How the Establishment Hierarchy protects itself


by  Preston James


It’s a fact that over the last several years, many alternative news websites on the worldwide Internet have been dispensing information exposing the “King as Naked”.

Yes, the Internet has been exposing the Establishment Hierarchy for what it is: an unimaginably evil, anti-human entity that threatens the survival of the USA and every person living in it, except themselves and their own high ranking members.

In order to counteract this new exposure, the Hierarchy has been using its traditional systems of self-defense to protect itself, and is also using the Internet by setting up its own websites to muddy the waters and create confusion to hide the massive amounts of truth that are being released and dispensed over the worldwide web.

The Hierarchy has set up numerous stupid sites filled completely with the typical big lies, false-narratives and propaganda that their Controlled major Mass media (CMMM) Talking heads usually broadcast.

2-303x320These websites are being rejected by most web users because the majority of them have become far too well informed and sophisticated to fall for such BS and more.

The common recognition of 9/11 as a Gladio-style, inside-job, false-flag has created a major breech in trust of any such Establishment positions, which have become quite easy to detect.

Some websites are Hierarchy supported and have been structured to serve as “limited hangout” operations, attempting to dispense some limited truth nuggets in order to gain enough base credibility to be able to deliver a bad payload on their truly important big lies — a bad payload that will be believed and one that will lead away from the truth.

The problem with this limited hangout approach is that in most cases it fails, because most web users have become so sophisticated in their knowledge base that they take the truth nuggets and reject the payloads, because they already have gained too much knowledge to be so easily duped anymore.

Then these sophisticated web users keep connecting the truth nuggets to come to their own conclusions, which are now beginning to expose the Establishment Hierarchy’s big lies.

The King’s New Clothes shtick is now failing on most fronts, and few believe any longer that the USG did not assassinate JFK, MLK and RFK and cover it up using their Operation Mockingbird Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

In fact, despite the CMMM’s frequent and continual claims that Oswald did it as a lone nut, which is truly a disgusting position and disrespectful to the public, most Americans are now catching on to the sinister criminal RICO enterprise the USG has become over the years.

And for the first time, a large number of Americans are discovering the continuous secret evil the USG has been doing on behalf of the Establishment Hierarchy that infiltrated and hijacked it, ever since the Federal Reserve System private foreign Banksters hijacked America’s monetary creation and distribution system in 1913.


And many Americans are now finding out that there is a sinister, unimaginably evil group of several wrinkled up old men in wheelchairs who are near death but run a large American RICO criminal enterprise that controls everything through their control of the Federal Reserve System (a Fiat Debt-note system which rents Americans at interest what should have been our own Constitutional money in the first place).

Many Americans are now discovering that this criminal group that has hijacked America under the money-power of the foreign owned private Federal Reserve System is best referred to as the Establishment Hierarchy because it is organized as a pyramidal hierarchy of control that is consolidated into only several individuals, the “select few” who sit at the top of the pyramid.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of researchers, dissenters and whistle-blowers too numerous to mention all here, many of whom have given their lives and been murdered by the Establishment Hierarchy, the actual facts about what the Establishment is and how it has integrated its various operations into a pyramid-style organized Rico criminal Hierarchy is now being exposed to all on the Internet.

And more and more facts about the Establishment and Hierarchy are being disclosed each day as the curtain revealing the wicked Oz is now being pulled back thanks to the worldwide Internet, the world’s New Gutenberg Press.

The Internet was sold to the Establishment Hierarchy as the greatest opportunity to spy on Americans that could ever be conceived. They approved it and financed it, but it has now gained a life of its own. And most of the large corporations and many businesses and banks have become dependent on it.

Church of the Process
Church of the Process?

Thus the Internet has become a major new institution in America and, like the cell phone, is revolutionary for its ability to provide almost instant communication and access to many of the world’s top libraries and databases and incredible historical documents, not to mention all the millions of alternative new websites, many of which are revealing insider secrets like never before.

The Establishment Hierarchy, which is the world’s largest organized crime syndicate, the Khazarian Mafia (aka “synagogue of Satan”, the Luciferian occult network, the Process, the Babylonian Talmudists, the nexus of the worldwide Luciferian Occult Network) has been remarkably well defended and has many well-established means of self-defense to protect itself from exposure and correction.

These self-protection practices have been made possible by the Hierarchy’s ability to infiltrate, hijack and consolidate most American institutions and most major US corporations, and use them to create cover and to oppress the American people whenever they feel it is necessary. But they have other well proven means to protect themselves too.

The Establishment Hierarchy has developed certain methodologies to protect itself from exposure to the American masses and from being corrected by mass uprisings and continual pressure to be brought to justice.

