Lessons From the USS Liberty


by Bob Johnson

uss liberty


Today, June 8, 2016, is the 49th anniversary of the cowardly and deadly Israeli attacks on the USS Liberty. The repeated Israeli attacks from the air and sea on the American Navy ship killed 33 American sailors and Marines and one American civilian while wounding 174 Americans. This tragic case is offering every American lessons regarding the Jewish state of Israel and US politicians.

After repeatedly attacking the USS Liberty from the air and from the sea, once Israel realized the crew of the USS Liberty had been able to get a message off to the Sixth Fleet that they were under attack, Israel lied and said it was an accident. The survivors know that Israel is lying and that the repeated and deadly attacks by the Jewish state were very deliberate.

US military brass (bureaucrats in uniform) ordered the survivors to remain completely silent about Israel’s war crime. The Commander in Chief at the time, Lyndon Johnson, immediately accepted Israel’s irrational excuse that the attack was a mistake. Johnson even lied about the USS Liberty attack in his autobiography by claiming 10 men were killed instead of 34 and lowering the number of wounded from 174 to 100. (It’s interesting and revealing of LBJ’s complete lack of courage and character that he lied about being under enemy fire and received a Silver Star for gallantry based on that lie.)

It is clear that a lesson being taught to us by the USS Liberty is to never trust politicians or bureaucrats in uniform.

USS Liberty limped to port
USS Liberty limped to port

During the attack, Israeli torpedo boats machine-gunned life rafts that the crew of the USS Liberty were putting in the water. This demonstrates a cold-heartedness of Biblical proportions. It’s reminiscent of Deuteronomy 7:2, in which the Jews who wrote the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament claimed God told the Jews,

“And when the LORD thy God shall deliver them before thee; thou shalt smite them, and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor shew mercy unto them;” (Jewish superiority as found in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament is a very harmful and destructive idea.)

The USS Liberty is teaching us about the heartless Jewish state of Israel and that it cannot be expected that such a state that is based on such a twisted mindset as is found in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament would be any different than it is. This cruel way of being is also plainly evident in Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine.

Why would Israel knowingly attack an American Navy ship on June 8, 1967 in international waters? The answer to why Israel attacked the USS Liberty and why politicians in the US government covered it up is probably found in this article from the Navy Times. It states:

Some allege Israel wanted the spy ship sunk to ensure it did not pick up communications showing Israel was planning to seize the Golan Heights from Syria. Others say it was to prevent Liberty from intercepting communications dealing with an alleged Israeli massacre of Egyptian POWs in the Sinai.

Some Liberty survivors and supporters claim the U.S. government covered up the incident to avoid a conflict with Israel that could have cost the Johnson administration support among Jewish voters and supporters. Subsequent administrations and Congresses have avoided a thorough airing of the incident for the same reasons, they say.

Obama with Susan Rice in the oval office
Obama with Susan Rice in the Oval Office – the Obama administration has continued to enable Israeli hegemony around the world

Since the war crime Israel committed against the USS Liberty and her crew and against America herself, things have gotten much worse. US politicians from both parties have sold out the US and its people for political gain and selfish advancement. They’ve been stealing tens of BILLIONS of tax dollars from Americans for decades and giving them to the Jewish state.

Just yesterday US National Security Adviser Susan Rice bragged in a speech to the American Jewish Committee Global Forum that under Obama the “single largest military assistance package – with any country – in American history” has been worked out in which US political whores will take from the American people and give to the Jewish state over the next 10 years between $37.5 and $40 BILLION!

In addition to US politicians stealing from Americans and giving to Israel (kind of like a kosher Robin Hood), US politicians started the war against Iraq for Israel’s benefit. This war crime had its roots in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament based neocon movement.

We should never forget the human faces of those the US military and politicians sacrifices for their own selfish benefit and for the benefit of Greater Israel. Here is a link so you can see them and learn about their lives.



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