How Vladimir Putin Destroyed the New World Oder and Brought Practical Reason Back on the Political Table (Part I)

President Putin and his dogs Yume, an Akito-Inu, front, and Buffy, a Bulgarian Shepherd
"How did I destroy the New World Order agenda? With practical reason in the political arena."
“How did I destroy the New World Order agenda? With practical reason in the political arena.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Alexander Solzhenitsyn, one of the most perceptive writers the twentieth century has ever produced, knew quite well that you do not necessarily need a big army to win an ideological war. If the thesis that a huge army is the sufficient condition for survival is correct, then Russia should have been a relic of the past. In fact, all hope had faded when Stalin and his henchmen took over the Soviet Union and literally turned it into a slaughter house, exterminating more than 30 million innocent men, women and children.[1]

But despite the fact that the Bolshevik Revolution was seemingly unstoppable and undefeatable, it could not destroy Russia at all. What Hegel called the “cunning of reason” eventually showed up right on time and obviously obliterated those who refused to abide by practical reason. Those were tumultuous years in Russia, but the country rose up again and is currently challenging the ideological foundation of the New World Order. What are some of the tools they are using to slay New World Order agents?

The truth, practical reason, and a serious politician and leader who acts upon that truth. When that happens, then serious changes will take place. As Solzhenitsyn put it,

“And thus, overcoming our temerity, let each man choose: will he remain a witting servant of the lies, or has the time come for him to stand straight as an honest man, worthy of the respect of his children and contemporaries?”[2]

Well, Vladimir Putin has actually shown to a large degree that Russia is no longer a witting servant of the lies. In 2014, Putin took a stand. First, he began to argue quite cogently that the New World Order is acting upon a satanic principle, which has created chaos in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. That satanic principle allows New World Order cells like the United States to precipitate the collapse of practical reason in the political firmament.

Putin stunned the world in October 2014 when he announced that the New World Order ain’t working. The principles that make up the essentially diabolical ideology makes the rational world “less safe and more unpredictable,” which is another way of saying that the ideology is not and can never be compatible with practical reason. As Putin put it then:

“The world is full of contradictions today. We need to be frank in asking each other if we have a reliable safety net in place. Sadly, there is no guarantee and no certainty that the current system of global and regional security is able to protect us from upheavals. The international and regional political, economic, and cultural cooperation organizations are also going through difficult times.”

Logic dictates that whenever a system is fraught with contradictions, then it is an infallible sign that the system is morally and intellectually falling. In other words, the New World Order was doomed from the very beginning precisely because it has assaulted reason from its inception. As Putin implies, if the New World Order cannot frame its hypothesis “within certain limits,” or within practical reason, which obviously binds us all together as rational creatures, then the system is no good. What’s the solution? Well, Putin argued then:

What we needed to do was to carry out a rational reconstruction and adapt it to the new realities in the system of international relations.”

Immanuel Kant would have absolutely agreed with Putin here. But New World Order agents would not. Brookings Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for the United States and Europe Fiona Hill Putin has promiscuously declared that Putin “does not have deep insight into the way our societies work, nor does he care to obtain it. His KGB training taught him to focus on individuals, not on societies. His mission was to target the vulnerabilities of individuals to manipulate them to his advantage.”[3]

We can ignore puppets like Hill here because they have been paid to say crazy things, weird things, and perverse things. Putin does not have deep insight, but he stopped Washington from annihilating Syria in 2013. He doesn’t understand how societies work, but virtually every country in the Middle East wants to talk to him.[4] Putin is really Hitler reborn, but Secretary of State John Kerry thanks him for the cease fire in Syria, which Kerry said “saves lives.”[5] Kerry declared:

“We would not have gotten the initial ceasefire without Russia. And literally tens of thousands of lives were saved. You can add it up: 200 people a day were being killed. That stopped for a period of time. People hadn’t received any humanitarian assistance for years. Almost a million people have now received humanitarian assistance, and so there has been some benefit to this. Is it perfect? No. Are there still problems to work out? Yes.”

NWO agents like Hill want to tell that Putin is applying what he learned from his KGB training to the world, but he is placing practical reason back into the political table. Obviously we have a conflict of vision here, and Hill has the sophistication to recognize it, but the New World Order agenda does not allow her to construct a rational argument. As a result, she is morally and intellectually lost.

So, Putin is obviously not on the wrong side of history. Hill and her agents are. As Gordon Duff has recently put it, both Israel and Turkey “nearly burned down the world in 2013” through massive deception and through the so-called Syrian gas attack on civilian population, but Putin single-handedly turned things around and wounded NWO agents in the region by presenting incontrovertible evidence showing that Assad had no part in the chemical attack. Putin’s move, as Duff brilliantly put it, closed “the door to further Israeli/Turkish mischief.”

In other words, the diabolical party was over. Putin won that by a landslide.

The United States, said Putin in 2014, has been opposing a “rational reconstruction” because the the country abides by a principle which, at bottom, is irrational and existentially unlivable. He declared:

“But the United States, having declared itself the winner of the Cold War, saw no need for this. Instead of establishing a new balance of power, essential for maintaining order and stability, they took steps that threw the system into sharp and deep imbalance.”

What has been the fruit of this diabolical enterprise? Putin asked rhetorically: “Let’s ask ourselves, how comfortable are we with this, how safe are we, how happy living in this world, and how fair and rational has it become?”

The answer is no one is actually comfortable. If we are brutally honest about this, the New World Order has produced nothing but chaos and bloodshed virtually everywhere. Its fingerprints are all over Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc. Its fingerprints are also evident even in Turkey, where terrorist apologist Erdogan resides.[6]

But NWO’s fingerprints can also be found in places like Ukraine, Georgia, etc. Former US intelligence officer Scott Rickard admitted that the United States, through Jewish Neocon Victoria Nuland, did provide the political gas for a violent revolution in Ukraine for years. Rickard argued:

“Well, it’s public information. You have the folks at the National Endowment for Democracy who have been doing this since the unfortunate overthrow of your grandfather [Eduard Shevardnadze, former president of Georgia – Ed.].

“The Rose Revolution – there were, at least, thousand NGOs operating in Georgia at the time, in the early 2000s, that were very responsible for the opposition movements that happened in Georgia. This has been the ‘color revolutions’ that started pretty much alongside of George Soros and all of the other folks that have been involved along the way.

“It’s something that has become sort of status quo with American manipulation of foreign governments. It’s not something that comes as a surprise to me.”[7]

Rickard also mentioned the National Endowment for Democracy as an organization whose purpose is to create chaos in the name of “democracy.” Rickard moved on to drop the atomic bomb by mentioning Jewish revolutionaries such as Max Shachtman and Carl Gershman as accomplices. And then this:

“You don’t have to look very far into Ukraine – the most powerful, most well-known foreigner in the Ukraine today is Yaakov Bleich. Rabbi Bleich is the number one guy that they go to, to get information for the State Department about what’s going on with the government in Ukraine. He’s been there for 15 years and even John Kerry on his last visit had a private meeting with the rabbi and the rabbi is tied directly into these sort of National Endowment for Democracy organizations.”[8]

These people, said Rickard, “are tossing Molotov cocktails and not having peaceful…intellectual dialogue,” but are interested in spreading their revolutionary disease virtually everywhere—and their main vehicle is obviously the United States, which has done covert operations “in half a dozen nations in the last 10 years.”[9]

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