“For over a decade the Clandestine Services has had the mission of maintaining a capability for influencing human behavior…If we are to continue to maintain a capability for influencing behavior, we are virtually obliged to test on unwitting humans.” Richard Helms, Deputy Director of the CIA (1963)[Jim Keith, Mind Control and UFOs: Casebook on Alternative 3, pg. 93]
“For over a decade the Clandestine Services has had the mission of maintaining a capability for influencing human behavior…If we are to continue to maintain a capability for influencing behavior, we are virtually obliged to test on unwitting humans.” Richard Helms, Deputy Director of the CIA (1963)[Jim Keith, Mind Control and UFOs: Casebook on Alternative 3, pg. 93]
There are various VT articles which have included comprehensive descriptions of many of the serious criminally insane, pure psychopathic crimes the Establishment Hierarchy has committed including: pedophilia; child torture and sacrifice; human trafficking; trafficking in illegal drugs; assassinating many of the good politicians and whistle-blowers; starting huge illegal unConstitutional wars for huge profits that involve mass-murder and maiming of millions and complete destruction of nations; staging major Gladio-style inside-job false-flag attacks to trick Americans into giving up their precious God-given rights that are supposed to be guaranteed by the US Constitution and support more Establishment Hierarchy power; deployment of psychotronic, drug-based and CMMM driven mass mind-kontrol to keep the American people dumbed-down distracted and compromised; deployment of sophisticated eugenics to build up Big Medicine and Big Pharma to create huge Establishment Hierarchy profits; and so many more serious RICO crimes the total list seems almost endless and would fill any phone book.

Here is a brief list of the main ways the Establishment Hierarchy has protected itself from exposure and correction (aka angry American People who would come after them with pitchforks if they ever found out specifically and for sure mass the serious felonies, Sedition and Treason the Establishment Hierarchy was doing and getting away with in plain sight):


Seeking safety in deviant minority groups the Establishment Hierarchy promotes. The Establishment Hierarchy promotes deviance and perversion to create large new minorities, organizes them into social action groups and assists them in lobbying for power in order to gain supportive new laws and judicial interpretations which will give them Constitutional rights to their deviance and perversions.

This is all done to create cover for the biggest malignant deviants of all the Establishment Banksters and the true stock-holding families of the Federal Reserve System private banks, an illegal, unConstitutional foreign controlled counterfeiting operation that craftily charges dumbed-down Americans interest to use what should have been their own real Constitutional money in the first place.

The Hierarchy views it this way, if the public is conditioned and forced to kowtow to these deviant groups, they will begin to see them as normal and the whole society will be dirtied up, creating a situation where their own obtuse deviance is now considered okay.

Ever wonder why the Banksters are such weird looking, weird talking ducks, some speaking like Elmer Fudd? The reason is because they are a weird, evil, perverse bunch with a strange genetic background, and are folks that desperately need cover from exposure and correction. They create the proliferation of these minority groups based on perversion and diversity to create cover.


Political Correctness, created and promoted by the Establishment Hierarchy. This is of course a Bolshevik doctrine that has taken years to establish in America.

Many years of unrestricted immigration, and an emphasis on human rights for minorities and deviant perverse groups has been used an excuse to force the American Masses to accept Political Correctness that no one has the right to judge any deviant or perverse or minority group (except of course, judging American Patriots, law abiding gun-owners, dissenters of the Hierarchy, and USG whistle-blowers, all of which are remarkably exempt from the protection afforded by Political correctness).

The CMMM and the American Public education System run out of DC has been used to mind-kontrol the American masses to accept the idea that Political Correctness is a necessity to insure understanding, acceptance and human rights for all, especially those who look different or are even unAmerican in their culture and ways. Actually, political correctness is an Establishment Hierarchy tool to create cover for their extreme RICO crimes against humanity and Americans who they are asset stripping bare.

This asset stripping is of course made possible by using their money to buy politicians to mandate Americans to use their fake money at interest owed to them. And this asset stripping of We The People has gotten so extreme that we now have the new class identified by Veteran Today’s own Mike Harris as Baby-Busters, a new social class of older and retired folks who are destitute or well on their way there because of the FRS’s crooked game set up to craftily asset strip Americans of all assets and accrued wealth.

We now have a situation where old folks who saved all their lives are spending down their savings each month just to survive because of rising prices and the fact banks pay just about 0% interest on savings. Soon, with inflation the way it is, and with no ability to earn anything on investments, all old and retired folks will be busted, thus the term Baby-Busters.


The Hierarchy’s misuse of American Intel Agencies, its controlled Judges and prosecutors and the now militarized Law Enforcement Agencies like DHS (and even your local police) to oppress the American people, especially the American Patriots, law abiding gun-owners, dissenters of the Hierarchy, and USG whistle-blowers.

Strangely enough these groups are NOT granted protection by the political doctrine of Political Correctness like are the deviants, perverts and Establishment Hierarchy criminally insane psychopaths, especially the several wrinkled up old men in wheelchairs near death and ready to meet their god Satan for final judgment.

