You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: NWO Agents and Satanists Now Say Russia Is Behind the Panama Papers!



…by Jonas E. Alexis


If you were trained in logic and have little or no room for really crazy ideas, then New World Order agents will stun you. The issues surrounding the so-called Panama Papers are classic examples. Throughout last week, the media told us ad absurdum that Putin is doomed because his name was mentioned in the Panama Papers.

For NWO agents and Satanists, this was a great victory. In fact, it seems that those people were waiting for that day. They already had a predisposition to believe virtually anything that would disprove Russia as a giant criminal cell. The Panama Papers were a dream come true.

The New York Times wrote an article entitled, “Panama Papers Continue to Shake Leaders, Including Cameron and Putin.”[1] The New York Daily News: “Vladimir Putin claims to be ‘main target’ of Panama Papers ‘attack’ as Icelandic protesters demand prime minister’s resignation.”[2]

CNN: “Putin and the Panama Papers: Why power means more than money.”[3] The LA Times: “Putin’s best friend is at the heart of Panama Papers scandal.”[4] The Telegraph: “Panama Papers: Vladimir Putin, his close friends, and the $2bn in offshore tax havens.”[5]  The Guardian: “Kill it, spin it – Putin will do anything to stifle the Panama Papers story.”[6] Natalie Nougayrède of the same newspaper declared then:

“The Panama Papers are a wake-up call for anyone who may have doubted how deeply cronyism and corruption are rooted into Russia’s leadership. But for those who have followed the inner workings of Putin’s presidency for the past 16 years or so, they are as much confirmation as revelation.

“What will be truly fascinating is watching how this new mass of information is dealt with by the Putin regime over time, and how this might affect an already tense relationship between the Kremlin and the west.”[7]

Let us assume again that NWO agents and Satanists are correct here, that Putin is guilty as charged. But that would be a huge problem for those Satanists because the Israeli newspaper Haaretz has declared that “hundreds of Israeli companies [and] shareholders” are listed in the Panama Papers as well![8] New World Order agents haven’t spent much time deconstructing Israel based on the so-called Panama Papers at all![9]

Despite all the media manipulation, the masses were not really convinced by the Panama Papers. In fact, Putin himself was having fun with the assertion that he was inextricably involved in some kind of covert activity. He invented a new English word to describe the mass hysteria: “Putinophobia.”[10] With regard to the papers themselves, Putin said:

“Yours truly is not there. So what did they [NWO and Satanists] do then? They produced an information product. They found some acquaintances and friends. They dug up some stuff and glued it together.”[11]

No serious person now believes that Putin is culpable. The attempt to humiliate the man who has challenged the diabolical ideology of the New World Order in places like Syria has obviously been a disaster.

But NWO agents and Satanists now have a new hocus pocus in town. The Russians, they say, are probably behind the Panama Papers! This is no joke. Clifford G. Gaddy of the Neoconservative think tank the Brookings Institute really believes that this is the case. Gaddy concludes:

“If the Russians are behind the Panama Papers, we know two things and both come back to Putin personally: First, it is an operation run by RFM, which means it’s run by Putin; second, it’s ultimately about blackmail. That means the real story lies in the information being concealed, not revealed. You reveal secrets in order to destroy; conceal in order to control. Putin is not a destroyer. He’s a controller.”[12]

If you have never observed a magic show personally, then look no further. Gaddy will stun you with his magical performance. The political magician can crank out assertions and leaves the scene without serious evidence. Here is how he came up with his idea:

“My thinking is that this could have been a Russian intelligence operation, which orchestrated a high-profile leak and established total credibility by ‘implicating’ (not really implicating) Russia and keeping the source hidden.”[13]

The evidence? It was nowhere to be found. And these people want to convince us that they do not believe in conspiracy theory? Hmm…

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