turn the greenest meadows into one large and muddy sludge, especially with the help of spring rains and winter snows.

Some drank from mud puddles; some drank their own urine; all became even sicker.

Some ate grass and weeds until the meadows along the Rhine turned into slimy quagmires. There was no small dry patch of earth on which to sleep, so the dying stood in the rain, ankle-to-knee deep in the boggy morass until they fell into the mire, never again to rise.

When water floods into dirt, it forces the particles apart causing the ground to loosen.

What is left is a soggy combination of water and dirt that cannot support the weight it did before the water came.

When a person stands on such a spongy combination of water and dirt, they begin to sink into the mire.

One’s weight pushes the water away from the dirt, which creates a vacuum around one’s legs, which pulls a body downward.

It is not known how many Germans drowned in such quicksand, but it is known that many drowned in human feces.

The allies had dug ditches in the cages, across which logs were laid.

These were the outdoor latrines the prisoners were to use, without toilet paper.

As the prisoners weakened, they had trouble balancing themselves on the logs and fell into several feet of human waste, most far too weak to climb themselves out or even lift their heads above the muck and waste.

Help for them? The other prisoners were too weak to help.

And the guards? Some were too busy laughing.

Others were not allowed to help.

Except those dying with dysentery, prisoners only had bowel movements every few weeks, so light were their food rations.

German servicemen who died in these death camps had their metal I.D. tags  stripped from their necks and melted so no record could be preserved, no families told of this crime against humanity.

swampThe terrible swamp stretched for miles along the Rhine and imprisoned millions of the dead and dying.

What were the crimes of these prisoners?

There was but one: they were all Germans, who should suffer horribly until they died in painful terror.

Will Germany ever become Germany again?

eisenhower“God, I hate the Germans,” wrote the military governor of Allied-occupied Germany, General Dwight Eisenhower, to his wife, Mammie, in September of 1944.

The madman continued to vent his hate and the dying innocents continued to die.

Eisenhower had plenty of food and the Rhine was full of water, but he denied both to his prisoners. He even turned back tons of food, medicines, and cold- weather gear the Red Cross had sent, and he denied their inspections of his death camps.

For years, Americans have heard how cruelly the Germans – during the war – handled those they imprisoned.

But how many of us know that the US armed forces tortured and murdered over twelve million innocent people – at the very end and after the war?

Perhaps one American in a thousand? One in ten thousand? One in twenty thousand? One in fifty thousand?

For the average, thinking American, however, knowledge of this gigantic blackout of a major US governmental crime will be an alarm, which will set them to wondering … What other crimes against humanity is “our” US government hiding from us?

Certainly Eisenhower would not have been elected as our president for eight years, as he was the portrait of severe psychosis. But America had another kind of man. He was in …

The Far East

Gen. Douglas MacArthur signs as Supreme Allied Commander during formal surrender ceremonies on the USS MISSOURI in Tokyo Bay. Behind Gen. MacArthur are Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright and Lt. Gen. A. E. Percival, September 2, 1945

It was a cloudy day on the 2nd of September, 1945, when General Douglas MacArthur spoke to the ranking officers and dignities of the major warring nations standing on the U.S.S. Battleship Missouri.

We are gathered here – representatives of the major warring powers – to conclude a solemn agreement whereby peace may be restored.

It is my earnest hope, and indeed the hope of all mankind, that from this solemn occasion a better world shall emerge out of the blood and carnage of the past – a world founded upon faith and understanding.

MacArthur’s brief statement did not gloat, it did not demean; it was a quasi-religious experience bringing the insane slaughter to an end, with hope for a lasting peace that would be generous to the Japanese nation.

MacArthur knew Japan had been a nation of ninety million who did not know what to expect in defeat, never once defeated, having been ruled by a dynasty seated on the throne since before the memory of man. As a victor, MacArthur was determined to be magnanimous.

The Japanese military officers and civilian dignities stood at attention while General MacArthur spoke; they had expected the worst kind of public humiliation. MacArthur’s words were a complete surprise to them.

A Japanese diplomat later said …

For the living heroes and dead martyrs of the war, MacArthur’s speech was a wreath of undying flowers.

This narrow quarterdeck was transformed into an altar of peace.

After MacArthur spoke, he and the Japanese officials signed the surrender documents – but the real drama had already occurred days before.

It is a little-told story of individual American heroism that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill called the bravest single act amongst many in World War II.