Bohemian Grove 1915
Bohemian Grove 1915 – Spawning ground for the paranoid Hierarchy

Thus we have American Intel agencies and DHS (called “Homoland Security” by some male DHS high management who are now suing DHS for sexual discrimination because Janet Napolitano moved their offices into the men’s lavatory and because of other high DHS female sexual offenses on the job, unmentionable here); creating watch lists of so-called possible, probable and actual domestic terrorists using their twisted, false, paranoid Hierarchy prescribed criteria; no work under any circumstances lists, gang stalking of hundreds of dissenters and whistle-blowers, and psychotronic harassment of millions, a current number so high it is almost unfathomable.

The morale of DHS is in the toilet where it belongs because of all the doofus behavior of those who manage it. Once a citizen is put on a DHS watch list, even by mistaken identity, there is absolutely no way to ever get off, because these are all placed beyond reach under a secret National Security program (Senator Ted Kennedy when alive was wrongly placed on a no-fly list and even he could not get off of it and was never given any legal or administrative remedies, not even his Constitutionally required due process in Court).

Senator Ted Kennedy was put on a no-fly list before he passed away, with no means to ever be removed from the list, just like the rest of Americans
In a mockery of national security, the late Senator Ted Kennedy was placed on a no-fly list before he passed away, with no means to ever be removed from the list, just like the rest of Americans

This of course is completely illegal and unConstitutional and constitutes evidence that the USG has been infiltrated and hijacked by a wealthy and powerful criminal RICO syndicate. This oppression creates protection and cover for the establishment hierarchy.

The Hierarchy leaders, the Select Few have traditionally ordered the Alphabets to assassinate any target they so desired. Right now this process has become disrupted, as two major factions have arisen that have the power for an immediate and effective counter-strike and the members of these factions are now being left alone.

One faction is a growing group of Intel and High Military Officials that have become aware of the Khazarian Mafia and their Hierarchy RICO system of crimes. The other faction is a deep-black secret organization that superseded the old Majestic 12 and is responsible for managing all ET matters, including some actual treaties.

No secrecy is needed here, because without the USG officially admitting this backed up by the CMMM most Americans would just not be able to fit these things into their heads at all, they are just too incredible.


The Establishment Hierarchy’s use of Political Pundits, CMMM talking Heads, and NGOs to neutralize controversies and eruptions of truth.

The Establishment Hierarchy is driven by their age-old inter-generational Globalist NWO Agenda to rule the World, eliminate 90% of the population, and to create trans-humans (combine clay and iron).

These trans-humans are to be “super-humans” with super-strength, highly intelligent genetically spliced androids with computer interfaces and who are connected to a hived group mind run by quantum super computers and artificial intelligence.

But in order to move toward this goal the Select Few that run the Hierarchy believe they must use every resource they have to insure that they remain in power. And in order to do this they must maintain a major state-of-the-art ability to keep the American People fooled 24-7. To do this they use their favorite chosen Establishment Political Pundits and CMMM talking heads to feed big lies, false-narratives and Establishment propaganda to the American people to keep them fooled and to neutralize any tendency to rise up and pull out the pitchforks and go after them.

Lately these big lies, false-narratives and Establishment propaganda are becoming blatantly obvious as inside information and truth is leaked from the alternative news websites on the Internet and diffused among the masses. One good example of this is how the Political Pundits and Talking Heads keep claiming unemployment is still at 5% and slowly improving while the public can see that it is worsening with all the major big box retail stores closing and laying off thousands of workers.

Numerous experts have been claiming on Internet alternative new websites that the unemployment rates are at least 20%, some say well over 30% with a minimum of 95 million able unemployed actually unable to find full time employment.

The Establishment starts up Non Governmental Organizations and non-profits to sponsor new legislation designed to serve their needs for self-protection, such as Bloomberg setting up a national organization and financing it to disarm law abiding Americans and snuff out the Second Amendment.

The Establishment sponsored NGO’s funnel a lot of money to manipulate politicians and the public to serve the needs of the Hierarchy and keep the American masses fooled.


The Establishment Hierarchy’s use of human compromise ops to manipulate government officials, elected politicians and major corporate heads to run defense for the Establishment.


Denny Hastert is a good example of a human compromise op and illustrates the secret hold many elected officials and other officials are easily controlled by and used for Establishment defense.

Early on when a certain criminal faction of FBI Intel discovered his offenses, the Establishment Kingpins selected him to be recruited into their system. Any prosecution was quashed and he was progressively promoted to the highest Congressional Office, Speaker of the House.

Whenever the establishment needed him to do something, he was contacted and with a “not to worry visit”, in which it was suggested that he do a certain thing for the Hierarchy.

He certainly realized that if he didn’t play ball their way, he would be exposed for what he did to some of his students that he coached. Occasionally when the Establishment is done with someone and no longer needs them, they run an exposure for these compromised politicians which serves certain purposes.

