Capitalism, Corporate Fascism, Communism and the Eurasian Bloc


by Katherine Frisk

With all due respect to Caleb Maupin in his article, Top CIA Objective: Fracture The Eurasian Bloc where he says: 

The global economic set-up has long functioned like the Roman Empire, where “all roads lead to Rome,” or in this case, to Wall Street and London.

But as Eurasia raises its head, bringing South America and parts of the Middle East along with it, the world no longer has to buy its steel, aluminum, and oil from Western corporations.


Markets are slipping out of Western fingers. Developing countries no longer have to take out loans from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The “New Silk Road” vision from China, the stabilization of Russia and the Islamic Revolution of Iran, and the Bolivarian movement of Latin America, have all created something western capitalists have never tolerated: competitors.

I would like to point out the following:

As I keep saying, the West is NOT Capitalist, they have killed the West with their own feudal greed; it IS a monopolist Corporate Fascist Conglomerate as the TPP and the TTIP are proving it to be. It is a feudal system by another name.

Bring back real Capitalism, with checks and balances against monopolies, invest in small and medium private businesses once again, and the West will thrive! They will become job creators instead of job seekers or social welfare dependents controlled by “philanthropists” who are nothing of the kind, but greedy Corporate Fascist monopolists with shell companies, trust funds and tax avoidance” conglomerates in tax havens that have now moved to the USA, thanks to the likes of Rothschild.


Please note that I would replace the word capitalist in Caleb’s article with corporate fascist” and promote the Russian model more than the Chinese, who please note:

Have had the benefit of US industries moving into the country lock stock and barrel bringing their economy into the 21st century, which accounts for the growing number of Chinese billionaires,” while Americans have been losing their jobs at an alarming rate as a result.

This makes me wonder how “communist” China really is with their Corporate Fascist US business partners and if China will eventually also join the TPP sucking in the whole Silk Road project with it?

“Something’s happening inside

Also keep in mind that it was the Wall Street Bankers, Shiff, Rockefeller, Morgan et al., who funded the predominately Jewish Bolsheviks who went on to murder over 100 thousand Orthodox Russia Christians under Lenin and Stalin.

They also funded Hitler, who in turn murdered over 20 million more. So much for the six million” figure of one specific group of people in the holocaust.

It was the Wall Street bankers who funded Mao and the Japanese Fascist wars against Russia and China.

There is a hair’s breadth difference between communism and corporate fascism. The marriage of capital and government where as we see today, the corporations and banks like Goldman Sachs buy their own politicians, no matter which party they stand for.


Russia is more of a nationalist/ socialist/ democracy where they have been investing in small to medium capitalist business models, especially in the food industry.

In the last two years instead of being food importers, they are not only food independent but have become food exporters, AND they have banned genetically modified foods rather investing in organic farming. For examples see the following:

Russian Organic Wheat takes world by Storm, US GMO Glyphosate losing out!

Swiss Farmer Making It in Russia

NO GMO : Russia is Handing Out Cash to Start-up Small Farmers

Now Russia Makes an Organic Revolution

There are more where those came from!

Moscow farmers market
Moscow farmers market

In other words, Russia has invested in its own people and self empowered them, while at the same time maintaining major industries under government control like the oil and gas industry whose profits as well as taxpayers’ money goes to provide a high standard of free education, high standards of low-cost health care and high standards of affordable transport systems. They DO NOT HAVE TOLL ROADS!

Russia has developed a multi-polar economic system, as opposed to a uni-polar, monopolist economic system such as what the US has become and what Communism is… Janus of the two-faced god who controls both, and then reaching the same outcome.

The multi-polar model also applies to the butcher, the baker, the corner grocer, the local bookshop etc. — what the USA once used to be — a land of opportunity.

Perhaps it is time Americans got back to home-based industries, starting off with 3D printers, solar power, atmospheric water generators and organic vegetable gardens? Take their power back and move off the grid.

For example, if you live in a high humidity area, which most places along the coast are — instead of buying bottled water from Nestle, which has basically stolen dams and rivers from the American people through bribing corrupt politicians and now sells it back to you in plastic bottles which benefits the oil industry — with your own atmospheric water generator, you can do away with disposable polluting plastic bottles and become water independent.

The West wants Russia to join the Corporate Fascist, NOT Capitalist business model and become part of the TPP and TTIP agreements. So far Russia has resisted, and if the West does not get its way, in all likelihood they will start WW3.

And here is one for you, Bloomberg, a supposedly “Western Capitalist” news outlet said:

Bloomberg: Zero Hedge are “capitalists who seek to generate profits and who have expectations from” their “employees.”

Zero Hedge replied: “This comes from a media organization which caters to Wall Street and is run by one of the wealthiest people in the world.”

Which only goes to prove my point. The West and it’s economy is NOT Capitalist, it is corporate fascist/monopolist/philanthropists who like the Vatican never pay tax, and the anti-capitalist liberal “communist / socialist” media are most probably on their payroll as were the Bolsheviks, Hitler and Chairman Mao!

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator, activist and the author of Jesus Was A Palestinian



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