Throughout the long and turbulent flow of the war years, the people of Japan were reminded daily of the most evil man on earth – General Douglas MacArthur.

Just as Adolf Hitler was demonized in the American press, General Douglas MacArthur was daily vilified by the Japanese media.

It is doubtful there were very many people in a country given to seppuku who would not have sacrificed their own lives to assassinate Douglas MacArthur.

The Japanese considered MacArthur the reason so many of their husbands, fathers, and sons would not be coming home from the war. In that regard they were right.

They were completely wrong, however, in holding him responsible for the cowardly firebombing of sixty-seven of their cities. Courageous men protect women and children; they do not burn them alive.

And the two atomic bombs the US dropped on Japan? The Japanese blamed Satan, as no human being could do that to other human beings … and they were right.

Courageous men are magnanimous in victory; cowards behave despicably with the same victory, committing acts of a cruel nature. Once again, Douglas MacArthur would prove his bravery.

The Japanese were a people who were suffering physically and spiritually, all because of one hated man, their newly arriving dictator – General Douglas MacArthur.

In the vicinity of the airstrip where MacArthur’s plane would be landing in Tokyo were several Japanese army divisions; plus, there were scores of kamikaze-suicide pilots who were out of control, refusing their government’s orders to surrender.

Without an army to protect them, MacArthur (and his small staff) flew into Tokyo so the general could begin work at his post as the great Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Occupied Japan.

On the flight to Tokyo, MacArthur noticed several of his assistants were wearing side arms.

“Take ‘em off,” MacArthur ordered. “If mobs swarm us on the drive to the embassy, those pistols will do us no good … and they make us look like we’re afraid.”

Now the man who carried a pistol on his person while on Corregidor to prevent his being taken alive as a prisoner was flying into the teeth of the beast completely unarmed.

MacArthur, who had challenged death his entire military life, was throwing the dice again as his limousine slowly made its way through thick masses of Japanese humanity that crowded the torn streets on the way to the embassy.

At one stretch of the trip stood a long phalanx of soldiers, each had a rifle and fixed bayonet, each standing with his back to General MacArthur’s barely moving limo.*

*Was this a show of disrespect or respect? I do not know.

With the windows up, and General MacArthur looking stoically straight ahead, those civilians who pressed against his slow-moving limo must have been greatly impressed, as they saw gravitas – dignity and a solemnity of manner that deserved respect. And the Japanese people were all about respect and bravery, something the old fox well knew.

In short order, MacArthur’s patented aloofness, so despised by the US media, came to be admired and respected by the perceptive Japanese.

From that harrowing drive from the airport to the embassy, one of the greatest love affairs in the history of the world began – an affair between Douglas MacArthur and millions of Japanese women, children, men, and all their descendants for generations to come.

As American military troops began rotating into Japan, they were all given stiff warnings: hitting or abusing a Japanese person would result in jail time for the offending soldier, Marine, or sailor.

Unlike Dwight Eisenhower’s intention of destroying the remaining German people, MacArthur was determined to make the defeated nation of Japan a model of post-war recovery, which he did, as the most powerful man in the nation.

MacArthur’s first and most immediate task was to obtain thousands of tons of food for the starving. Of course, he met with stiff resistance from Washington.

In spite of one cable after another to the US War Department, no food came.

Finally, in frustration MacArthur cabled … Send me bread or send me bullets.

Our history books do not tell us how the great man weaseled food from the weasels, but he did.*

*Some say MacArthur rounded up the millions of tons of food, meant for the US invasion of Japan – food made largely unnecessary due to the two atomic bombs in America’s arsenal.

Now on to the serious work, the Supreme Allied Commander of the Occupation Forces in Japan must have thought – and there was a lot of it.

The catcalls from Washington to MacArthur were never-ending, most demanding the trial and execution of Japan’s revered – even worshipped – god, Emperor Hirohito.

Even the newspapers in America, Europe, and the Soviet Union were calling for the death of Hirohito.

MacArthur knew that the bloodlust in the veins of those in official Moscow, London, and Washington was such that they were all denied any spark of simple wisdom.

Instead of executing him, MacArthur wanted to make an ally out of the emperor, but that was a process that could take months, years, if ever.

And as the pressure for the emperor’s trial and sure execution mounted, the sage but worried General MacArthur remained firm in his protection of Hirohito and his royal family.

