A Case Against the New World Order Ideology

Merve Buyuksarac
Merve Buyuksarac

…by  Jonas E. Alexis

If you follow the promiscuous principles which NWO agents are imposing upon much of the West and abide by practical reason in the political arena at the same time, then you’re going to get into trouble; you will soon realize that practical reason and New World Order ideology are polar opposite.

In fact, the New World Order and practical reason cannot be true at the same time and in the same respect precisely because they are saying completely opposite things.

For example, NWO agents have told us ad nauseam that one of their goals is to fight terrorism. But the same people are supporting the so-called Syrian rebels who, as we have seen elsewhere, are terrorists and are trying to overthrow a democratically elected president in Syria. In fact, former head of the Mossad Efraim Halevy has recently admitted that Israel has provided medical help to al-Nusra Front and al-Qaeda.

NWO agents have also told us that they are trying to spread democracy and freedom in the Middle East. But the same people have been allying with terrorist and oppressive regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey for decades. In fact, writers and intellectuals cannot even criticize the government in those regions.

Take Turkey for example. Erdogan took office in August 2014, and by February 2015, his administration had arrested and imprisoned at least 67 people for “insulting” the great Erdogan, “about one case every three days.”[1] We are told that not even children are exempt from being targeted by the new regime.[2]

Merve Buyuksarac, a model who was actually Miss Turkey in 2006, is the new victim of the oppressive regime. What was her unpardonable sin? She wrote a poem criticizing the indestructible and immortal Erdogan. In her defense, Buyuksarac said:

“I didn’t insult the president – at that time he was prime minister, so it changes the case. I only shared the poem [online], which was shared by 960,000 people in Turkey, and which is also not an insult.”[3]

Erdogan declared back in October:

“I am increasingly against the Internet every day.”[4]

Buyuksarac has recently been found “guilty” of “insulting” Erdogan and will be spending at least one year in jail.[5]

Here is the big question: Where are the feminist groups, Femen, and the Neoconservatives when you need them? Didn’t Ben Shapiro defend the Trotskyist group The Pussy Riot for producing literal pornography at the Moscow National Museum?

Didn’t the joker say that the radical group was acting on the basis of “democracy” and “freedom”? Didn’t he perversely declare that Russia was an oppressive regime for placing members of the group behind bars? Why hasn’t he said a word about Erdogan’s relentless crackdown of dissident voices?

Keep also in mind that Hillary Clinton also supported the Pussy Riot. She called members of the group “strong and brave.”[6] But Hillary hasn’t said a damn thing about Buyuksarac’s case. How does she expect all of us to take her seriously? She can comment on virtually any incident in Russia, but she cannot comment on Erdogan’s despotism. She had the audacity to compare Vladimir Putin to Hitler, but Erdogan is untouchable?

Hillary’s political equation simply doesn’t add up. She is certainly in cahoots with the current regime.

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