It creates a false-sense that there is true justice in America. It makes the public hate politicians which is what the Hierarchy wants. This will make it easier to break up the USA (i.e. Balkanize it when it collapses financially and economically as they have worked so hard for so many years to produce). And the Establishment loves to watch these selected doofuses twist in the wind when they get exposed. this is one of their favorite forms of entertainment.

Now perhaps you can understand why so many male members of Congress have been linked to pedophilia and secret same-sex clubs and S&M. The last secret investigation by legitimate LE showed about 40% were involved in pedophile practices in DC.

If you want more information on this do some deep research on the murder of Craig Spence, his light on the loafers roommate White House page tour guide former senator Barney Frank and the GHWB Franklin Credit cover-up using kids from Omaha and also Boystown in various high level drug and pedophile honey trap operations, the biggest one in DC.


janus25The top Hierarchy leaders’ ability to be Two-faced. A great defensive measure is the ability of the top Hierarchy leaders to operate according to the Hierarchy’s secret agenda which requires behaving in unimaginably evil ways, while at the same time being able to put on a false face of innocence and caring for the American Masses.

There can be no question that these Establishment Leaders’ ability to appear harmless and caring to the public, while at the same time ordering unimaginably evil acts that are so deviant most Americans would have trouble fitting such knowledge into their heads, serves to help keep the American masses fooled, and is a great protective mechanism.

It should now be obvious to all Americans that the doctrine Political correctness is deleterious for America the Republic and for We The People. An that it is a Bolshevik, Babylonian Talmudic mind-kontrol operation imposed on the American masses to provide political cover for the Establishment Hierarchy.

This political cover carefully crafted over the last 100 years has been preventing the Select Few and the Establishment Hierarchy from being exposed and brought to justice and final judgment by We The People, a correction they so rightly deserve.


Unsung American heroes

Despite the fact that the CMMM ignores this subject, there are quite a few great American Heroes that have served America in major Law Enforcement Roles and taken on the Establishment Hierarchy and at least temporarily abridged its defenses quite successfully. Most have paid a terrible price, some I won’t mention here have been murdered or disappeared.

Here are several great American Heroes who deserve our respect, admiration and commendation for being standup, honest and willing to suffer the consequences of bucking the Establishment Hierarchy:

  • Dennis Dayle, Head of the CENTAC Narcotics investigation unit, which was discontinued because it tracked all illegal drug trafficking to the CIA one way or another;
  • Incredibly successful undercover DEA Agent Michael Levine, who was one of the few that ever dared tell the truth about all the USG corruption related to drugs;
  • Celerino Castillo, DEA Agent, whose incredibly heroic investigation exposed the GHWB CIA Iran Contra “cocaine into USDA, arms out game” at Ilopango Airbase;
  • Mike Dick, the highly respected FBI Agent who has done some great work standing up for all Americans by investigating the true perps who attacked America on 9-11-01; and,
  • Detective James Rothstein, who was an NYCPD Gold Shield Detective and worked directly under the NY Governor on the NY State Crime Commission, traveling all over America investigating pedophile ops, sex trafficking and related drug trafficking often linked to US Intel.


Jim Rothstein, a brief sketch

Detective James Rothstein, a lifetime of service to us all and an unmatched illustrious career with many high level arrests, and the best set of deeply embedded informants one could ever imagine. His positive, ethical methods of gaining such informants are disclosed in his book, soon to be published.

Perhaps the most admired and respected retired police Intel Officer in America is Detective James Rothstein (first and last of the 15-man special “Special Squad” which investigated pedophilia, drug trafficking and human trafficking all over America and arrested numerous CIA-linked offenders).

A few weeks ago, he shared his take on Political Correctness by sending me a poster he made up summarizing one of the most important things he learned on the job.

After so many years of serving us all while a Detective, during many special assignments and even during retirement, Detective Rothstein came to emphatically believe that the doctrine of Political Correctness has emerged and now serves to provide political and legal cover for many crimes that should have been prosecuted all along, but instead have been ignored.

Detective Rothstein is a great American hero, a stand-up guy.

He is just about finished with a book covering his actual street experiences that is coming out soon. I have read most of it, as have some of his other associates, and I can tell you emphatically that it is going to be a must-read.

The poster below is what Detective Rothstein has to say about political correctness. Obviously political correctness has provided political cover and an effective self-protecting defense for the establishment hierarchy, a weird collection of some strange looking folks who come from a certain bloodline and do evil things while putting on a nice face to fool the dumbed-down American masses.

If We The People are unable to get the truth and unable to use it to motivate ourselves to political organizing and political action to actually change things because such action would violate political correctness, then we are all doomed to destruction, as planned by the Establishment Hierarchy.

Jim Rothstein



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