The Japanese people were aware of the demands for the death of their emperor and admired MacArthur’s oriental patience in resisting it. What had been hate, for the general, turned into fear, and then rose to respect, and finally to love.

Mac, as he was often denigrated in US headlines, somehow held off the loud jackals of the official world, preserving the emperor’s life. MacArthur’s truly extraordinary measures to absolve the emperor, and his entire royal family, of war crimes must have included Mac’s prayers for divine intervention.

MacArthur knew that sacred Japanese protocols would not allow him to demand a meeting with the emperor, so the general waited for the emperor to ask for an audience, while pressure from abroad weighed heavily upon him to try Hirohito for war crimes.

Finally, the emperor asked for a meeting with MacArthur, and not at the Royal Palace, but at MacArthur’s headquarters. It was a godsend, and far more than MacArthur had ever hoped for.

The general had a passel of problems, but now they all seemed manageable. The emperor volunteering to meet at his headquarters rather than at the Royal Palace was a promising sign.

In fact, ruling a nation seemed rather simple when comparing it to fighting a war, especially if one has a free hand in his governance.

MacArthur, ever the genteel patrician, greeted the emperor warmly with, “Your Majesty, you are very welcomed.”

Then Emperor Hirohito was invited into the commander’s private office.

Commander and Emperor – as the photo appeared in Japanese newspapers. Some have criticized MacArthur for not being formally dressed; others have praised the photo as it proved to the Japanese people that MacArthur was standing by their emperor.
Commander and Emperor – as the photo appeared in Japanese newspapers. Some have criticized MacArthur for not being formally dressed; others have praised the photo as it proved to the Japanese people that MacArthur was standing by their emperor.

While being driven to MacArthur’s headquarters, the emperor had no idea as to his fate. He must have been wondering if MacArthur knew that he, as emperor, had known beforehand of Japan’s planned sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, and that he had not tried to stop it.

Did MacArthur know that the emperor could have stopped the executions of the Japanese-captured American pilots?

After being seated, the general offered Hirohito a cigarette. The emperor’s hand began to shake while smoking. He then cleared his throat before saying the words that could condemn him.

According to what General MacArthur later wrote, the emperor said …

I come to you to bear sole responsibility for every action taken by my people in the conduct of the war.

Immediately Western political pundits began challenging General MacArthur by disbelieving that the emperor ever spoke those words – and they may have been right. But it made little to no difference to the general, for his quest for what might save the emperor’s life had been found.

The meeting was to be the first of what would be eleven meetings between the greatly relieved American commander and the reassured Japanese emperor.

Each conversation brought the two men closer together in philosophy and politics as together they forged plans to handle the many practical problems of rebuilding a war-torn nation.

Those meetings were, and still are, the most vitally important ever conducted between the East and the West, with the emperor retaining his throne, if only as a symbol, but as an incredibly valuable figurehead.

The next seemingly unsolvable problem facing MacArthur, and his Japan, was the fast growing menace of communism. It was a virus sweeping the whole country. All of MacArthur’s advice from Washington’s political leaders and his own staff called for the elimination of everyone who even flirted with the concept of communism.

Make it illegal and jail or kill the offenders.

Commander MacArthur refused to make communism illegal, as he knew that it would cause a deep festering and spread of the malignancy. The old fox had a better idea … as he usually did.

He brought about the most peaceful and successful agrarian land reform project the world had ever seen.

For centuries, Japan’s agriculture had been in the throes of a feudal system, owned and controlled by a few greedy fascistic oligarchs who cared more for their own wealth than the good of their dying nation.

Food production had to be massively increased and that could only be done by many thousands of farmers tilling the soil.

Commander MacArthur, with the emperor’s help, broke Japan’s ancient feudal system. This was accomplished by having the Japanese government appropriate about ninety percent of the farmland owned by the amazingly small number of unproductive feudal lords and then selling those lands to thousands of farming serfs for sen on the yen (pennies on the dollar).

Some acres of farmland sold for the black market price of a pack of cigarettes.

MacArthur was convinced that selling the farmland, as opposed to giving it away, was important, as he wanted each farmer to have a financial stake in the venture.

Almost overnight, the agricultural production of the nation rose to such a startling level Japan was exporting food, thus bringing about a good start toward a favorable balance of trade.

The communist threat? It had long been forgotten.

To our national shame most citizens of America have, for two decades, gone unaware of how the US Department of Agriculture, the Rothschild bankers, and their Big Agri magnates colluded to break hundreds of thousands of our American family farmers – and there went our trade balance and stocks of emergency food.

Worse yet, almost all US farmlands are now owned by Big Agri combines that exclusively grow GMO crops that are fed to the blissfully unaware people of America, without any labels to warn them of the dangers. There is now even pressure on the US Congress by the Rothschild lobby to make it illegal for producers of health foods to advertise their products as GMO Free.

That massive Rothschild theft of our farms was the exact opposite to what MacArthur did in Japan, including the fact that the general affected his plan in the open, not in secret from the US public as all the Rothschild crimes must be conducted.*

*Governmental crimes that are hidden from public awareness are done with the old national security” ruse and are predominantly cover-ups for Rothschild crimes against humanity.

Author and historian Richard Nolan reports, “The Library of Congress adds roughly sixty million pages to its holdings each year, a huge cache of information for the public. However, also each year the U.S. Government classifies nearly ten times that amount, an estimated 560 million pages of documents. For scholars engaged in political, historical, scientific, or any other archival work, the grim reality is that most of their [U.S.] government’s activities are secret.”

Next on Commander MacArthur’s agenda to rebuild and reshape Japan was freedom of its press.

That freedom allowed newspapers to criticize any and every thing, save two: MacArthur, or his administration. Yes, it seems as if dictatorial powers are sometimes needed in a crisis, such as the one in MacArthur’s post-war Japan.

But of course, the American media heavily pilloried the general for being a dictator and for then writing a new constitution for Japan.

Was Douglas MacArthur actually a Japanese shogun?

An American Caesar?

He was both, and as such he brought universal suffrage to Japanese women against a mighty wall of resistance and protests from those in and out of the Japanese government.

Commander MacArthur was a self-proclaimed male chauvinist, but (with the emperor’s help) he stayed the course with the women’s right to vote. The women of today’s modern Japan can thank Douglas MacArthur for that right.

Was MacArthur grandstanding for the people back home with his politically difficult battle for women’s rights in Japan?

Perhaps. But if he was only doing it to showboat to the folks back home, he wasted much effort, as the American media scarcely ever mentioned any of the amazing feats he accomplished in Japan.

The Rothschild powers had long been afraid of MacArthur’s great political potential so few of his past or present accomplishments were ever covered in their wire services, newspapers, or radio stations.

If you mention MacArthur at all, they said, make it negative.

Few Americans ever found out that under MacArthur’s tutelage the life expectancy in Japan increased by ten years. His health reforms, alone, saved two million lives, more than Japan’s total loses in the war.

In a mere five years, MacArthur turned a heavily radiated and diseased Japan into one of the most prosperous and stable democracies in the world.

This amazing MacArthur/Japanese phenomenon is historical evidence that human societies can relatively quickly be made ever prosperous and whole, minus the societal agitation of the Rothschild-sponsored cultural Marxists in our government, schools, media, institutions, and on the mean streets of America.

In 1948, at the Republican presidential nominating convention, the Rothschild clique made sure MacArthur would win only eleven delegates, while they  would later make “their man,” Dwight Eisenhower, the American president for eight years.

Scientists tell us the human brain is the most complicated mechanism in the known universe, which is certainly  believable when considering what some people can be convinced to think, or perhaps to not think at all.

Nevertheless, to the Japanese, Douglas MacArthur was revered as a warrior of wisdom; the Japanese and MacArthur brought out the best in each other.

It is no exaggeration to say MacArthur was the architect and builder of the modern Japan of today.

Why was MacArthur not replaced in Japan with a psychotic overlord such as Eisenhower?

With their usual racism, those of the Rothschild tribe did not and do not consider any race – save the White race – as a threat to the universal tyranny of their New World Order.

The German people had a national voice that had to be silenced forever, in the same way the ever murderous Rothschild Bolsheviks tried to quiet the Russians with a bloody revolution and with Joseph Stalin’s murder of thirty million to sixty million Soviet people.

Nevertheless, as the seer Edgar Cayce once predicted, hope for the world will come from Christian Russia.

And while there may not be mountains of hope for the vast bulk of mankind, there is abundant hope for you, my friend, with the noble spirit of Douglas MacArthur as your avatar – your wise incarnated inspiration, teacher, and guide.

To Be Continued … 


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